Harry Potter and the Facts

The most remarkable phenomenon in children's publishing ever, the Harry Potter series has millions of kids reading books and millions of people following the story exciting adventure's of a young wizard.
Sorry for the short amount of facts, I will get it updated very slowly



1. Rupert Grint dressed up as his drama teacher and rapped stating the facts why he should play Ron Weasley (I wish I could see it, I would laugh so hard)

2. There are four different directors consisting of all the movies in the HP franchise

3. Daniel Radcliffe cried when he found out he got the role of Harry (aaawww:)

4. Harry Potter is the #1 highest grossing franchise of all time (grossing- the amount if money a movie takes)

5. Daniel was drinking a lot during the filming of the Deathly Hallows

6. Both Daniel and Rupert cried during the last day of shooting the HP (awww;)

7. Rupert had to be removed of the scene during the filming of the horculex version of Hermione and Harry kissing because he was laughing to much

8. In the first years of Harry Potter, Emma Watson had a crush on the Tom Felton (who wouldn't?)

9. Dan had a crush on Emma in the first year of making the film

11. The only reason () took the role as Dumbledore was because os granddaughter promised never to speak to him again


13. Potter means a person who does pottery in britian

14. Daniel Radcliffe shares the same BDay as Harry himself


16. Dumbledore was mentioned in the Lego movie (2014) He was constantly mistaken for Gandolf the Grey

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