Harry Potter and the Facts

The most remarkable phenomenon in children's publishing ever, the Harry Potter series has millions of kids reading books and millions of people following the story exciting adventure's of a young wizard.
Sorry for the short amount of facts, I will get it updated very slowly



1. JK Rowling made Harry an orphan due to the own death of her mother in 1990

2. JK Rowling almost killed Ron off the series, but didn't ( thank god )

3. In the Goblet Fire JKR almost added a character, Ron's Cousin who was to duel against Hermione(Bring.It.On.)

4. the name Harry Potter may also be identifies from the movie "Trolls" who is a character in The late 1980 film.

5. Harry Potter might've never been a series if JK hadn't waited for a delayed train to Kings Cross (God bless that train!)

6. Every death has a meaning in the books

ex. Fred passing represents trying to get over a death even though you don't want to.

7.JK Rowling is the first billionaire author in history

8. There has been some accusations from other authors that JK Rowling has stolen pieces of ideas from their work; specifically Willy the wizard and Ender's Game (authors)

9. The character Hermione Granger is based on a young JK Rowling

10. Hogwarts does not except foreigners (If Hogwarts was a real place, GB and Ireland would be so luckyy)

11. In the Deathly Hallows Hermione broke Harrys wand.






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