Still The One

In 2010, when Niall, Liam, Harry, Louis and Zayn left for the X-Factor they also left behind their 2 best friends, Hayley and Teagan. 3 years later they meet again and everything has changed, well maybe not everything....


2. The Key


Teagan's POV

Yesterday the boys came home! They found us at the mall which was weird that they knew we were there but whatever! After we got home the boys found out about Mason... I mean it was only a matter of time but still. So last night we spent talking about what we have been up to he past three years. We played truth or dare which turned to to be pretty interesting. I found out that Louis has actually liked me since 8th grade... how could we both not realize that we liked each other yet everyone else did. We ended up having a dare to kiss each other. But it wasn't the first time we kissed. He was my first and I was his first in 8th grade, but the boys don't need to know. Last night before i went to bed Louis asked me to be his girlfriend. Of course I said yes.I woke up and walked downstairs. All the boys were up. Even Mason.  It was 11. 
"Morning. Where's Hayley?" I asked. 
"Asleep. She got no sleep." Liam answered. I nodded. We were all talking and Mason was asleep on Liam when there was a knock on the door. Hayley walked downstairs. I opened the door and saw my parents. I gave them a hug. Then my mom saw the boys. 
"BOYS!!" My mom screamed. She gave them all a hug. Mason woke up. He saw them and jumped into their arms. 
"GWANDMA! GWANPA!" I saw Hayley smile. We were all talking until my parents got serious. 
"Okay, so here is part of the surprise." My dad said. My mom handed Hayley a key. She looked at it but her face was confused. She was looking at it. 
"Why does this key look so familiar?" She handed the key to me. It was Zebra print I looked at the back and all 7 of our initials. It's the key. I showed the guys. 
"Why do we have the key to Hayley's old house?" I asked. They gave us the look. 
"No, no, no no. I can't live in that house. I can't even look at that house!" Hayley said. 
"Well your lease ends tomorrow and we never renewed it." My mom said. 
"You're making them live there?" Harry asked. 
"Oh no. We talked to your parents you too. You're all living there. We think it's for the best." My dad said. 
"The best? How is this the best? This is anything but the best!" Hayley said. 
"You need your closure on your parents." My dad said. 
"I did! The funeral and wake! That's more than enough closure! I'm not going to that house." Hayley said. My parents sighed. 
"Mason want to spend the next couple nights at Grammy and Grampys house?" My dad asked. 
"More dan one? Why?" Mason asked. Hayley walked over to him and bent down. 
"I need you to go with them for two days do it for mommy please. You can call me whenever you want. I promise." Hayley told him. 
"Fine I wove you mommy." My parents walked upstairs with Mason so they could pack his clothes for the next two days. They came down and mason gave Hayley a hug. My parents gave us all a hug. Once they left it was time for us to pack. Hayley and I finished our rooms and went into Masons room. It was all packed up. 
"I was hoping I would have to pack it." Hayley said. 
"Why?" Liam asked. 
"Because then that means i wouldn't have to go there so soon." Hayley said. We brought the boxes and suitcases out to the cars. We got to the house. Hayley opened the front gate. We pulled into the driveway. We all got out of the cars. We grabbed all the boxes and suitcases. I gave Hayley the key, she opened the door. Everything is exactly the way it was left. No one talked. We all just stood there in shock. 
"Do we really have to live here?" Harry asked. We all just nodded our heads. We talked for a few more minutes and noticed Hayley was gone. I told the boys to go to their rooms...yes we all had our own rooms. I went into Hayley's room and she wasn't in there. I knew exactly where she was. I walked down the hall and opened the bedroom door to her parents old room. She was laying on the bed in her moms sweatpants and her dads sweatshirt. She was holding one of the pillows. I heard the boys come up behind me looking in the room. Liam walked over to the bed and sat next to her. We all sat on the bed. 
"Hayley?" Liam said. She just looked at him. We kept saying her name but she wouldn't listen. She would just look at us. 
"Hayley what made us all happy when we came here?" Liam asked her. Her eyes widened and she ran down the stairs. We got down with her and she unlocked the door with the code that was set for it that we made in preschool. 0-7-7-0. We all walked in and looked around. We ran to our beanbags. We got to the circle they were in and we saw letters on them all. The handwriting on the front was Hayley's mom. Hayley grabbed hers. She didn't open it. We all sat on our beanbags. 
"Read them out loud?" Harry asked. Everyone nodded. 
"Hayley you don't need to, if you don't want to. We understand." Niall said. She nodded. Liam went first. 
" Dear Liam, 
