Ed Sheeran's best friend (1D/Ed Sheeran)

Well this story doesn't really need a description, just start reading:) i hope you enjoy it:) okay maybe a small description:D.
It is a bout a girl who is Ed's best friend and a huge directioner:)


3. Scavenger hunt

I hummed, dancing around my house (that I
cleaned) and quickly ran down my hall way and
then slid in my socks, I did some dance moves
that are probably banned in the out side world
because of it's weirdness.
"Ba da da da da-" I stopped and stared at One
Direction, who are you in my kitchen.. and I arm
currently in my underwear and an over sized shirt,
we all stared at each other and I was like a deerin
head light's... this is traumatizing.
"Uh..." all the boy's were bright red- besides
Harry. He then stands up and starts to undo his
screamed, "I'm joining you!" I don't know how to
Let him strip down.
Or let him stay clothed.... I may be leaning
toward's the first option here.
"Don't do it!" I screamed, covering my eyes,
"Wait, how did you get in my kitchen you
peasants?!" I yelled, "Peasants? Oh naw gurl-"
"Louis, seriously, my house, my throne, you are
"We'll tell you... just go put some pant's on" "Oh
yeah... forgot about those" I stood for a second
before I turned on my heel and ran for my life, I
hear a whistle, "Woo! Nice panties babe!" oh shit.
I'm wearing... oh god. How can this get any more
I tried to stop to turn to run up the stairs, but
instead and I slid across the floor and collided
with the door... I hate when I speak to soon.
"Ashley?!" "Eep!" I scrambled up the stairs and
into my room, slamming the door shut... oh god.
How can I ever over come the embarrassment?!
"Ashley... are you okay?" Liam knock's, "I-uh-
yeah! Don't come in!" I screamed, going through
my wardrobe and pulled stuff out, "Nope" I shook
myhead and threw each piece of clothing I had
behind me- "This will have to do" I nod and pulled
the shorts and jumper on...
Okay, just pretend nothing happened. You can do
No... no I can't.
Suddenly my smoke alarms go off and my eyes
widened and I ripped my door open before
sprinting down the stairs and into the kitchen
where smoke was coming out of the microwave, I
rushed over to my stairs, ripped my broom closet
openand then ran back into the room with my
fire extinguisher and killed the fire.
".... I don't remember using the micro- NIALL!" I
screamed, staring at the buckets of pop corn
around him, "I-I just wanted some more, I swear I
didn't mean to set your microwave on fire!" "I-
you so owe me a new microwave" I glowered at
I stole that microwave from Ed! Now how am I
going to watch his facial expression each time he
walk's into my kitchen and see's his stolen
I can't even have that moment of glory anymore-
and he stole my damn piano! And my toilet seat!
Yes.... he has my toilet seat. Just- don't ask
questions. I asked them all when I was raging at
"Umm... so... movies?" "Wait, how did you guy's
get in-" Zayn hold's up Ed's key's, "That son of a
bitch" I mutter under my breath, "And you just
let yourself in?"
"We're sorry" Liam say's, "I'm not" Liam whack's
Harry over the head and Louis throws an arm
around me, "Don't worry, she'll have good taste
when she get's to know me better!" "I was only
wearing them because it's laundry day!" I blurted
out- thank you brain.
"What do you mean?" "Ed gave me a whole set
for my birthday... and it's laundry day... because I
cleaned my house and... yeah"
"... Ha-ha! I BET SHE LIKES ME BETTER!" Niall yells,
boy's, civilized please. Let's ask her ourselves"
they all turn to me and I stand there, "Movie?" I
asked them.
"Not my fault you don't have any popcorn" he
sasses me.
"... That's because I don't like popcorn" all the
boy's gasped and stepped back, Louis
dramatically fell into Zayn's arm's, "Sh-she's a
I stand there, before deciding it'll be better if I
leave the room.
I walked out and sat on my couch, and they all
hurried after me instantly, "Movie?" "LION KING!"
Harry yells, pulling it from the shelf, "Okay"
We all got comfy, Niall having to dramatically
share a small bowl of pop corn, and I then even
supplied mint chocolate Ben & Jerry ice cream
and sour worm's... and coke a cola.
And we settled in with a bunch of movies for the
"Bye guy's!" I waved to them from my door step,
"Hey, Ashley, I was wondering if we could go to
the creek tomorrow?" Liam ask's, "That'd be
HOLD MY BREATH FOR!" Louis yells.
