Still The One

In 2010, when Niall, Liam, Harry, Louis and Zayn left for the X-Factor they also left behind their 2 best friends, Hayley and Teagan. 3 years later they meet again and everything has changed, well maybe not everything....


6. Meeting Perrie

Teagan's POV 

So today we are all just relaxing at the house since we are trying to avoid the paps because of the rumors...well we sent out tweets saying that we aren't engaged but we are dating. Our twitters blew up after that tweet. Who was I? How did we meet? I was ugly. Louis deserves better... Those were just some of the tweets that were blowing up mine and Louis phones. I didn't let it get to me though, they were just jealous, upset fans that Louis wasn't single anymore! 
"Babe don't listen to them none of its true." Louis said as I laid with my head on his chest. We were still in my bedroom since it was like early in the morning and neither of us wanted to get up. I smiled. 
"Why would I let it get to me?" I asked he should know none of this stuff ever botherede me. People picked on me in school and I just let it go right off my back and it stopped. 
"Because you know getting hate must be hard..." He said trying to figure out why I wasn't upset. 
"You know me that stuff never bothered me!" I laughed. I looked up at him and he smiled. 
"Good because you shouldn't let them bother you because it's not true." He said as he kissed me. The door opened. 
"Ewwwwww!" Mason yelled. Uh this kid needs to knock. We both pulled away and looked at Mason. 
"Hey Mace!" Louis said. 
"What's up buddy?" I asked. He just looked at both of us with a disgusted look. 
"I wanted to tell you bweakfast is weady. Why were you two kissing?" He asked still standing in the doorway. I just looked at Lou. 
"Go ask mommy or daddy." Louis said. He nodded and shut the door and I heard him run downstairs.
"Now where were we?" Lou asked. I giggled and jumped out of bed. He just looked at me. 
"I'm hungry!" I giggled. He pretended to pout. I walked over and gave him a kiss again and the door opened again! 
"Wow Mason wasn't kidding!" Liam laughed. I rolled my eyes. 
"Ever heard of knocking?" I asked. Liam laughed. 
"Yes but I thought maybe since Mason was up you two wouldn't be making out." He laughed. 
"We were not making out we kissed. There's a difference!" I said. Louis laughed. 
"Okay Tea whatever you say but breakfast is ready so come and eat." He said leaving closing the door. 
"Come on let's eat!" I said jumping up and running out the door. I heard Louis laugh. I walked downstairs and Mace looked at me weird. 
"Daddy why did Uncwe Wou sweep in Auntie Tea's woom again?" Mason asked. Everyone started laughing like crazy. Liam tried not to. 
"Well because he was lonely again." He said. Mason just nodded his head.
"Auntie so you kiss Uncwe Wou because you wove him?" He asked. I heard Lou behind me laugh and answer. 
"Yes that's why we kiss. Just like mommy and daddy kiss because they love each other." He said. 
"Ewww mommy and daddy kiss?" He said. Everyone laughed and Liam and Hayley gave Louis a way to go look. 
"Um yes we kiss because we love each other." Liam said. 
"Oh." Mason said and went back to eating we all laughed. We finished eating and all played games with Mason. We played for a long time then Mason went to take a nap. We all went to the living room to talk. 
"Is it alright if Perrie comes over?" Zayn asked. 
"Yea why wouldn't it be!?" I asked. 
"When is she coming." Hayley asked. The doorbell rang as soon as she said that. 
"Now!" Zayn jumped up and ran to the door and walked back in with Perrie. 
"Perrie this is Teagan and Hayley. Tea, Hay this is Perrie." Zayn said sitting down with Perrie. 
"Hi!" We both said at the same time. 
"Hi do I know you guys from somewhere?" Perrie asked. Me and Hayley both smiled. 
"Um well we talked at one of the guys meet and greets." I smiled. Hayley laughed and the boys looked shocked. 
"Oh yea you had that cute little boy and you weren't freaking out about meeting them." Perrie said. 
"Yea. That's Mason my son..." Hayley said. 
"Wait when did you come to a meet and greet?" Harry asked.
"Like three months ago." I said.
"No way we would have known it was you guys..." Liam
"Really cause I took a picture with Louis and he didn't recognize me!" I said. 
"No way I would have known it was you. I know my own girlfriend." Louis said. I took my phone out and found the selfie of us. 
"Really cause I'm pretty sure that's you and me at your meet and greet..." Me showing him the picture. 
"Louis how could you not recognize the girl that you never stopped talking about?" Liam laughed. 
"You never stopped talking about me??" I asked. Louis just blushed.  I started to laugh. So did everyone else. 
"Liam you shouldn't be laughing Hayley was with me!" I said. 
"She was?" He asked. 
"Yes for the millionth time we were there." Hayley laughed. 
"Well in my defense you had Mason so I didn't think it was you!" He said. I start to laugh. 
"Still you should have known. It could have been a cousin or a kid she was babysitting." I laughed. 
"Well it doesn't matter anymore... It was three months ago."Liam said. We all just laughed and nodded in agreement. 
"So what should we do?" Louis asked.
"Truth or dare?" Harry suggested.
"Not with Mason here." Hayley said.
"I'll call my parents and see if they can watch him tonight!" I said. Everyone nodded in agreement. I called my parents and they said they would get him after his nap. 
"They are coming when he gets up until then movies?" I asked.
"Yes!" Everyone said.
"What movie?" Perrie asked.
"Toy Story!!" Liam yelled. 
"Noooo!!!" We all said. Liam just rolled eyes. We watched funny movies like Grownups and Bridesmaids until Mason woke up. We called my parents and they came to get him. Now this should be interesting first night with out Mason and us not being upset. 
"Now let's play truth or dare!!!" Niall yelled. Oh no this should be and interesting night!

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