I hate that I love you.

’’Both you and I know, the reason that you don’t like me, is that you like me’’ he said. ’’What?’’ I said confused. ’’The reason that you don’t like me, is to hide that you’re in love with me’’


2. Chapter 1.



’’Does is hurt?’’ I asked Zayn as he got his tattoo done. ’’Not really, I’m not that sensitive

anymore’’.  I smiled at him and looked at the tattoo. ’’It’s really nice, I’m going for an tattoo soon’’ I told him.


’’Really? What would you like to get?’’ he asked surpriced. ’’You know some birds, and maybe a heart on my finger'' I told him. ’’Sounds great, I’m going with you right?’’ ’’Of course, you’re going to hold my hand’’ I laughed.

                                                                                                                                                                             ’’So, Zayn see you in a month’’ the tattoo parlour said, and Zayn got up and got his shirt back on. Zayn thanked the tattoo parlour and we headed out of the door, and I just waited for the paparazzies.


Look, Zayn is in this big boyband One Direction, and I swear I’ve never been with him without fans or paps, following us. And no I wasn’t with Zayn, or anybody else in the band. Zayn was my best friend, but the fans didn’t still believe us.

But it is what it is. I would never be with Zayn, and beside that Zayn have a girlfriend, Perrie. But because of my and Zayns relationship, she’s evidently a beard. But no, I’ve never seen two people so in love as them. Zayn held my upper arm as we walked out of the door, and walked to his car.

The blitz from the cameraes were blinding me. When Zayn started to drive away, the fans followed us, and I was scared if he could drive one of the fans over. But we got safely away.


 ’’I’m never gonna be used to this’’ I said terrified. ’’Don’t worry, what’s the worst that could happen?’’ he said with a smile on his lips. ’’I don’t know,’’ I said, and looked out of the window.


’’You tired?’’ he asked me, and I shaked my head. ’’If you want to, you could join Liam and Sophias party tonight?’’ he asked.

’’Is Niall going to be there?’’ I asked. ’’Yeah, but just keep away from him’’ Zayn sighed.


Me and Niall had always have a thing on eachother. We could seriously not be in the same room, without hating on eachother. He was just so horrible person being!

’’Okay, do you pick me up or?’’ I asked. ’’Uhm yeah, me and Perrie is going to get a cab, so we can drink a bit, if you’re okay with that?’’ he asked me. ’’Of course it is.

  ’’Oh and Harry is going with us too’’ he said, and smiled. ’’Sounds great, is there a dresscode?’’ I asked. ’’Just wear something nice’’ he smiled, and droved into my apartment.

’’Thanks Zayn, what time are you here?’’ I asked him. ’’9.00 pm, see you there’’ he smiled, and I closed the cardoor, and walked up to the headdoor and locked myself in. I walked up the stairs, and came to my apartment. I unlocked the door, and went in. I thought that I needed some rest before the party, so I got  in Zayns big white t-shirt he forgot some day he and Perrie had fought, so he slept at my place. And don’t misunderstand it, Zayn is my best friend nothing else, he is just the person that can make me feel calm and relaxed, and especially when I was with him, I really can be myself.  I laid down under the covers and, fell asleep.


 When I woke up I took a look on my clothes. I decided to wear some high-talled darkblue jeans, and a white shirt. I found some high boots. Thats fine I thought to myself, and I laid my outfit on the bed. I went to the bathroom, and curled my hair a bit so it was a bit wavy, and got myself some naturally makeup on.



Before I knew it the time had flew away, and I hurried up putting my clothes on. I got my purse, and got my credit card, ID, chapstick and phone with me.


I got down on the street and the cab droved in front of me. I waved too Perrie and Harry that sat on the backseet. I opened the door and I got in, so  I sat beside Perrie. ’’Hi Sophie!’’ she squealed and hugged me awkvardly, because there were not that much space in the back of the cab. ’’Hi Zayn’’ I said glad, and he turned around from the frontseet and gave me a hi.


We got into the club, again I got blinded by the flashes of the fans and photographs. Harry got my arm, because he was so used to it. Out of my eye I saw a little girl standing with a One Direction book, and I stopped Harry.


’’Harry, there’s a little girl over there, save her day and go talk to her’’ I begged him, and he looked over my shoulder to look at the girl. ’’Okay, I’ll fix that, go inside’’ he said. I smiled at him, and walked all the way into the club.

The security leaded me to a wardrobe, so I could put my coat in there. I hurried finding a drink, and then saw Sophia in the crowd.


’’Sophia babeeee!’’ I squealed and hugged her. ’’Where’s Liam?’’ I asked, and she pointed at the bar, where he stood and talked to no one else than the asscracker Niall Horan. ’’Go say hi, if you want to’’ she said with a smile.