Liam turn's and Louis' eyes widened and his mouth
went into a perfect giant 'O'. I smiled, "That'd be
great! We can have a scavenger hunt too! And
some games and maybe even a picnic!" "That
sounds awesome!" Harry walk's over, smirking at
me and I immediately remember the underwear
i'm wearing.
Embarrassment everywhere.
"I CAN BE-" "NO! I will be in charge of the food"
Zayn then calmly say's after screaming at Niall,
who's pouting, "This will be fun, we should invite
Ed too!" I clapped my hand's together happily.
Liam turn's around and I noticed his smile didn't
reach his eyes. Hmm...
"That'd be great-" "And Paul can set up the
scavenger hunt for us!" Niall yells, "CALL HIM!"
Louis scream's, "I best get us off of your door
step before they commit hug-a-cide" Liam joked,
"... really?" Harry ask's.
I try not to laugh at Liam's bright red face, "Just
get in the car" Liam herd's the boy's into the car
and I wave, yelling 'Bye!' loudly, and i'm sure one
of my neighbour's are calling the police because I
yelled it so loud continuously for five minutes.
Then they left...
Tomorrow hmmm...
Must. Find. Impressive. Outfit... to beat Ed at the
scavenger hunt with.
I stand by the front door, waiting nervously, my
hand's kept touching my hair and i'm pretty sure
my lip has teeth indents.
"Ash, you in there?!" "Maybe!" I quickly ran my
hands through my hair and checked myself in the
mirror, "Are you coming out or what?!"
"I'm here, i'm here" I rolled my eyes and walked
out, "Hey Eddie" I grinned at him, "Hey midget" I
scowled at him, "Sup Ginger?" "Hey-" "Ashley!"
Louis screams and hugs me, "Is the red head being
mean again?" he cooes, patting my head.
 "Everyone, into the car" we were herded back
into the seven seater. I sat in between Harry
(score) and Zayn (double score).
"So when does this Scavenger Hunt start?" I asked
Harry,"Paul isn't finished quite yet, he said he'll
be finished around twelve. So before then, we'll
have our picnic and and go for a swim"
"Oh, okay... wait" I looked at Liam in horror, "It's
eight am" "And?" "I woke up at six!" I yelled,
"Oops?" Liam gives me an apologetic smile, "Yeah,
oops"I shook my head, before something else
took over my interest.
"What?" Zayn ask's me with an curious
expression, "I don't have a swim suit, or-" "Just
swim in your underwear, just like old times" Ed
smirks at his phone.
"And who are you texting, sunshine?" I rolled my
eyes at him, "Caitlin" "Oh... how is she?" "Still
hates your gut's babe" he look's at me in
disappoint. I groaned, sinking in my chair, "Who's
Caitlin?" Niall ask's me.
"Our childhood best friend-" "Ex" Ed interrupts, "It
wasn't my fault!" "... We'll talk about it later" he
mutters and goes back to his phone.
Harry then grabs my attention, by tugging my
sleeve, I turned and stared into his eyes, hmm...
"Why did you wake up at six am if we weren't
arriving at eight?" "I had to get up at 5.30
because of management trying to get me to do
some 'training' and thing's... but I pressed snooze
on my alarm and got dragged out of my bed by
the demon"
"Demon?" "Her personal trainer, devil women she
is" Ed chuckles. All the boys chuckle, "We've got a
trainer... he's a bit of an jerk" "Great, we should
set the two up"
Harry burst into a fit of laughter and everyone
looked him as he regained his composer.
Okay then...
After forty five minutes, my eyes lids started to
slide shut and I laid my head on the closet
persons shoulder and feel asleep.
"Ash... wakey... wakey..." "Nopey nopey" I
grumbled, burying my head into my pillow. I feel
someone poke my cheek, "Here let me... OH MY
My eyes snapped open, "WHERE?! MR. WHAT'S-
HIS-FACE IS GOING TO-oh, mmkay" I shrugged,
stretching, "... Wait, are you a Directioner?"
"What makes you think that?" "Yeah, what makes
you think like that?" Niall ask's.
Glad to have the Irish one on my side, "Does Niall
have a soft spot for Ashley?" "That and I have a-"
Iquickly tackle Niall out of the car- which I now
notice had stopped... thank god.
