Its Gotta Be You <3

Heartbreak </3
Love <3
Just my life isn't it.


3. I've Had Enough/Running away

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"Why me, just why me"

I mumble, walking home from school, it was living hell, as usual, but this time, I have had enough. I got humiliated in front of the whole school, I just don't wanna talk about it. I walk through my door, my mum being home, I would hear her call my name.

"Shayde! Get your sorry ass here now before I beat you!" I shiver at the thought of her beating me, running up the stairs panting.

"I'm here mum" I feel the slap of her hand connect with my face as I grip it in pain, wincing. "Get to your bedroom, now!" I do as she says, running into my bedroom, grabbing the bag I had packed a while ago. Its time for me to leave. I hold the bag, as well as my phone, sliding down the drain pipe, landing on my feet.

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