little love stories

just a few short little love stories


3. 9th grade

There he was, standing there, mocking me, star shortstop of the baseball team, 5ft 9in, gorgeous green eyes, and shaggy blonde hair. I wanted him, he was so beautiful, but why would he talk to a girl like me? I turn back around to my locker before he realized I was staring at him, again, I grab my books that I need for my next few classes and my water bottle and turn around, he's still standing there, annoyingly gorgeous! I take one last look at him and he's already looking at me. I can feel my cheeks burning up, he smirks and winks at me, I melted inside. I smiled back gave him a small wave and walked away, quickly, before any more damage could be done "DANI!" I hear behind me"DANI!" I turn around oh gosh here he comes, am I sweating? gosh im sweating, "hey!" he says smiling at me "hey" I squeak back "you look really nice today" he says fixing the shoulder on my sweater, his fingers touch my skin as he pulls away, goose bumps, god damnit! "thanks" I manage. my face must be really red now. the bell rings, I hadn't even noticed there was nobody in the hall. I turn around and start walking swiftly to my class, I hear him jogging after me. he grabs my wrist and spins me around so I'm facing him making me drop my books. "yes?" I ask confused out of my mind. then he leans in and kisses me. my first kiss!! with the boy I have had a crush on sense 3rd grade. he pulls away "yes?" he mocks me smirking "wow" was all I could squeal. "dani? will you go out with me?" he says he's blushing now it's so adorable. "yes!" i say smiling at the ground then looking up at him I kiss his cheek. "now can I go to class?" I tease still sweaty and blushy "only if you have to." he says smiling boldly at me "I do" I say laughing

**** I'll update once I get 5 more reads and 1 comment**** •I love writing these they make are like a little world I don't have• :) I love you guys keep reading please

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