Yes it's yours (Harry's kid)

One night stand gone wrong. (I made a sequel, it's called What happened.)


11. With Aiden on tour

The next morning (Harry's pov)

I woke up in Australia still holding Aiden and Olivia was sleeping in her own chair. I put Aiden in his chair and put his seatbelt on. "Olivia" I said shaking her a little bit. She woke up and put her seatbelt on. "Good morning are we there yet?". "Yes we're landing in 5 minutes" I said. Once we landed I got Aiden and carried him. I had Olivia's hand and this way we got to pick up our stuff. When we got the bags the boys were behind us. "Heey, how are You Guys we missed you" Niall said. We had a group hug and then we got in the car to the stadium. "So can I hold him?" Zayn said almost begging. "At the concert You can all hold him" Olivia said. When we arrived to the stadium there were as usual a lot of screaming girls.

Olivia's pov

I picked Aiden up and put a blanket around him so the girls couldn’t see him and hopefully he'll feel safe and won't start to cry. The boys got our stuff and when I got out of the car it was really loud so Aiden started to cry but he couldn’t see them. I got as quick as I could into the lounge of the concert and he stopped crying. We didn't change his diaper this morning so I'll do it now. I got the blanket off Aiden and layed him on my lap. Then I folded the blanket and put it on the couch and as I was about to lay Aiden on it I realised I didn't have my baby bag (bag with baby stuff). I picked up Aiden And went to look for the guys after 5 minutes I found them they were standing by the food table eating. "Guys? Has anyone seen my baby bag?" I asked and they all turned around and Louis said " Yes I put it in the dressing room" we walked to the dressing room and he picked up the bag. He wanted to give it to me but then he remembered me Having a baby in my arms. "I'll go with You" he said. We walked to the lounge, I put Aiden on the bag and started to undress him. When he was in his diaper Louis came standing behind me looking at his scar. "That's not nothing did he have a huge surgery?" "Yes his hart at first didn't beat right and then he died and they had to open him up to get it fixed." I said throwing the dirty diaper in the Bin. "Harry only told he had 2 surgery's on his heart he didn't say he had a scar like this" Louis said Sitting down on the other Side of Aiden. "We have to go to a hospital in China in 1 month to get him checked again."I said putting his clean diaper on. "Can I hold him when he has his clothes on?" Louis asked. Then the boys walked in "he guys, yes You can hold him" they sat down on the couch and I put Aiden's clothes on. "Louis You can feed him be right back. I said giving Aiden to Louis and walking away with my baby bag.

Harry's pov

"What's she going to do??" Liam asked me. "Well Louis gets to feed him so I think she's getting Milk out of her boobs into a bottle" they all nodded then Niall started to laugh. "Dude you're acting like he said she's going to play with herself" Louis said. Now he started laughing even harder. "Harry, I think he's going to cry how do I get him to stop crying?" Louis said looking worried at Aiden. "Just move him a little bit and tap his back a little". I said while Aiden started to cry. Louis did what I said while saying don't cry don't cry and he stopped crying. We sat there for a while talking about what all happened to Aiden. "He guys got the Milk" Olivia said giving Louis the bottle.

Olivia's pov

He knew exactly how to feed him so I hope the other boys watched so they could do it another time. "So can I hold him after You?" Niall said. "When his bottle's empty" Louis said winking at Niall. When Aiden finished his bottle Louis gave him to Niall. "Here's the bottle" Louis said giving me the bottle. I put it in my bag and Harry sat next to me and kissed me. When we stopped all the boys were looking at us including Aiden. "Maybe this wasn't the best idea" I said to Harry. Niall gave Aiden to Zayn and half an hour later Liam got to hold him. "What time is it?" Harry said. "It's almost 6 we going to eat something?" Zayn said. "I agree" Niall said standing up. We all stood up and Liam gave Aiden to Harry and they Walked to te dining room. I went to get the stroller when we sat down Harry put Aiden in the stroller and we started to eat. When we finished eating the guys went to change for the concert and I gave Aiden milk. When the concert started I put a chair backstage and Aiden and in his stroller next to me. The beginning video was on and the boys stood after a screen that lifted up and then the girls would go crazy. Harry ran to me and said "I have an idea If I could get the girls quiet maybe I can show Aiden to them" " I think it's oke but You can only do it when they're so quiet that he won't cry." I said. "I'll make sure he won't get scared". He said running to his screen which was already going up. They ran upstage singing best song ever. After they finished best song ever Harry started to speak. "Thanks for coming to our concert do You want to see my baby??!!" All the girls yelled yes of course. "Then You have to not scream and be quiet else he'll cry". Then suddenly they all were quiet. "And If You see him don't yell because he'll cry please don't say anything until he's back with his mommy backstage." I picked Aiden up and walked on stage looking at the girls who were all quiet. I gave Aiden to Harry and he held him up like Simba from the lion king. The other boys started to sing "naaaa siconjaa babicisimama" Harry gave Aiden to me and I went backstage with him the girls started to scream again and he started to cry. It was already 8 so I'm putting Aiden in his bed thing in the bus and I got into my own bed.

Harry's pov

We sang our last song and got of stage. Normally Olivia was here but she probably went to bed with Aiden. Tomorrow we have a show in Sydney and were now in Broken Hill so that’s a 13 hour drive. We got into the car and started to drive when we were driving for an hour Aiden started to cry. A few seconds after that Louis came walking in with Aiden crying in his arms. "Look what woke me up when I just fell asleep" he said giving Aiden to me. I changed his diaper and gave him a bottle Olivia probably put in the fridge before she went to bed. I put him in his little bed thing and went to bed.

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