We tumbled on the ground and I put my hand
over his mouth, "Shhh... no one needs to know" I
shushed him, he giggles, "I will wipe you Irish butt
off of the map" I smiled at him innocently.
He instantly pales and I get off of him, "Right,
there we go" I smirked evilly, dusty my hands off.
I looked around and saw an entrance of a park,
"Wh-" "Come on Ashley! Let's go to the creek!"
"Yeah, you can swim in it and everything, it's
legal and stuff. Oh, and it's this way" Harry tugs
at my hand and drags me ahead of the other's,
now... don't stare- damn. I stared at him bum,
right, okay- no Ashley, no- I giggled as I spotted
a sticker on his jeans.
I looked up in shock as Harry guided me through
an arch way of trees, then he pulled me through a
curtainof willow leaves and my eyes went as
wide as saucers. I gasped and stared at sparkling
creek, the green grass, the few flowers
throughout the grass and then the water fall up
at the creek.
"Like it?" "It's wonderful" "This is our secret place,
we haven't told anyone here, and you're the only
one's that we have told- besides Paul that is"
"Woah..." Ed stares at the water in shock.
"Race you to the water!" One Direction ran,
dropping everything they had and dived into the
water. Ed look's at me, before picking up the
basket of food, I picked up everything else and
then started to set everything up.
"Ashley, Ed, come in!" "Okay!" Ed stripped his
clothes and walked to the water in his swimming
shorts... of course he had known about the
swimming bit.
"Ashley, are you coming in or what?" "Or what?"
"Just come in" "I can't-" "In your underwear,
Harry's in his and so is Niall"
"Uh..." "I DARE YOU ASHLEY!" I scowled at Ed,
"Fine" I took my shoes off and then pulled my
shirt off and then my shorts, all of the guy's
stared at me with wide eyes, "What?"
"Nothing" all the guy's turned around and then
started to whistle...
"... Men" I rolled my eyes, before I stood at the
edge of the water, staring at it, "SURPRISE!"
Harry screams and grabs my waist, I screamed,
hitting his back as he threw me over his shoulder
and walked into the water laughing.
"LEMME GO!" I yelled, "Mmkay" "No, wait!" I
screamed, he then dropped me into the water. I
crossed my arms over my chest and glowered at
Harry's feet, before I gripped his ankles and
yanked on them hard.
He falls into the water and I stuck my tongue out
at him, before going up for air. I broke the
surface and wiped my eyes, "Well... hi" I turned to
see Liam grinning at me, "Hi" I fought the heat
that was rising in my cheeks.
"Well... how are you?" "I'm good..." my eyes
slowly- by FORCE I TELL YOU- started to trail
down to his chest, "And you?" "I'm excellent" he
"That's gr-" someone yanks me down and I was
submerged by water, I glared at Harry, before I
swam towards him, his eyes widened and he was
like a cartoon- he was on the other side of the
creek bed in seconds.
Someone grabs me and pulls me up and I find
Niall grinning at me, "Right, let's discuss... a deal,
shall we?"
"About what?" "About your little merchandise
collection-" "Over here" I dragged him through
the water, him probably drowning as I did. I
stopped, and looked at him as he shakes his hair,
"Right, what deal exactly?"
"I won't talk... but only if we write a song
together" "Isn't Ed suppose to-" "I know, but for
your album" I give him a look, "I know... but I
would like to, I don't have to sing- I just want to
write with you-" "Sure, but you have to ask your
own management... and the boys" I smirked at
him evilly.
"Okay!" he grins and swims away... wait- damn.
Did I just let- "Ashley, food!"
I swam over to shore and then sat next to Louis
and he passed me a sandwich, I nodded and took
it, "Thank honey" "No problem babe" I felt like I
was being watched and I looked up to see
everyone looking at us.
"What?" "Pet names?" "Of course, where would I
be without my honey buns?" I eyed Louis, "Aww,
sweet heart..." I trailed off, before biting into my
"... Nothing? Aren't you going to continue?" "Nah,
she's probably thinking of-" "I want to go back
into the water" Harry pipes up, "We're eating
Harry, an hour after you eat and then you can-"
Harry gets up and runs into the water.
"Or not" Liam sighs, we all chatted until we heard
splat and I looked down to see a pair of...
"Harry... tell me you didn't..." I stared at them in
horror, "What?" I looked up, "HARRY!" I yelled,
slapping my hands over my eyes... the mental
image of him butt naked will be forever in printed
in my mind...
