Summer Love

The perfect holiday. The perfect destination. Meet two girls: Chloe and Jess, meet 5 boys. Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Milak, Niall Horan and Liam Payne. They all arrive on a luxury holiday. But nothing remains perfect, and their "dream holiday" turns into their worst nightmare! One of the 5 beautiful boys drown in a deep dangerous part of the ocean which lurks all sorts of creatures; when Jess saves him they become closer and closer! Read more to see the boy who drowns!


2. -Zayn'sPOV-

I dashed to the bathroom and sulked for 5 miniuets. I hadn't told the boys that my relationship with Perry wasant going too well. That's why I didn't invite her. I figured I'd have to tell them when I return into the lounge.


"Goodbye brown eyes goodbye my love. I can't hide, can't hide can't hide what has done..."

The song by Avril Lavigne Goodbye played in my head. That's what she said to me while she packed her bags. I felt so worthless while I watched her...

I wiped the salty tear that gushed down my face away and pulled myself together.

Eventurly I returned to the Lounge where my Tea waited. I glared at the hot steam floating above it. "Hey!" The boys greeted me. "Guys, I need to talk to you..." I told them. Silence protected the room like a nights amour. "My relationship with Perry hasan't been well at all. She packed her bags and left me." I explained carefully. The boys were shocked and speechless. Louis came over and comforted me (At least it cheered me up.)



Authors note: Hello. Sorry this was just a short chapter. I will carry on with the rest tomorrow.


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