Yes it's yours (Harry's kid)

One night stand gone wrong. (I made a sequel, it's called What happened.)


4. On Where we are tour

5 months later

As I was Watching the boys perform midnight memories I looked at my fat belly thinking about our midnight memory when we made this baby. After midnight memories they always come backstage to change and me and Harry made it a thing to run offstage and then have a quick kiss and he'd go change. 15 seconds after te kiss they ran back on stage. I went to go make some snacks for after the show. I walked through the halls of the huge stadium and went into the tourbus. We are going to drive to Germany tonight. I put Some crisps in a bowl and put the bowl on the coffee table. I went back backstage and I saw something being trown at Louis it looked like a fork. Soon after that he ran offstage with blood on his arm. I janked my belt of my pants and Pulled it tight around his arm so he wouldent lose to Much blood. "Call 112!" I yelled and Louis said " Do I pull it out or you!?" I said "the doctors at the hospital". As the ambulance arrived I asked If I could go with him. They said yes.

Harry's P.O.V

"Louis got a fork in his arm in his arm his arm!" I yelled at Zayn. "Is that why he ran away!?" Zayn said shocked. "Yes he's going to the hospital now" I said. "And how do You know this and I don't!?" Zayn said surprised. "Well because You were singing and I was talking with Louis and a fork got thrown at him right next to me. I looked backstage and saw the ambulance guys leave with him and my girlfriend" I said looking at all these girls screaming Louis. "Oh" Zayn said a little down. As Niall finished his chat we went singing our last song better than words. Niall sang Louis solo's. After the show we went into our tour bus and there were crisps on the table so we started eating it them. When we wanted to go to bed Louis walked in with Olivia.

Olivia's P.O.V

when we got back to the tour bus all crisps were gone, it was about 23:45 and all the boys were still up. Louis arm was stitched and the stitches needed to be removed after 10 days and since I'm an intern I could do that. What they all didn't know is that I had an ultrasound done and I knew me and Harry were Having a boy! "Harry I need to tell you something" I said on a exiting tune. I went Sitting on his lap giving him a kiss and I gave him a piece of paper. When he looked at it he was looking at our beautiful little boy. "Heey Ol" he said "Yeah Harry" I said "It's a boy!!" He said so loud that everybody on the bus could hear it. "I know" I said on a cheeky way. He kissed me and then he broke the kiss saying "I love You very Much and I enjoy kissing with You but I'm going to sleep now". "Can I sleep in your bed" I asked while yawning. It was a bed but it's definitely not meant for 2 people to sleep in but that’s why I wanted it. He put his pyjama on and so did I he climbed in his bed and I followed him and layed on top of him and Soon we fell asleep. When I woke up I saw Harry under me and when I looked up I saw Louis standing there. "Why on the Floor?" He asked. I just looked around and Harry was still sleeping. I tried to get up but that wasn't that easy with a fat belly like mine. Louis tried to help me but he had only 1 hand. Then Niall got up and laughed at us. It probably looked pretty strange a pregnant girl on a sleeping dude and a guy with one hand in a towel trying to get the pregnant girl on her feet. Niall jumped out of bed and helped me up.

In the night at the concert in Germany (Olivia's P.O.V)

It was Niall's great idea to dress me up as a security guard and let me watch the concert like that. I got a black suit and I was put in front of the gates. I had to look the intire concert at screaming girls yelling for these guys that were just normal singing guys. After the concert the guys met Some fans and I had to watch as a security ofcourse. They were acting less crazy then half an hour ago. That night we went to bed but I just slept in my own bed for safety.

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