Elusive (Larry Stylinson)

Just like in the movie L'arnacoeur Harry Styles and his friends run a business, their job is to end relationships. They are hired by a rich woman to stop her son's wedding and have only ten days to do it. It turns out that things aren't so simple as they look. Louis Tomlinson hides a secret, Harry finds himself in the middle of a getaway.


4. 4

"I know who my mother is, thank you very much."– Louis said sarcastically.- "And I do NOT need protection!"
Harry could feel his anger."I can’t believe it! Really Mom?" - Louis muttered to himself and took out his phone.
He stood beside him, as Louis spoke on the phone.
"Mom! I can’t believe you did it again!"- He shouted.
"Don't talk to me like that, young man!"- Harry heard Johannah's voice.
He chuckled and Louis looked at him.
"What are you talking about?"
"The man you hired... I can’t believe you did that!"
Joanna was speechless for a while. She probably wondered if Harry was caught already.
"How does he look like?"-  She asked, trying to make a plan.
"With curly hair, quite tall, white teeth..."- Harry smiled, but noticed that he wasn't making a compliment. -"Terrible clothes, even uglier shoes..."
Harry looked upset. He didn't realize that he was still wearing the same clothes from the plane. It wasn't a good idea to run after Tomlinson like that, but...
"He said that you hired him to be my bodyguard. I don’t need a bodyguard. I can take care of myself."- Louis continued.
"Louis, give him the phone, please."
Harry grabbed it and took a deep breath.
"Bodyguard?"- She asked quietly.
"Yes , Mrs Tomlinson."
"I guess that means you accept the job?"
"Well, good luck, Mr. Styles."
"Thank you."- Harry gave it back.
"Louis, I was threatened recently and this time it seems quite serious. I don’t want you to get hurt. You will have to work with the gentleman for some time: the bodyguard stays with you. End of discussion."
"What? Threatened? I will come back in London! Where are the girls? Are they okay?"- He was worried.
"Louis, relax. Don’t worry, everything's fine! We are also protected. Take care of the wedding and don’t worry about us. After a week we'll be in Monaco too."
"But Mom…"
"Don’t, Lou. I must go now. I'll call you later."
Louis snorted into the phone.
"I can’t believe!"- He looked at Harry.- "Mr. Styles was it?"
"Well, Mr. Styles... I don’t need a bodyguard. You should just stop wasting your time and leave me alone. Just leave and I won't say a word about this to my mother and you'll still get your money. I don't ca-..."
"I'm sorry, but I can’t do that, sir."- Harry looked without a hesitation.
"We'll see about that!"

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