Yes it's yours (Harry's kid)

One night stand gone wrong. (I made a sequel, it's called What happened.)


9. Taking Aiden home

The next morning(Harry's pov)

I woke up on the ground and Olivia was on top of me I guess we didn't make it to the bed. "Honey, it's time to get up" I said stroking her hair. She opened her eyes "why are we on the ground?". "I don't know shall we get the suitcases and go pick up Aiden??" I said still touching her hair. "Yeah, that’s a great idea" she said and got off of me. The suitcases were by the door and they were pretty heavy so I wanted to pick them up. "Here I'll take this one You can have this" I said giving her the almost empty bag. "Ehh You know I'm fine I can carry more than 2 pounds". She said lifting the bag up and down. "No, You just had surgery and You need to take the stroller as wel." She nodded and put the bag in the stroller. We've got the most handy stroller in the world it had a maxi-cosy in it which we can get out of it and then it was also a carseat! We walked down the street with all our stuff. When we got to the hospital not like we had to walk far because our house was next to the hospital. We could leave our stuff downstairs. Aiden was asleep but Olivia didn't want to wake him up so we just first got his clothes. I already packed everything yesterday so we only had to get the bag. We just waited for him to wake up. After half an hour he still wasn't awake. "I'll go wake him up" Olivia said walking towards Aiden. She picked him up and he just kept sleeping we were both pretty surprised how easy this went. We thanked the doctors for making Aiden healthy. Then a doctor came walking towards us with a 15 year old girl I guess. "Hi I'm Angel" she Shook my hand "Hello I'm Harry" and then the doctor said "Yeah we fixed Aiden so my daughter gets to meet You and here we are. " We talked to them for a while and then we went downstairs.

Olivia's pov

I was still holding Aiden who was still asleep. When we arrived downstairs Harry ran away and I was just left in the elevator. I got out of the elevator and Harry came back with the stroller. "How are we doing this" he said whispering. "I have a plan look You get the mini seatbelts loose and then I put him in and then You lock them and hopefully he's still asleep." I whispered back. He got the Tiny seatbelts loose and I put Aiden in the stroller. At this point Aiden was still asleep but when Harry locked the little seatbelts he woke up and looked at Harry like he was thinking "What do You think you're doing" but he didn't start to cry he just kept staring at Harry. Harry stroke his cheek and he closed his eyes again and started to sleep. Since we got the best stroller in the world we could put a lot of stuff underneath Aiden. We put as much stuff as we could underneath and now I had only the stroller and Harry had a suitcase. We walked towards the mal to get something to eat for lunch. We went to a store called Hema and bought a Bread with a sausage on it. It was delicious at least that’s what I thought but Harry took a bite and ran to a rubbish Bin to spit it out and he threw the rest away. "You don't like it" I said when he returned. "Eeh no this was the most disgusting thing I have ever eaten." He said with a look on his face like he just had seen a naked Grandma. "I like it" I said serious. He took the stroller and walked through the store touching everything he saw. I found such cute baby clothes and really had to buy them. Well Harry paid everything because I don't really have a job I'm starting work in England when we come back from Australia and Africa. "What time is it?" I ask Harry who's searching for a place to change Aiden's diaper. "I don't know check your phone" he said winking. I checked my phone it was 2 in the afternoon. Harry found a bathroom and waved at me "come, come bathroom". I walked towards him and we went into the bathroom. We also bought a thing which I can get the Milk out of my boobs with so I got the Milk in a bottle and Harry changed Aiden's diaper. We went out of the bathroom and sat down on a couch. I got the bottle out of my bag and Harry got Aiden out of the stroller and gave him to me. He drank the whole bottle in 2 minutes. I didn't want to put him in the stroller so Harry pushed the stroller and I held Aiden. We just looked around for 3 hours and as usual girls came up to Harry to get his signature. They also wanted to look at Aiden but I thought that was ok. We got dinner at McDonald's and this time me and Harry both liked it. "I'm feeding Aiden in the bathroom be right back". I said and picked up Aiden from the stroller. "See You later Miss You already" Harry said. I had to wait very long there were 5 people in the line and it was such a smal place. While I was waiting one of the girls started talking to me "hee You are the girlfriend of Harry Styles right? And this is Aiden isn't it?" "Yes that’s right how do You know that?" I said looking at Aiden. "I saw You on show news they took a picture when You walked out of the hospital." She said. "Eeh ok so everybody knows me now?" "Pretty Much" she said walking in the toilet. Soon after that I got to go into a bathroom. I walked inside, closed the door and sat down on the toilet. I undressed my shirt and my bra and Aiden started drinking. When he was done I dressed myself and got out of the bathroom. People looked at me strange well I understand they saw a lady get out of the bathroom with a baby. I didn't wash my hand and went to Harry who was eating a mcflurry. "We going to the AirPort?" I nodded. Harry picked Aiden up from my arms and put him in the stroller. We walked to the AirPort which was only 5 minutes away. We and our suitcases got checked and we went into the plane.

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