Meeting Them (ninja world and love story)

This is about A girl that had enough of her life and runs away then she passes out in a shrine/temple and awakes to her that she is in her favorite manga naruto


2. Chapter-2

Chapter 2-



Naruto was taking me to somewhere I don’t know where and it got me scared. The hokage said I will train with Naruto’s team till they can decide what to do with me. We were walking and saw a girl hiding behind a tree.

Me- “umm Naruto who is that behind the tree?”

Naruto- “Oh that is Hinata. HEY HINATA!!”

The girl came out with a red face and looked shy while Naruto looked at her. She then noticed me.

Hinata- “Oh hey Naruto who’s she?”

Naruto- “That is Amanda she is new. She will train with me and the team till we find what to do with her.”

Me- “Hi nice to meet you.”

She nodded and was about to leave when.

Naruto- “Oh what are you up to Hinata?”

HInata- “Team 8 and all the other teams are going to train together want to join?”

We agreed and met Hinata’s other teammates before I met the others. When we got there I saw a guy with bugs, EW, and another guy with a cute little dog, AW. They noticed us and came over.

??- “Hinata your late and with Naruto. Who is this?”

Me- “Hi my name is Amanda nice to meet you.”

??- “Oh my name is Kiba and that is my best friend and partner Akamaru, and that quit guy over there is Shino.”

My head was buzzing with all the names and Naruto seem to notice.

Naruto- “Are you ok there Amanda.”

Me- “Yea just a lot of names to come to mind because I have a photographic memory and sometimes it hurts.”

Naruto- “Do you want to go back and rest?”

Me- “No its ok I have to stick with you anyway and you have to train me like that old guy said.”

Naruto- “Well ok and that old guy is the 3rd Hokage he is in charge of us all.”

Me- “so sorry I didn’t know.”

I said and they just all laughed and they left in a hurry I just took my sweet old time. When I got there is was only me, Naruto, Hinata, Kiba and his Dog, and Shino. When I was about to go up to them someone grabbed me from behind. I then remembered something that can get me out of the position: Ice Release: Swallow Snow Storm.

I did the hand signs and the needles shot towards the person. He finally loosen their grip and I ran to Naruto. He saw me running and came up to me.

Naruto- “Hey what wrong is everything ok?”

Me- “Yea it was just someone grabbed me from behind but I got away. Just don’t ask how because I don’t know myself.”

Naruto- “Ok so are you ready know it seems that everyone is here.”

I nodded and 4 people came and 1 little kid. They introduced themselves: team 10 was Ino, Shikamaru, and Choji, Sakura, and the little boy known as the 3rd Hokage’s grandkid Konohamaru. I went and sat out till they finished and when they did they were drain out of chakra? I believe that is what they said. We headed to a barbeque place. I got to know them better and Kiba even let me hold Akamaru.

Me- “Why? Why do you have to be so damn cute and fluffy?”

Kiba- “He isn’t just cute he is also a killing machine on the battle field.”

I laughed at that and so did the others. I put him down and then he went back on top if Kiba’s head. Wow dogs can sit on people’s heads. When we said goodbye me and Naruto headed to his place and let me sleep on the bed even though I was fighting with him about that I can sleep on the floor. He won but next time I will win. The next morning we woke up and I told him that I am going for a jog and put on:, and head out. I got to the gate and decided to go back but when I was about to turn I saw three people walking up to me.

??- “Pardon where can the Chunin Exams be?”

Me- “I don’t know?”

??- “Really aren’t you from this village?”

Me- “I don’t know.”

??- “What do you mean ‘I don’t know’ you have to know.”

Me- “Well first off. My name is Amanda and who are you? Second I have amnesia and the old guy people call Hokage does not know what to do with me. That is why I can’t answer any questions.”

??- “OH my name is Tamari, my brothers Kankuro with the paint on face, and Gaara with the gourd. Do you know anyone that will know?”

I nodded and lead them to where Kakashi should be at and he told them where it was. I left them and ran back to where Naruto is. He told me that they had a quick mission and said he will be back. So I walked around the village to get to know it more. By the time they got back Sasuke left and it was just Naruto, Sakura, and me. Sakura punched Naruto and Konohamaru, and then the brat said something mean and they got chased and we ran into two of the people I met earlier.

Me- “Oh hey tamari, Kankuro what you up too.”

Sakura- “You know them?”

Me- “Well not really we met this morning when I went for a jog.”

Kankuro- “So are you going to apologize kid? And Amanda do you remember anything.”

I shook my head and the kid was scared then Kankuro picked up the kid and Naruto got angry and tried to attack him. But didn’t get far because he used a power that sent Naruto fling backwards.

The puppet jutsu!!!

When I remembered the name my head started to hurt. My mind was going fuzzy and then fall to the floor. The last think I remember is that Kankuro picked me up and then I pass out.

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