Still The One

In 2010, when Niall, Liam, Harry, Louis and Zayn left for the X-Factor they also left behind their 2 best friends, Hayley and Teagan. 3 years later they meet again and everything has changed, well maybe not everything....


4. Redecorating!

Teagan POV

I woke up this morning up and went downstairs no one was up yet so I just went down to the lounge. I was laying on my beanbag playing on my phone then I got bored and got up and started to look at all the pictures on the wall. I saw one of me and Louis when we were younger. It was from after a game one night. I was on Louis back and we were both laughing at something. I had my arms wrapped around his neck and his arms were around my legs. I took the picture off the wall and just looked at it closer... This had always been my favorite picture. How could neither of us not realized we liked each other back then. I was just looking at the picture when I felt someone put there arms around me and kiss my check. 
"That was always my favorite picture of us." He said looking over my shoulder. I put the picture back on the wall and turned around to face him.
"Mine too. How did we not realize we liked each other?" I asked as we both sat on the couch and I put my head on his shoulders. 
"I have no idea!" He laughed. "When did you realize you liked me?" He asked.
"Ummm... I don't remember." I quickly said. He laughed. 
"Come on tell me! Pleeaasseee!" He said pulling me closer to him. 
"Fine. In 8th grade after we kissed." I said blushing. Lou just smiled. 
"You guys kissed in 8th grade?" We heard Harry say. We turned around and saw all the guys standing there. 
"Yup!" Louis said popping me 'p' I just smiled. 
"Why didn't we know and where since we didn't know?!" Zayn asked as they all came in sitting on the bean bags in front of us. 
"You didn't know because we knew you guys would freak out about us dating even though we never did..." I said. 
"Wait so Louis, Teagan was your first kiss!" Niall said. 
"Yea." He said. 
"Wait Teagan! Louis was your first kiss then because you told me yours was in 9th when really it was in 8th!" Hayley yelled. 
"Yea..." I said blushing a little. 
"So how did you two manage this with out anyone knowing?" Liam asked. 
"Well we all went to the park one day and then me and Teagan left you guys and went on a walk into the woods to the waterfall. We sat there talking for a while and well we weren't planning on kissing... but I guess it just happened. We didn't tell you because well Teagan said already but I guess it meant the same to her as it did for me." He said. I just smiled and put my head in his chest. Everyone laughed and I did to. 
"Well I think it's time to start redecorating the rooms!!" I yelled jumping out of Lou's arms and running upstairs. Everyone laughed and followed me. We went and woke Mason up and left for the store. We all got to the store and went different ways. Me and Louis walked around and I saw exactly what I wanted for my room.  It's was purple and it had like a vintage style bed and furniture. It had a chandler type light over the bed and white accents. I loved it. 
"Lou look at that one!!! I love it!" I said running up to the display and looking at everything. He just laughed and came over next to me. 
"Really purple? I don't think I could sleep in a room that was purple." He said laughing. I knew he was joking so why not...
"And who said you would be sleeping in my room?" I said smirking at him.
"Ohhh rejected!!" I heard Harry say from behind us with everyone else. I just started to laugh with everyone else. Louis did a fake upset face which made us laugh even more.
"I'm just kidding! But I really do love this room idea!" I said.
"Yea I like it." Louis said in agreement. Funny thing was either way that was going to be my room. Once we got everything for the room we went to find a room for Mason since everyone already had stuff for their rooms. The boys weren't changing their rooms only me, Hayley and Mason were. We walked to the kids room area and all of us were trying to give Mason ideas. He said he wanted Superman... Hayley tried to convince him that Batman was better and we all laughed when he said batman was weird and superman was the best. Hayley said that maybe when he's older he can have superman. Mason said okay then found a Thomas the Train themed room and wanted that. We got him everything we needed for that. Once we had everything for our rooms we left to go home and start our new room. 
We got home and decided that we would all work on Mason's room together. We split up to do mine and Hayley's rooms. It was me, Louis, Harry, and Zayn working on my room and Hayley, Liam, Niall, and Mason working on Hayley's. It was so cute we were all going to take turns watching Mason but he asked if he could help he got the biggest smile on his face when Hayley said yes. We all went to work on the rooms. We were almost painting my room when Louis came up to me with a devious smile on his face. 
