Yes it's yours (Harry's kid)

One night stand gone wrong. (I made a sequel, it's called What happened.)


3. being in Harry's appartment

Olivia's P.O.V

When I saw the AirPort there were so many girls out there did they know Harry was coming or something? Harry? Yeah he said did You tell anyone about You coming here? Well I did tell the boys why? Well there are just like hundreds of girls out there I stated. Oh well maybe they saw the other boys. Oh they are picking us up? Yes Isn't that a surprise Harry said proud of his amazing surprise. When we got off the plane everything was normal. But when we arrived to the central hall it was chaos girls fangirling about seeing Harry. And then I saw Naill he was talking to fans like it was the most normal thing in the world. I held Harry's hand and with Some help from bodyguards we got into a minivan. Louis was driving and it was pretty cosy in the van. Louis drove us to I guess Harry's place but I wasn't sure so I just asked where we were. Harry Said this is my place do you like it? Yes I think it's beautiful and huge. I didn't expect any different from a guy that’s in the best band of the world. We all sat down on the couch and the boys started playing X-box while Harry made Some snacks. I asked for a remote and found out I sucked more at this game then I expected. When it was 22:00 all boys left except for Harry of course. Harry said he's going to take a shower so I figured I'd surprise him. While he was 5 minutes in the shower I sneaked into the bathroom and opened the curtains and jumped in the shower. We had so much fun.

The next morning

I Woke up to his beautiful face and hair and I decided I wasn't going to wake him up. He'll have to wake me up. And he did hey hey I have breakfast for you he said to wake me up and I just kissed him to shut him up. When we finished kissing I got out of bed and followed him to the dining room. He had made a great breakfast I ate it in 5 minutes. While grabbing the plates he said You know I'm going on tour in about 2 weeks right? I said no but I can go with You right? He started to look a little worried. We can ask our manager and maybe You can go with us he said trying to look happy but I could see in his eyes that the answer would probably be no. I said we can always try If You don't ask the answer is always no. We walked towards his car and we were both hoping that I can come because Harry did not wanted to mis the birth of his child and I didn't want to do it on my own.

Harry's P.O.V.

As we drove there I promised het everything is going to be all right. When we got to the manager (Paul) I just had to tell him the truth. I said Paul I need to ask You something all the boys have agreed so I'll only need your permission. I let Olivia walk into the room and said this is my girlfriend and she's pregnant and I want her to go with us on tour. I saw Olivia biting her lip scared for him saying no. But he said yes!!! We were so happy I just kissed her and she kissed back. I went to hug Paul and then We went to see the boys. They were all in Niall's apartment luckily so I could tell them all at the same time. We stepped into my car and drove to Niall's place. When we got there I just screamed Olivia is going with us On tour!!! They were happy for us. We just went Sitting with them and playing X-box.

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