’’No thank you, your boyfriend is a lovely man, but when Niall’s with him, I rather stay with you if you don’t mind’’ I said, and she smiled and nodded.

’’Let’s go talk to some people then’’. She took my hand and led me through the crowd of sweating dancing people.

We found Perrie and Zayn, and we begun to talk about Zayns tattoo when Liam joined us. He gave Sophia a kiss on the cheek, and I looked over the crowd again, to see if Niall was gone, but I couldn’t eye him.

’’Excuse me’’ I said, and walked in the direction of the toilets. I just needed to fix some makeup.  I walked through the doors and then the mirrors. Not as bad as I expected, I thought to myself. I took some of the chapstick on my lips, and walked out of the doors, when a body leaned against mine, and got me tight up against the wall. I looked up, and grunted.


 ’’Niall!’’ I shouted annoyed, when I saw which dickhead, I walked into.

 ’’Sophie! Here we are again huh?’’ ’’Save it Niall, I don’t wanna hear the about your shit, let me go!’’ I shouted again.

’’Na ah ah, both you and I know that I’m not just letting ya go, when I have you, I will use the time to get a little talk’’ he said with a smirk, and I swear I could tear his head of in a rush.


 ’’Both you and I know, the reason that you don’t like me, is that you like me’’ he said. ’’What?’’ I said confused. ’’The reason that you don’t like me, is to hide that you’re in love me’’

’’Niall, leave me alone!’’ I said, and pushed him to the side, and I passed him.

’’Talk to ya later Sophie!’’ he shouted after me. ’’Sure we will’’ I said to myself in sarcasm, and got myself a new drink.


I got over to the groups of real humans, and got in talk with Liam. He asked about how my university was going, and my job at American Apperal, and I asked about the career.


I could feel the alcohol had an effect on me, so I got on the dancefloor with Sophia and El. The three of us, we were like eachothers rocks. I got along with them really well, better than the girls at my university.


I met Eleanor at the university in London, and then I got to know One Direction through her.

And yes she did go on Manchester university, but she thought it would be good to on London, so here we are. 


’’Wanna get a new drink?’’ Eleanor asked, Sophia and I. We nodded and headed to the bar. Eleanor got us some red drinks, I didn’t cared for what it was, I just dranked it.


’’Getting some drinks I see’’ I heard a voice behind me and I sighed. ’’Well we do, what do you want?’’ I said cold and turned around, and looked into his blue eyes.

’’I just wanted to say to Sophia that Liam isn’t feeling very well, he’s throwing up at the toilets’’. ’’Oh my god Liam!’’  Sophia snapped and gave Eleanor her drink, and walked into the direction of the toilets.

’’What did he drink?’’ Eleanor asked. ’’You know, he had a shotgame against Harry’’.

’’Oh’’ she gasped, and took a sip of her drink.

’’Where’s Louis?’’ Eleanor asked again, and Niall pointed to the sofa areas where he continued on the shot games.

’’I need to stop him before, he’s throwing up along with Liam’’ she said, and sat her drink at the bar disk, and walked away.


’’Sophie?’’ said Niall. ’’Niall?’’ I answered. He giggled.

’’You’re an lucky lady’’  I forrowed my eyebrows ’’And why’s that?’’ I asked. ’’Ya alone with me, that’s every girls dream though’’ he laughed, and punched him away, by his chest.    

 ’’Find another girl Niall, I’m not a slut’’. I felt a hand take me back, by my wrist and my chest got against Nialls chest. ’’Sophie listen carefully, and no one will got some kind of injury’’ I nodded breatless and he continued; ’’Don’t act like ya better than me, cus both you and I know, that’s not true’’.

’’Niall I don’t act better, I just can’t stand you, then I can’t see why I should spend time with you’’. ’’Sophie’’ he tried, but I interrupted him.

’’ - I’m going home, have a great night. See I can be nice too, who thought that?’’ I said, just to piss him off and I smiled triumphed. I looked at him and he bited his lip looking at me pissed, when I walked past him.


The night was still young, but I really wasn’t in the mood for party. I did just want to go home, get these hurting heels of, and got in some big t-shirt. For my luck, I found a underground near the club, and got home.


I walked into my apartment, and got the heels of. I walked into the kitchen and got myself some water. My mouth was so dry, and it tasted bad after those drinks.


I got my jeans and shirt of, and got it in the laundry. I found a big black t-shirt and I got it over my body. I brushed my teeth and cleaned my face, so the makeup was gone.

I got into my bed, and pulled the covers over my sored body. I looked at the watch, and it was only 1.43 pm. I didn’t hope that the other guys, found me boring. But I just wasn’t in the mood. I could comfort myself, that Liam was weak at drinking.


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