Being His Sister

Savannah Styles is Harry's sister. This is the day she meets him and his band. Will she fall in love with them?


1. Savannah- The Prolouge

"Gemma! Harry! Please come play with me!" I yell. No one ever talks about me. They think I never existed. "Mummy! Gemma and Harry won't play with me!" I tell her. "Don't worry, Vannah. I'll play with you." She says. We play doll house all day. Mum was the only person I could talk to.


By now I was 13. Harry was 16. "Mum! Let's go! We'll be late for the audition!" Harry says. I jump in the car with him. We drive to the studio and I listen to my iPod. I begged mum to let me audition but I was too young. He does his video bio and one hour later, he goes on stage! He gets put in a boy band and they finish 3rd place! Now, they are world famous celebrities.


I drive myself to Harry and the boys' place. I knock on the door and harry answers. "Harry!" I say hugging him. "Vannah!" He cheers. Behind him, pops out Louis. "Hi Savannah! I've heard so much about you!" He says shaking my hand. Harry lets me in and I chat with the boys. Zayn and Niall keep staring at me like I'm not human. Niall has his girlfriend, and he completely ignores her and watches me.


I spend the night at Harry's house. He lets me sleep on his couch in his room. I grab my bag and open it. I grab my extremely old Polaroid camera and scrapbook. I take a selfie of me and grab my sharpie. "First time meeting Harry after X-Factor" I write. I take a picture of Harry. I write, "Big Brother growing up." I draw a sad face on it. I stick them in my scrapbook and grab my phone. I take a picture of Harry and I. I post it on Instagram captioning. "Seeing my brother after X-Factor and becoming famous! @HarryStyles" I instantly get thousands of likes and follows. People comment: OMG! You're really Harry's sister?!

I walk to the living room and not surprised to see them still sitting there. I sit next to the boys and get comfy next to Niall and Harry. I get a text. Zac: Hey Savannah. I'm sorry to say this but, I'm breaking up with you. Things haven't been working out lately and you're gone. I've found someone else. Now it's your turn. I'm sorry. -Zac. Tears start forming in my eyes and i throw my phone on the carpet. Niall pauses his game and sees that I'm crying. Harry picks up my phone while i talk to niall. Tears start dripping down my eyes like a water fall. I'm not kidding. A lot come out. "M-m-m-m-my... boy-boyfriend.....jus-st..." I stutter. "Hey, dude, look." Harry says nudging Niall. "No one can do that to a girl!" Niall says taking my phone and texting back. "What the fuck! You can't do that to a girl! You dumb jackass! You're so stupid! - Niall & Harry" Niall comes to me and kisses my head. "It's ok. You don't deserve someone like that anyway." He says staring into your eyes. Niall's girlfriend grabs her purse and says her goodbyes and leaves. Niall looks into my eyes and kisses my cheek. "You seem too good to be true." He says quietly. "If she's too good to be true, why aren't I?" Harry whines. "You are! It's just that she's better." He replies to harry. I blush and he sees me. I rub my eyes and yawn. "I'm going to bed, Harry. Good night niall." I say. I flop on Harry's couch and cover myself up.

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