Summer Love

The perfect holiday. The perfect destination. Meet two girls: Chloe and Jess, meet 5 boys. Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Milak, Niall Horan and Liam Payne. They all arrive on a luxury holiday. But nothing remains perfect, and their "dream holiday" turns into their worst nightmare! One of the 5 beautiful boys drown in a deep dangerous part of the ocean which lurks all sorts of creatures; when Jess saves him they become closer and closer! Read more to see the boy who drowns!


3. Heading to the airport.-LouisPOV-

We had finally finished our drinks. I peered down at my phone to see what the time was. "It's 1:00." I informed everyone,"We'd best get going." I added. We all stumbeld into the kitchen to see if everybody had gathered their things correctly. After checking we all jumped into the car. First Liam, then Zayn, then Harry after that, Niall, me and then the girls. Liam started the engine and it puffed and chuffed as he stuck the keys in. Reversing out the driveway I noticed Zayn was on his phone quite a lot throughout the journey. I glared down over Harry and Niall noticing he was texting Perry. "I though she left." I told myself puzzled. At this point I wasant taking my eyes of the screen. I scanned furiosly and quickely at the last message Perry sent, which was in yellow.


" Zayn, just leave it. It's over. I'm moving away, you'll never see me again so just leave it, okay!?" 

I was wondering how it all started. Zayn didn't mention that part to us about it - That made me more and more suspisous. Then I sneakily looked down and found Zayn replieng:

"Please babe. One more chance. I will really miss you! xxxxx" 

I itched my chin. 

"One more chance." I repeadley said in my head. He had obvusly done something that he regretted and Perry found out?

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