Yes it's yours (Harry's kid)

One night stand gone wrong. (I made a sequel, it's called What happened.)


17. buying a new house



Harry’s pov

I woke up next to Aiden and Olivia, it was 8:00. Aiden was still sleeping so I got out of bed and went to the kitchen. I grabbed a bottle and put in on the table. I opened a pack of milk and put the milk in a cup. I put the cup in the microwave and pressed 3 minutes. Then Olivia came walking in while saying sleepy ‘hey’. ‘Hey’ I said and put a frying pan on the stove while breaking 2 eggs in it. Olivia sat down while opening her laptop. ‘So Harry I’ve seen 4 houses in the neighbourhood that make me happy shall we go see them today?’ ‘Eeeeh, did we decide to go live in America?’ I said. ‘Yeah I think so and then we’ll go to England on the holidays’. I nodded and she looked at me asking. ‘I think it’s all right. ’ ‘I didn’t know I could convince you so quickly, but Harry I really want to go work again at the hospital so the houses are near the hospital.’ ‘But who’ll watch Aiden when you’re working?’ I said turning the eggs around. ‘we can get a babysitter, but most of the time you can just watch him you like only go to premiers and on tour.’ She is right, she needs to get a career. ‘Have you made like an appointment for the house watching?’ ‘Yeah we have to be there on 10:00 for the first house.’ I nodded and put the eggs on the sandwiches. I put the sandwiches on the table, grabbed the bottle and put the milk in it. Olivia walked away and came back with a sleepy Aiden. She put him in his baby chair and gave him his bottle. We ate breakfast and I picked Aiden up out of his chair. Olivia packed her bag with all stuff, like what if you don’t take your nail polish with you. But she took also useful things with her like food and diapers. I walked outside and put Aiden in his car chair.

Olivia’s pov.

I walked outside and Harry was already in the car. I sat down next to him and we drove to the first house. It looked like a palace, it was gorgeous! Harry has so much money, like I don’t even know what he earns but we can buy this house and it has a garden, you know what we can put in a garden? A freaking pool! And a really big trampoline!!!! ‘So what do you think’ I said picking Aiden up from the car chair. ‘How many rooms does it have?’ Harry said. ‘Eeeeh I’ll have check the email for that’ I grabbed my phone and read the mail. ‘It has 7 rooms’ Harry just looked at my surprised. ‘7 bedrooms or 7 rooms all together?’ ‘7 bedrooms’ I said. ‘What are we going to do with 7 bedrooms?’ Harry said. ‘One for us, one for Aiden, one study room, ’ ‘Do you want to make four more children or something?’ Harry said spotting. ‘Oh wait we can make one sauna room, and then we make 3 more children.’ Harry laughed and ringed the bell. A nice old lady opened the door and said ‘Good morning, come in.’ ‘Harry had a question for you didn’t you Harry?’ Harry looked at me and said ‘what do you do with all your rooms?’ She started to talk en talk and talk ‘My first room is my bedroom, my second room is my sauna room, my third room is my yoga room, my fourth room is the room where I practice my drum skills, my fifth room is my room with my sunbed, my sixth room has nothing, my seventh room is where my cleaner sleeps.’ Harry just nodded and went in. It was huge it has this beautiful living room when you come in, when you walk further you meet a gorgeous stairs and upstairs you find a hall with 3 doors, all rooms even beautiful and a toilet. When you go up the next  stairs you find 3 more rooms and when you go up there are 2 rooms, the bathroom and another random room. There was a kitchen in the living room so I was completely happy! I thought it couldn’t get better but when you take the slide (yes I said SLIDE) into the backyard you see a pool with a diving board, a slide and a bubble bath, with is separated from the pool. ‘I want this house’ I said to Harry. Harry said ‘I love it to like it has a slide to the backyard!’ Harry went to the lady to say we want the house and me and Aiden went down the slide to the backyard a few times. 

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