Yes it's yours (Harry's kid)

One night stand gone wrong. (I made a sequel, it's called What happened.)


8. Living with Harry, missing Aiden

6 days later (Olivia's pov)

I woke up next to Harry, he was sleeping so adorable just like a baby. He made me think of our baby so I got out of bed and made breakfast. While I was baking eggs Harry hugged me from behind and kissed me. "Good morning" I said breaking the kiss. "Good morning, lovely food eggs You have there shall we eat it?" I laughed and said "yes I'll put it on the plates" I said and we started eating. When we were done eating we went to Aiden. He's doing well and I got to feed him. It got more normal to me and Harry that I gave him food with my breast. After I gave him food I gave him to Harry and I went to the bathroom. At the bathroom I saw a doctor and she said "Hey, You know You can take Aiden home tomorrow." I suddenly became the most happy person in the world. "No I didn't remember actually" I said with a huge smile on my face. I went to pee and then went to Harry who was packing Aiden's stuff. "Did the doctor tell You?" "Yes they did" he said still holding Aiden. "So I guess we are going to buy tickets to Australia?" He said putting Aiden in the crib. We went to the AirPort to buy tickets for tomorrow. We walked in the AirPort and as we were about to stand in the line A huge mass of girls surrounded us. It all happened so fast and they all wanted a picture with Harry but he just seemed to ignore all the girls.

Harry's pov

Why couldn’t they just only buy our music and come to the concerts. What's so special about me like I'm in a boy band and stuff but it's not like I can change their lives. "Honey just hold my hand after getting the tickets we'll go straight into the train and go home." I said grabbing her hand. When it finally was our turn the lady of course couldn’t understand me. "Hello, I'm Harry styles and this is my girlfriend Olivia Black. We would like 2 plane tickets and 1 ticket for a baby to Australia." "Excuse me? Can You repeat that?" She said almost screaming. After saying it 3 times she finally understood. We gave our passports and as she checked our passports she gave us the tickets. "Tomorrow in the evening at 8 the plane leaves." She said. We thanked her and left. The girls were still stalking us but we got into the train to our lend house. We packed everything and went straight to bed.

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