Still The One

In 2010, when Niall, Liam, Harry, Louis and Zayn left for the X-Factor they also left behind their 2 best friends, Hayley and Teagan. 3 years later they meet again and everything has changed, well maybe not everything....


1. Reunited.

Zayn's POV 

It's been three years since we've been back to Manchester, our home town. We missed it so much. Hopefully we can see our friends, but mostly Hayley and Teagan. We've talked but it's been hard. We were all in the SUV going to Harry's house when Louis screamed. 
"Who tweeted and why do we go to the mall?" Paul asked. 
"First of all who do you think? Second of all why do you think? It's just who he's been screaming about for the past three years." Liam said. 
"So Teagan?" Paul asked. 
"No! You don't say!" Niall sarcastically said. We pulled into the mall parking lot and Louis was literally bouncing up and down in his seat. We walked through the mall, until Louis got all excited about another tweet! 
"She's waiting for Hayley outside of a toy store. That way!!" Louis yelled. We all laughed at him. We walked until we saw Teagan sitting on a bench Louis and Harry ran over and then sat next to her. Louis wrapped his arm around her and she jumped and bumped into Harry. 
"I'm sor- HARRY! LOUIS! GUYS!!" She yelled. She jumped  up and gave all of us a hug. Then she got to Louis. She basically jumped into his arms. When are they going to realize they like each other? Hayley walked out and gave us all a hug except for Louis because him and Teagan were still hugging. Hayley smirked at Louis and Teagan. We all know exactly what is going on. 
"Hey Lou!" Hayley yelled. 
"HAYLEY!" Louis screamed. 
"Nope too late. Damage is already done. Too busy with Teagan." Hayley said. 
"Ouch missed you too." Louis said. 
"Obviously not. You were too busy doing whatever that was." She laughed. 
"Um that was a hug." Teagan said blushing. 
"That was one long ass hug!" I said. Teagan and Louis just shrugged.
"Let's go shopping now! Harry and Zayn come with me!" Niall grabbed our arms and pulled us to a different store. 