I hope to god I don't get amnesia.
 That'd be a terrible... and this is where my
perverted side is coming out.
"Harry! Put your pants back on!" Liam yells,
"Aww, why?" "We are in the presence of a lady"
Liam huff's, "Where?" Ed ask's, his voice laced
with amusement.
"Look in the mirror Eddie" I snickered. I feel him
whack my side and I chuckled, strike one for
"Anyway, Paul's ready!" "Is someone
appropriate?" "Yeah" I opened my eyes to come
face to face with someones chest... I eyed it, not
bad my friend, not bad....
"Like what you see?" Harry muses, "Maybe" I
stared at it, whipped cream or- no, no, no, no,
no, no, NO, NO, NO, NO!
"Ashley... you're a bit red" "Thank you for that
Captain Obvious" I snapped at Ed, "Your welcome
Queen-" "And Paul is here with the first clue!
Look! It's Paul!" Zayn interrupted us and point's
at Paul who was standing at the base of a willow,
looking at Ed and I in amusement.
"Right, partner's- there's going to be a three by
the way" "I BAG'S ASHLEY!" Harry screams,
hugging me... all I can feel is him (aka, someone's
got abs and very toned muscles) and the heat in
my cheeks.
"I'll go with Ed and Louis" Liam sigh's, "Niall buddy,
old friend!" "Zayn, babe!" Niall and Zayn hugged
each other, "Right, first clue, 'Where does the
grass separate boy's from men?' good luck guy's!
See you at the end!"
I quickly pulled my jeans and shirt on, before
tackling Harry and putting his shirt on for him (I
volunteered, mmkay?), but he let me... so it's
"Okay, so where to?" I asked him, noticing
everything was packed away and all the boy's
were gone, "Easy, the football field" he entwines
my hand with his and then pull's me through the
willow leaves, leading me blind through the park.
"Here!" he pulls an envelope from a tree and
opens it up, "The Walls that are full of word's and
confessions..." he trails off.
"Well, uh..." I thought for a second, "Oh! I know!" I
grabbed his hand and started to run for a
second, before I skidded to a halt, "I don't know
where anything is..." I mumbled, he chuckles,
"Where do you think it is?"
"The public loo" he raises an eye brow at me, "I
might have written on the walls of one for
someone..." "Someone?" "... Justin Bieber, okay?" I
huffed, he laugh's, "Come on" he tugs me to the
opposite direction to which I was pulling him to.
We came to a toilet cubicle and he goes in, I
pulled back on my hand and he stops, staring at
me in confusion, "I'm not a male Harreh" he look's
me up and down, "I see that" he smirks, letting
my hand go, "I'll see you in a se-" "There is it!" I
grinned, running to the outside of the block and
pulled one of three envelopes down, "Guess we're
first, ha?" I grinned at Harry who was like the
Cherish cat.
"Okay..." I opened it and started to read it aloud,
"Where people huff when they run up me?" I
stood there for a second, "I'm blank, sorry
honey" Harry sigh's.
I tap my chin, thinking, "Well, maybe a hill?"
"There's lot's of hills here" he sigh's, it doesn't
look so good.
"Okay, okay, so maybe not a hill... how about a...
stairs?" I asked him, his eyes widened, "THE
OTHER SIDE OF THE PARK!" he grabs my wrist and
start's to drag me away...
Wait- the other side of the park?!
I huffed, my throat was burning and my lung's
felt like they were going to burst, "The other
side... i'm going to kill Paul" I muttered darkly.
"I see it!" Harry cheer's and then run's to the
envelope as I sit down and tried to catch my
breath as I started to die on the marble stairs.
"843, 794647" Harry say's, "We are soo screwed"
he laugh's, "What the fuck?! How the- why is the
code so important?! What is this code for? What
the hell?! THE FUCK PAUL!" I yelled, screaming.
Harry roll's on the ground in stitches as I ranted
on and on about how unfair this is, "Wait a
minute..." I pulled my iPod out of my pocket,
"Harry, phone" he did as he was told and I started
to look back and forth between the two, before
writing on his phone.
"Okay, The Swings" I grumbled, glaring at the
phone, "Aren't you a smart cookie?" Harry cooes,
pinching my cheeks as he makes a cheeky grin,
"Yeah, yeah, you are so lucky that my friend use
to pretend being a spy with us"
I stood there for asecond, before noticing he was
waiting for me to continue, nah.
