little love stories

just a few short little love stories


2. Pictures

He was still sitting there, his back against my front door, can he not take a hint? "Go away please" i whispered to myself and crossed my fingers. it would be just like him to go out and get drunk, with some other girl last night, and come back to my door and try to play it out like nothing happened! He is just lucky my parents aren't home. it always drove me crazy how my mom never liked him, but I never listened, I loved him, he always made me so happy. I loved his obsession with super heroes; and how he would play with my hair while we watched movies; he would give me his sweater. I loved sleeping in his tshirts and cuddling. How he would always bring me chocolate and demand we watch my favorite movies all day when i was sad. The silly pictures we took after he gave me my camera for my birthday last year. But now, his tshirt lying on my floor, and his big hoodie over my head, made me want to cry. i know i should take his sweatshirt off, but it smells so good, it makes me remember all the good times we had, which is making me want to curl up in a ball and hide under my covers until i graduate and go to university in the spring. But ad hoc i was sitting criss cross applesauce on my bed room floor, just looking around, the big teddy bear he gave me i had thrown across the room when i saw the pictures on twitter. and the necklace and bracelets he had given me over the years were scattered and broken throughout my room. The pictures i had on my wall were torn off and were now in a pile on the floor. i crawl over and sit with my knees up, back against the wall, and look through the pictures, one by one, the pictures from the photo booth at the arcade, the one from our holiday to the lake, my birthday, our one year anniversary, i got caught on one picture, it was after one of his soccer games, his hair is messy and sweaty, but completely adorable he has his arm around me like one would a best friend, he crossed his eyes and stuck his tongue out, i on the other hand am laughing, my smilie is so genuine, the corner of my eyes are crinkled and im squinting, my cheeks are red and the little lines that show up around my mouth when i laugh are visible, im happy, seriously happy, i was always happy when i was with him, always smiling or laughing, he made my life the way it is and you never know what he is going to do next, like how right now he is sitting outside my front door and has been there sense 9 this morning, i know i shouldnt forgive him, and i won't, not yet anyway, but everyone deserves a second chance, i should at least give him time to explain. i squeeze my eyes shut, the last few tears fall, and i head down stairs to the boy i thought i loved who has made the biggest mistake. *** Authors note*** sorry guys sometimes i get a little comma happy please tell me if it seems that way... enjoy :)
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