My prince charming

this is a story about Miranda Moore who is bullied by her parents who think that it is her fault that her brother died in a car accident but to make it worse she gets bullied by all of her class mates just because of what she looks like , even though she is beautiful. but will her prince charming save her or will he just let her go.


1. another day in hell.

Miranda's POV

I get woken up by hearing bottles break and the glass going every where. "MIRANDA!!!!!!! get your ass up now!" great Dave my dad but since all of the beatings have started I don't even consider him as my dad anymore. I walk down stairs and get ready to be yelled at. "yes Dave." " clean this mess up!" "yes sir." I start to pick up the glass shards when Dave kicks me in the side sending me flying across the kitchen causing the huge glass shard to give me a huge gash down my hand and down my arm to my elbow. "Great now you made an even bigger mess on the floor.  Get this cleaned up now then go to school so I don't have to see your disgusting , repulsive face." As I go to get up he kicks me in the stomach then walks away while laughing. I go and get dressed for school wearing my ripped black skinny jeans, my "free hugs" sweatshirt , with my black converse. Then I get my skateboard and ride to school , getting there ten minutes before the bell rings. I hurry to my locker keeping my head down trying not to get the attention of Kylie. the school slut. "Hey look what we have here. The little nerd is at school early" " you know its rude to ignore people right Miranda." "yeah and its rude to bully people Kylie." I mumbled under my breath so that she wouldn't hear me." Hey nerd you know you shouldn't walk away from people who are talking to you." said the one and only Tyler Bou. I have had a crush on him since the third grade. I just ignored them while I walked to my first hour class biology. another long day in this hell hole.

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