"Lead on, Sir Harold" I smiled at him, he nod's and
takes my hand before he start's to tug me to the
left, I guess this is going to be how we're
spending out day then?
Running around after Paul's freaking chaotic and
stupid clues... oh well, this is going to be a lot of
fun- that and i'm with Harry Styles... nothing can
make this any better.
 We ran to the swing's and find five key's
dangling from the post, Harry reached up and
tugged at one, before looking at me, "No note?"
I stared at the key, wondering...
Wait, what about that story Ed use to tell me
about his ex-girlfriend? That she went and... The
bridge... the key... the lock's?
Nah, that's to far fetched. As if there's a Love
Bridge around here- "A love bridge?" I looked up
to see Harry staring at me with a blank look, "Did
I say that out loud?"
OVER THAT WAY!" he grab's my hand and drag's
me behind him... I hope I didn't get this right, do
you know how awkward that'd be?
Going to a Love Bridge with Harry Styles- nope. I
like that sentence.
We run onto a bridge and I see hundreds of
lock's, new and old locked tightly to the side's,
"I know right?" Harry grin's and start's searching
for a note, I held the key in my hand and I saw
the shiniest lock near me, coloured in spot's.
Another stripes, another had whisker's. I walked
over to them and tested the key out, not the
spot's one.
I tried the striped one, not that one.... I tried it in
the one with black whisker's painted on it and it
unlock's, I pulled the lock from the side of the
bridge and looked to see a piece of paper curled
up around the hook.
I pulled it out and read over the black scribbles,
'Just over the hill. Hurry, you're almost done' I
turned to Harry, "I found the note!"
He ran over to me and I showed him the writing,
we then turned to each other, then to the hill,
"One.... two..... three...." "THERE THEY ARE!" "GO!"
we yelled and ran up the hill.
We kept running, looking for Paul- Harry tug's me
through a curtain of willow leave's and we find
balloons tied to a branch, with a sign that said,
'Well done, you won!'.
"WE DID IT!" I cheered, Harry cheer's and I turned
to say 'Good job' or something along those lines,
but instead he grabbed my waist and planted his
lips on mine.
I froze in shock, I mean, Harry Styles is kissing me
I immediately kissed back and way to soon, we
parted for air. We both stared at each other,
"Did we just-?" "Uh-ha" he nod's.
".... wow"
"THIS WAY!" we sprang apart and we both
awkwardly watched as Louis, Liam, Ed, Niall and
Zayn walked through the curtain of willow leaves,
"Aww... we lost" Louis kicks at the grass and
Harry chuckles, "It's okay Boo Bear, we'll share
the prize"
I couldn't speak, how could he speak so quickly?!
They almost walked in on us K-I-S-S-I-N-G. Oh
god... I sound like a child.
"So... did we miss something?" Zayn looked in
between Harry and I and we shook our head's,
"I"m hungy-" "Me too" we hurried away, "HEY!
SAVE ME SOME FOOD TOO!" Niall yells and chases
after us.
Well... this has been an interesting day.
I stumbled into my house, "Wait, Ash, could I talk
to you?"
I turned and Harry stood in the doorway with a
puppy dog expression, "Okay..."
"I was wondering if you would like to go to a part
with me on Tuesday?" "A party?" "Y-yeah... like a
date" he gives me a hopeful expression.
"Of course i'll go to the party with you..."
"YAY!" he hug's me and I awkwardly wrapped my
arm's around him, "COME ON HARRY!" Liam yell's
angrily... what's up with him?
"Bye Ash, see you Tuesday?" "Uh-ha"
He then leave's, I wait for them to drive away,
smiling and waving at their car and when they
turned the corner- "OH MY GOD. I'M GOING OUT
WITH HARRY STYLES!" I screamed, slamming my
door shut and ran around my house screaming
and fan girling...
I will never not fan girl when i'm alone after
meeting them, that and- I'M GOING TO A PARTY
WITH HARRY STYLES- and with that, I ran into a
wall and rolled on the ground... having squealing
spasm as I rolled around, unbelievably happy... I
may have even started crying at one point.
No judging...
And then I had a heart attack.
I'm kidding, I just called my sister, Kayla, and told
her the news... and she listened to me fan girl for
hour's and hour's. Hey, what are baby sister's for,

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