Yes it's yours (Harry's kid)

One night stand gone wrong. (I made a sequel, it's called What happened.)


12. With Aiden on tour 2

In the middle of the night (Olivia's pov)

Aiden woke me up. I climbed out of my bed and opened the zipper to his bed. I picked him up and when I turned around all the boys were awake except for Harry, he slept through the crying of his own Son. The bus wasn't driving anymore so I grabbed my phone off my bed and saw it was 2:00. Yawning I walked to the driver who was standing next to the bus. "Are You Having you're break?" I asked pounding Aiden's back. "Yeah I'm getting into the bus in 5 minutes and we'll be in Sydney round 10:00." I nodded and got into the bus. I sat down on the couch, the boys were in Their beds again so I could feed Aiden without a towel or something around me. I held Aiden with one hand and put my other arm trough the sleeve. I laid him on my lap and took my shirt of. I brought Aiden to my boob and he started drinking. "Hey, good morning" Harry said with his morning voice. "I thought You were still asleep and slept trough Aiden's crying." I said looking at his Abs. "Yeah I saw You coming out of your bed so I just turned around but I couldn’t sleep so now I'm here." He said Sitting next to me. "Can You get me the baby bag?" I said pointing him the bag. " he grabbed the bag and got a clean diaper and a blanket out. He folded the blanket and put it on the couch. When he did that he also grabbed the wipes and I switched Aiden over to my other boob. When Aiden was finished Drinking I gave Aiden to Harry and said "You can handle this right I'm going to bed." He nodded and I went to bed.

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