Hayley's POV

Once Zayn, Harry and Niall left us, Louis pulled Teagan to Forever 21. Liam and i started just walking around. Before Liam left, we were like unofficially dating if that makes any sense. Like we did everything couples did just without the title. 
"How have you been?" Liam asked me. 
"Pretty good. I'm guessing you've been good too." We talked more until I got a phone call. 
Me: Hello? 
Amy, the babysitter: Umm sorry to interrupt but Mason is acting up. Like worse than normal. 
Me: okay.. Um.. Do you know why? 
Amy: No, he's freaking out. 
Me: okay I'll be there soon. I just need to find Teagan. Thanks for calling. Tell him I'll be there soon. 
"What was that?" Liam asked. 
"A phone call. What the hell did it look like?" 
"I know that, but what's going on? You said tell him I'll be there soon." 
"Umm.. If I tell you, promise not to tell them until they meet him." 
"I promise.Meet him?" I nodded. We sat on a bench near the store we were near. 
"Okay, so after you all left, Teagan and I went to a party, no surprise there, but anyways, that was the last party we went to. Well, at that party neither of us drank." 
"Neither of you drank?" Liam asked shocked. 
"Soda and water yes, but alcohol no. Shocking I know. But we were only sophomores, and you guys weren't there incase we did anything stupid. But back to the story, The last thing I remember is talking to Brad and then waking up the next morning next to him,and you know I would NEVER do anything with him. He told me that if I told anyone what had happened I would regret it.. But I didn't even know what happened and then 9 months later Mason was born." 
"He got you pregnant!?"Liam yelled. 
"Shh. Yeah he did. And the babysitter is who just called." I told him. 
"I'm sorry. If we never left, that wouldn't have happened."
"It's fine. Trust me everything is fine." He nodded. We got up and then walked to the front of the mall. Teagan and Louis came walking over. 
"Tea, we need to go." I told her. She pouted. 
"I got a phone call. We need to go!" I told her. Her eyes widened. She gave all the guys a hug. I gave them all a hug as well. We decided that the boys would come over later that night. That's when I'm going to tell them. We got to the car and got home. Once we got in Mason ran to me and jumped in my arms. 
"Mommy I missed you!" He squeezed me tight. He just turned 3. 
"I missed you too bud." The babysitter left and I sat Mason on the couch and we were all watching TV until the doorbell went off. I tried getting up, but Mason was asleep on my lap and I didn't want to wake him. Teagan opened the door and the 5 boys walked in. Liam saw Mason and smiled. I smiled to Liam. The guys saw him and were all confused. Mason sat up. 
"Mommy, who is dey?" 
"Our friends. Boys this is Mason. Mason that's Liam, Harry, Niall, Zayn and Louis." I told him. 
"Mason go upstairs quick and play with some toys." I told him. 
"I don't want to! I'm tiwed." 
"Then go take a nap." He jumped off my lap and ran upstairs into his room. The boys all looked at me confused. 
"Mommy? How old is he?" Niall asked me. 
"Just turned three.." I said. Their eyes widened. 
"Is he Liam's!?" Harry yelled. 
"NO! That's not possible." I said. 
"Well it is possible..." Zayn said. 
"We never did it!" Liam said. 
"Well you guys did date for a year and a half so there was a possibility." Harry said. 
"We never dated, and we never did anything." I defended.
"Surreee.." Niall said. 
"At least I didn't lose my virginity at a party to someone I didn't know!" I said hinting to Teagan. 
"At least I was a junior!" Teagan said. Liam stepped in between us. 
"Okay.. That's enough." Liam said. 
"I got raped Teagan and you know that!!" I yelled. The room went completely silent. 
"What?" Harry asked. 
"Did you just say you got raped?" Zayn asked. Liam just looked at me. 
"Yeah......" I said. 
"Who?" Harry asked. 
"Brad as in.. Brad?" Niall said. 
"No Brad as in John!" I said sarcastically. 
"Brad.. One of our closest friends?" Louis asked. 
"Yes! Brad quarterback of the football team, the one that a huge thing for Hayley, has tried dating her since 8th grade, the one that she's hated since 1st grade." Teagan said. 
"Are you sure it was Brad?" Zayn asked. 
"Yes!" I said slightly annoyed. 
"How did it happen?" Niall. 
"Well Rape is when-" I started. 
"NO! Not that part!" Niall interrupted. 
"Well, we were at a party, Brad was being Brad, he want to you know.. That.. And I said no but that didn't stop him obviously, oh and he drugged me." 
"Well now that everything is out let's do something fun!" Teagan said. 
"TRUTH OR DARE!!" Harry yelled. 
"No! I always end up crying!" I said. 
"There's not that much that could be said!" Louis said. 
"It's been 3 years." I said. 
"Who cares can we play?" Teagan asked. 
"Fine!" We all sat on the floor in a circle. It went Liam, Me, Harry, Zayn, Niall, Teagan, and then Louis who was next to Liam. 
"ILL GO FIRST!" Niall said too excited! 
"Louis.. Truth or dare?" He had a smirk on his face. 
"Pass!" Louis said. 
"No passes!" Zayn said. 
"Uh fine, truth." Louis.
"How long have you liked Teagan?" 