"Hey baby do you like your room so far?" He said smiling. 
"I love it!" I said. He leaned on a gave me a kiss. While we were kissing he took the paint brush and wiped it on my face. He did not just do that... Oh it's on. 
"Babe! Why would you do that!" I said I had purple paint all over he side of my face. Zayn and Harry were laughing like crazy. Louis was slowly walking away from me knowing I would get him back but he was laughing at the same time. I just laughed and rolled my eyes and we all started painting again. Once we finished we were picking up all the paint stuff I still had paint on my face but whatever. We had to let the paint dry so we decided to go into Hayley's room and see what it looked like. It was purple just like mine they were just finishing painting to. 
"Teagan how did you get paint on your face... Even Mason didn't get any on him." Niall laughed. 
"I don't know ask Louis!" I said rolling my eyes. Everyone laughed. I had an idea of how to get back at him. While everyone was talking I went over to Mason. 
"Hey Mace!" I said. I guess Hayley gave him a piece of paper to paint on. He was using that with the extra paint. 
"Hey Auntie Tea!" He said giving me a hug. 
"You want to play a joke on Uncle Lou?" I whispered. He nodded. "Okay so ask him for a hug and then when he comes over put paint all over his face okay?" 
"But mommy said not to put paint anywhere but on the walls and the paper." He said looking at me. 
"But I said it's okay. So you can if you want." I said. A huge smile came across his face. He nodded and I got up and went to talk with everyone else. 
"Uncwe Wou!" Mason yelled. Yes it's working!!! 
"Mason!" He yelled mocking him. 
"Can I have a hug?!" He asked smiling. 
"Of course!" He said. He walked over and bent down to Mason as soon as he did that Mason put paint all over his face. I started to laugh and everyone else was trying not to. Louis just stood up and looked shocked. 
"Mason James Cooke that was not very nice! I told you to not put paint anywhere but on the walls and paper. Go to time out." Hayley said. No I just got him in trouble I didn't think of that! Mason just looked at me like he was going to cry. 
"No Hayley it was my fault I told him to... Don't get upset at him I told him it was okay for him to do it." I said walking over to Mason and picking him up. 
"Why would you tell him to do that?" She asked. 
"Because Lou wouldn't expect to get payback from Mason..." I said smiling at Louis. He just shook his head and laughed so did everyone else. We finished our rooms then went to work on Masons. We painted his room with no paint fights. Then decided to put everything into our rooms now. We separated back into our groups and set the rooms up. We finished and I loved my room. We all went into Hayley's room and hers looked amazing. It was purple and white with a chandelier over her bed. It looked amazing. We all then went to Masons. He was so happy but he just kept trying to play with his toys while we set up so we had to take him to the play room to play which was fine. Once they finished they came and got me and Mason. 
"Ready to see your room?" I asked. He nodded. He was getting tired I could tell. We walked in and his eyes lit up. He ran to his bed and laid down. We all laughed. 
"It's a twain!" He yelled. 
"Yup it is!"Liam said smiling, oh that's to cute! 
"Want to come downstairs and watch movies with Auntie, mommy, and uncles?" Hayley asked. 
"No I'm to tiwed." He said still on bed. 
"Okay. It's about bed time anyway." Hayley said. She walked over and tucked him into bed. We all said night to him and went down to the lounge. We watched movies for a while then I got tired and went up to bed. I was falling asleep when the door opened I saw Louis in the doorway.
"Yes?" I said sitting up. 
"I want to go to sleep I'm tired." He smiled. 
"Okay... And you bed room is right next door." I smirked.
"Not fair! Liam is in Hayley's room!" He said. 
"Well we knew that would happen..." I said. 
"Yes and we knew that I would be sleeping in here." He said smiling and jumping on to the bed. I just started to laugh.
"Yes we did know that." I said as I rolled over to face him. He just smiled knowing he won. He leaned in and gave me a kiss. He wrapped his arms around me and I put my head on his chest. 
"Goodnight beautiful." He said. 
"Goodnight babe." I said. I fell asleep in his arms thinking about how we were finally together. 

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