Yes it's yours (Harry's kid)

One night stand gone wrong. (I made a sequel, it's called What happened.)


13. they're busy


Morning (Olivia's pov)

I woke up to nothing. I opened my eyes and jumped out of bed. I opened Harry's curtain but he wasn't there, I opened Louis curtain but he was gone to. All the boys were gone I looked for my phone and found it on the ground. I searched Harry's number and called it. After a few seconds I heard Harry's voice.


Heey babe we are in an interview.


And You couldn’t leave a message? I'm feeling a little lonely.


'Laughs' Yeah we had to go right away but we'll be back round 13:00 I think you'll survive.


OK I'll go walking with Aiden see You later.


Bye, by the way You can see us live If You really Miss me.

I laughed and hung up. I put my phone on the couch and put Some sweatpants and a sweatshirt on. Put my hair in a Bin and I walked to Aiden. He was sleeping so adorable but I'm walking him up it's already 10:30 so we slept enough. Why is he still asleep he Normally Wakes up like 3 hours earlier. I opened his curtain and his zipper. He opened his eyes and started to cry. "Why do You always wake up crying?" I asked picking him up. I laid him down on the couch and changed his diaper. This was pretty nasty. I took my bra and shirt of and Aiden drank for 5 minutes. He had only his diaper on so I grabbed a really cute outfit that looked adorable. I put it on and picked him up. I walked to the door and got the stroller. I put Aiden in the stroller and clicked all his little seatbelts. I walked around the stadium and trough the Gates. There were no girls they probably knew the boys aren't here. As I was walking down the street I had no Idea where I was I have never been to Australia. I just grabbed my phone with my McDonald's app. There was a McDonald's down the street! I walked down the street when I came to a huge mass of girls where are my boys? I got though them pretty easy because they saw me Having a stroller and they didn't know me. I don't blame them I look like crap. I got into McDonald's and ordered a chicken mcnugget menu. I took it to a table and texted Harry.

Me: heey where are You I'm at McDonald's there are a lot of girls outside so I figured out You guys won't be far away. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Olivia

I pressed send and ate my breakfast that wasn't really a breakfast. Aiden was staring at the sealing and I finished my breakfast as I got a text from Harry.

Harry: Yeah were in the building above McDonald's so If You walk around the building You see a red door. If You knock on it I'll open it and then You can watch the interview. The manager said it was okay.

I walked towards the door and there were still a lot of screaming girls. I walked around the building and there was a red door.


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