           First of all, you're like a son to us. Please take care of our little girl. Even though we know you will, we can see how much you really do care about her. She cares about you too. We left you the Porsche, the keys are on the key ring. We had Teagan's mom personalize them like every other key you made us change. Our baby girl is going to need you more than ever now, take care of her and yourself. Goodbye, love Mom and Dad." Liam finished. I was almost in tears and Hayley was. Now it's time for Louis. 
"Dear Louis, 
          To start it off, just ask Teagan out already. We know you like her and she likes you too trust me! You are the youngest and by far the loudest, don't change for anyone or anything. We left you the BMW. You will see your key on the key ring. Personalized for your liking. Take care of Teagan and also yourself. Goodbye. Love mom and dad." Louis finished. Now it's my turn. 
"Dear Teagan, 
          You are like a second daughter to us. You have always been there for Hayley and there is no way we could repay you. I wish we could have said this in person, but we can't. You have a map of the house there are some extra surprises for you all. You have the codes to all the doors. We left you the Lamborghini. The key in on the key ring with the others. We know how much you always bugged us about that damn car, so it's finally yours. Take care, love mom and dad. "  I was crying by the end of mine... now time for Niall. 
"Dear Niall, 
           Before you make the girls make you food, there is a personal chef for you. 
The number is in the kitchen on the refrigerator. You are always a delight to be around. You brighten everyone's mood. We also left you the Audi since you always talked about wanting a car exactly like that one. Be good and take care. Goodbye love mom and dad." Zayns turn. 
"Dear Zayn, 
          I'm so happy Hayley has a friend like you. You have always had her back. You are such an amazing person and we are so happy we got to know you. You may look mysterious but once we get to know you, you really come out of your shell. Zayn we left you the mustang. We thought you would like that one. Take care of yourself. Love mom and dad. " time for Harry. 
"Dear Harry, 
          You are like the older brother Hayley never had and there is no way we could ever thank you enough. You are a very cheeky boy, but that's one of the things we love the most about you. You never fail to make us laugh or smile. We left you with the Ferrari. Take care. Love mom and dad." 
"I have to read mine tomorrow.." Hayley said. We all nodded. We all decided we should go upstairs and unpack somethings, Hayley decided that she wouldn't until tomorrow. We all finished unpacking and went into the hallway. Everyone was looking at me. 
"Do you have the map?"Hayley asked. I nodded. 
"And the key?" Zayn said. I nodded again.
"And the codes!?" Harry yelled. 
"Yes!!" I yelled as I looked at the map and run down the hallway to the staircase. We made it up to the door and I unlocked it. We walked in and saw a huge swimming pool and a hot tub, above it was all glass so you could see into the sky. I looked at the codes, one said 'sky' I walked over to the key pad and typed in 0-7-0-6. The roof separated and it opened up so you could see the sky perfectly. We were all standing there in shock. Next we went to the spa. I typed in the code 0-5-1-8. We walked in and there was massage tables, mani pedi stations, and the normal spa stuff. There was a note that had a phone number on it and it said that we could call any time with no worries of cost or anything. We walked out of the spa and went to the sauna next we put in that code 0-8-2-9. It was a huge sauna. The last room up here was a tanning room, me and Hayley ran to the door. We put in the code 0-9-1-3. The door opened and we saw two tanning beds. Me and Hayley both were jumping up and down with excitement we always bugged our parents about getting us tanning beds. We walked out of the upstairs and walked into the back yard where we saw the pool and then the giant dome. We walked over and put the code in 1-2-2-4. 
"It's my birthday!!!" Louis yelled. I rolled my eyes. 
"Your just noticing that... They are all our birthday!" I said laughing at him. 
"I didn't hear Hayley,Zayn's, or Harry's." Louis said sassily. 
"Lou how do you open the gate?" 
"0-9-0-6 ohhh yeah!" Louis said. "But what about Zayn and Harry." 
"Gymnastics room!" Zayn said. 
"Garage!" Harry said. 
"Then there's a spot that says when you have kids..." I said confused. We walked into the dome and saw a soccer field the boys were happy... Them we went to the gymnastics rooms  and typed in 0-1-1-2 and me and Hayley were so happy. It had everything that a gym would have. Them we went to the kids room. We had to set a code. 
"What should it be?" Liam asked. 
"What about Masons birthday?" I answered everyone agreed. 
"Yea!" All the boys yelled. "Wait when's his birthday?" 
"It's November 25." Hayley answered. We set the code 1-1-2-5 and walked in. It had a ball pit and everything that a kid could want to play with. We decided we should all go back inside. We all went back down to the lounge. We spent time looking at all the pictures that were on the wall. My parents kept adding new ones and even got pictures from the boys parents to put up of them. We talked about all the good times we had. We all ended up falling asleep in our beanbags. Tomorrow's going to be a long day for all of us. 

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