"From 8th grade.. Until now.." Teagan started blushing and grabbed a pillow and put it on her face falling backwards. I walked over to her and grabbed the pillow off her face. She was smiling and blushing. I sat down and she threw the pillow at me. I swatted it away and it hit Niall. I laughed along with the boys. 
"What did you do that for!?" Niall yelled. I shrugged. 
"Hayley, truth or dare?" 
"I know what they both will be just pick whatever one you want?" 
"How long have you liked Liam?" Louis asked me. All the guys looked at me. 
"7th." I said nonchalantly. 
"Truth or dare Teagan?" I asked. 
"I dare you to kiss Louis on the lips." 
"Fine!" She sounded really mad. 
"Ouch." Louis said. They kissed and Mason walked down. They kissed for longer than I thought. Didn't expect that one. 
"EWWW!!!" Mason yelled. They still didn't notice. Mason walked over to them and smashed their heads together. That got them to stop. 
"Louis what did you do that for!?" Teagan yelled. 
"I didn't do it!" Louis yelled. 
"Hi!" Mason said sweetly. 
"Oh. Hi Mace" Teagan said. 
"Don't Mace me you have cooties!" Mason said. 
"Hi Mason I'm uncle Louis!" 
"Ew don't talk to me you have cooties too." We all laughed. 
"Come see mommy Mace." 
"Do you have cooties too?" 
"No I don't." He came over to me and sat on my lap. I wrapped my arms around him. 
"Hayley truth or dare?" Teagan asked me. 
"I'm not playing this with my son here." 
"Fine Liam truth or dare." 
"Dare!" Liam said not thinking. 
"Wait!" Liam said. 
"I dare you to K-I-S-S Hayley." 
"Why awe you spewwing again!? You aways do that!" Mason said. 
"I said not with my son here!" 
 "Hey Mason come here I have a secret for you." Harry said. 
"Who awe you?" Mason asked. 
"Uncle Harry." 
"Mommy can I?" 
"Yes, you can. You can trust all of them. And you have to listen to them too." 
"Okay." He got up and went to Harry. He sat in Harry's lap facing Harry. 
"**Fake sneeze** dare." Teagan smirked. 
"Bwess you!!" Mason said. I laughed. 
" **fake cough** kiss" Louis said. 
"Eww! Cooties!" Mason yelled. Teagan kissed him in the cheek and then Harry on the cheek.  He was freaking out. Liam and I kissed until we heard Mason yell. 
"MOMMY HAS COOTIES NOW!" Liam and I looked at him. I walked over to Mason and kissed all over his face. He started to pretend cough and sneeze. 
"Mace you don't sneeze and cough when you get cooties." I said. 
"Maybe I sick then." 
"Are you? If you are you need to take your medicine." I said. 
"I'm feewing better!!" I nodded and laughed. 
"I'm hungwy!"Mason said. 
"What do you want me to make?" I asked. 
"Hot dogs and Fwench fwies!" 
"Again? We had that last night!" Teagan said. 
"Nuh uh! Wast night we has hot dogs and Macawoni and cheeesee. Pwweeaassee mommy?"
"Fine, I'll go make it." We all went into the kitchen. I started making everything. Liam was helping me we were all joking around. Then Teagan got a phone call. 
"Hay, my mom and dad have a surprise for us.. In 2 days." Teagan told me. In two days it has been 6 years since my parents died. I nodded. 
"Mommy, do I have a daddy?" My eyes grew wide. I looked at Liam shocked I had no idea what to say. I bent down to his height. 
"Um.. No bud. You don't." I said. 
"Oh. What happened to youw mommy and daddy? You newer tawk about dem." I heard all the boys and Teagan hold their breath. 
"Well, Umm, my mommy and daddy had to go bye bye." 
"Were you sad when dey went buh bye?" 
"Very sad."  A couple tears fell from my eyes. He gave me a hug. 
"Will you go buh bye?" 
"Of course not. I'm not going anywhere. Okay?" He nodded and kissed my cheek.
"Don't cwy mommy." He wiped my tears away and hugged me once more. I stood back up and finished making dinner. We all ate, we only had small talk, nothing else. We weren't really I'm the mood for talking. Once we finished. I cleaned up the kitchen. Liam helped me. We went in to the living room and I changed him Mason into his PJs. I put him to bed. It was 8. 
"I'm going to go to bed. It's been a pretty long day. You guys can sleep wherever you want. Night." I said. I gave them all a hug and walked up into my room. I changed into my PJs and laid in bed. I fell asleep but was woken up by Mason coming into my room crying. Everyone came into my room.  I turned my light on and picked him up. 
"What's wrong baby??" I asked him. 
"Want to tell me what it was about?" 
"You go buh bye." 
"I'm never going bye bye. Okay? I love you too much." 
"Okay I wuv you mommy." 
"I love you too." 
"Can I sweep wif you?" I nodded. All the boys went back to bed. Liam stayed up though. Mason was still crying a little. He was holding on to me so tight. I looked at Liam not knowing what to do. Liam sat on the bed next to him. 
"Hey, what's wrong Mace?" He asked. Mason looked at him and looked all upset. 
"Mommy went buh bye." 
"Your mommy isn't going bye bye okay?"  He nodded. He loosened his grip on me. 
"Mason please go to sleep now okay?" He cuddled up to my side. Liam looked at me and gave me a weak smile. I gave one back. I didn't sleep at all tonight and neither did Mason. Liam stayed up in my room all night. He ended up falling asleep on my bed. I'm so happy the boys are back. 

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