Yes it's yours (Harry's kid)

One night stand gone wrong. (I made a sequel, it's called What happened.)


2. Having Harry in my appartment

Harry's P.O.V

I woke up next to Olivia. I realised she was beautiful and I was stupid for not realising this before. I stroke my hand trough her beautiful Brown curly hair. I am pretty hungry better go find Some food. As I found the kitchen I went looking in her fridge I figured I'd make Some breakfast. I grabbed 4 eggs 2 plates and 4 sandwiches, broke the eggs and put them in a frying pan. Then Olivia walked in she just said hi. I said hi back and when the eggs were ready I put them on the sandwiches, put the plates on the table. We both sat down as I realised we had nothing to drink. I walked to the kitchen and grabbed Some Apple juice and 2 glasses. She said thanks for making breakfast that's really sweet. I said no problem and as we finished our food I went to take a shower and she went cleaning the kitchen up. I always have problem with showers that aren't my shower. After 15 minutes I got the water running on a good temperature. I stepped into the shower. When I was in the shower for a while I heard a knock on the door. I put a towel on myself and went to open the door. Hey, I need to go to work I'll be back round 6 all right? She said. Eh… that’s fine can You put a key for me on the table that I can go walking around in New York? Yeah, sure she said and then she left. I put my clothes on and went to my suitcase to grab some cash. I grabbed the key from the table and left the house. I just went to see different stores. I had quite fun until I saw a little girl lying on the ground crying. I asked what's going on have You lost your parents? She said no I was walking alone and I fell and now my leg hurts. I thought it was pretty strange she looked like she was 5 years old and she was walking alone in New York. Should I take You to the hospital? She said well I can't stand anymore but will You carry me? I lift her up like she was a little baby and I called a cab. I stepped in and said to the nearest hospital please. The driver drove pretty fast. We arrived at the hospital 5 minutes later I paid him and walked to the accidents and emergency. A nurse said we Should wait for a while. Then a doctor came and it was Olivia. So you're a doctor then? Yes, and who's this little girl? I don't even know her name what's your name? Mary she said scared. And do You have any parents? Asked Olivia. No I live in the orphanage she said. All right I'll have the employee called. Well Let’s look at your leg. Olivia said


olivia's P.O.V

Harry's so sweet finds a little girl and takes her to the hospital I thought while examining her swollen leg. I think it might be broken we'll have to run a X-ray I said to Mary. I asked a nurse to get me a wheelchair and I put Mary in the wheelchair. As I went to go see other patients Harry drove her to the X-ray doctors. Harry's so good with children I just want to Kiss him right here and now but I am working and need to think about my patients.

1 hour later

When I saw the X-ray I wasn't very happy she had her leg broken on 2 places. Her bones were not in the right place so she'll got to have surgery I'll have to go and tell Harry and Mary. When I got there I saw Mary sleeping and Harry talking to the employee from the orphanage. I told them that she'll have to need surgery and that she'll be moved to a different Floor. I also told them that my shift is over so you'll be getting another doctor. As I walked out of the room Harry followed me. We walked together towards my car as he asked why didn't You tell me you're a doctor? Well because I am an intern, usually people help me but I got to do this case myself. As we got in the car it started to rain. Harry? He said Yeah? How did You found Mary? She was lying on the Floor crying and everybody just kept walking so I asked what's wrong. She said that her leg hurts so I picked her up and took a cab to the hospital. You're really great with children You know. Thanks he said. I saw the McDonald's and asked If he wanted to go through the drive trough too. Of course he said yes. We got our food and drove home. As we finished our food Harry just kissed me out of nowhere I just went with it. He was a great kisser. We cleaned the dishes took a shower and went to bed.

The next morning

I woke up on top of him he was really soft when I woke up he woke up too and he said with his morning voice good morning my beautiful darling. I said good morning my messy hair Guy and kissed him. Then he said do You want to meet the boys? of course I said yes. I have lived with You for a week now at your place Lets go to my place now. And so it was done we took a plane and flew to Londen.

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