Still The One

In 2010, when Niall, Liam, Harry, Louis and Zayn left for the X-Factor they also left behind their 2 best friends, Hayley and Teagan. 3 years later they meet again and everything has changed, well maybe not everything....


3. Letters.

Liam's POV 

Today is going to be rough. I woke up and everyone else did too. Hayley wasn't around. We all looked at each other confused. Then our eyes widened. We all ran upstairs and into her parents room. She was laying on the bed crying. I walked over to her and she just hugged me and cried in my chest. Everyone left the room so it was just me and Hayley. 

"I can't go through their stuff." She said. 

"You need to Hayley." 

"Liam I can't! I honestly can't!" 

"Look Hayley, you need too. If this is your room, you need your own closet space and you need to make it your room." 

"We can make Teagan and Louis share a room they wouldn't mind it." 

"Not happening." 

"Like it hasn't happened before, its bound to happen soon!" I rolled my eyes. After talking for a few more minutes we decided that all of us would help her clean out the room later that night. We went downstairs and everyone was sitting there talking. 

"Um. We are leaving soon for the cemetery." Hayley said. The boys nodded. We sat on the couch. Harry gave Hayley a hug. 

"Let's eat before we leave." Zayn said. We all nodded except Hayley. 

"I'm not in the mood for eating right now. But you guys can." Hayley said. 

"You're eating." Harry said. 

"Fine,then can I have brownies? My mom and I used to make brownies all the time." Hayley said. 

"The chef already made them! I called her for breakfast, and then I told her to make brownies!"Niall said. We all looked at him. We went into the dining room and ate whatever food we wanted basically. We left after we finished. I drove instead of Hayley this time. In my car it was Hayley, Me, Niall, and Harry. Teagan, Zayn and Louis all rode in Louis'. We got to the cemetery. We all got out of the car, we were about to start walking but we noticed Hayley walking the other way.. We all walked over to her. 

"Hayley.." Louis said. 

"Just go. I'll be there in a minute. I need to walk around and clear my head first." She said. We all nodded we walked to the gravestones. We were there for a few minutes just staring at it not knowing what to do or say. Hayley came up. Her eyes were all red, you could tell she was crying. After a few minutes Hayley just broke down. She cried in my chest. Then her phone started ringing. She froze. 

"I'm not answering." She said. 

"You have to." I said. She shook her head. I took her phone out of her back pocket and looked at the number is what a random number. I showed it to her and asked her if she knew who it was. She said she didn't. Oh no. I put it on speaker. Hayley put her head on my shoulder. 


Me: Hello?

Mason: Mommy? 

Hayley: Hi buddy. 

Mason: I miss you. 

Hayley: I miss you too. 

Mason: Can I come home?

Hayley: Not now bud. But we can come visit you now. Tell Grandma and Grandpa that we will be there soon. 

Mason: Okay. I wuv you.

Hayley: I love you too. 


We all looked at Hayley.

"I don't want to leave." Hayley said. 

"We need to leave." Zayn said. 

"I don't want to. I can't say goodbye again. I've said it way to much. I don't want to leave them." Hayley said. 

"Hayley, they aren't going anywh- i mean we can visit them whenever you want." Niall said. 
"Seriously Niall?"I asked. Hayley and Teagan both started crying. 

"Come on Hayley we need to go see Mason." Harry said. 

"I'm not going. I'm staying here." Hayley said. 

"Guys take Teagan to the car." I said. The guys nodded and they all walked to the car. I grabbed Hayley's shoulders. She wouldn't look at me in the eyes, just looking at the ground. I took a hand and put it under her chin I lifted her head up and made her look at me. I hated seeing her so fragile and lifeless. 

"Hayley, I know you miss them, we all do. But you know they wouldn't want you putting your life on hold because of this. Please come home now." She looked back down at the ground. 

"I'm not moving." She said. I lifted her head up once again, but this time I put my lips to hers. She kissed back. Hayley pulled away with a disgusted look on her face. 

"Was it that bad?" I asked. 

"No! We just kissed standing over my parents graves.. They were basically watching us." Hayley said. 

"Hayley, they are always watching you." We both made disgusted sounds. 

"Okay, time to go come on now." I said. She sat down. 

"No. I'm not moving." I picked her up. She wrapped her legs around my waist and arms around my neck. She put her head in my shoulder. 

"I have a question for you." I said. 

"What is it?" She said in my neck. 

"Do you want to be my girlfriend?" I asked her. I felt her nod. Then she kissed my cheek. 

"Yes." She said. We got to the boys and then I put her down. 

"Ready to go?" Louis asked. Hayley nodded. 

"When we get back let's play truth or dare!" Harry said. 

"We can't, there are things we need to do." I said. Hayley nodded. 

"But if you want, we can play truth or dare. It doesn't bother me." Hayley said. The boys chuckled. 

"Not happening. You have the room and the letter." I said. Hayley nodded. We got in the cars and drove to Teagan's parents house. When we got there Mason ran to Hayley and jumped in her arms. She caught him and kissed his cheek. He looked at her. 

"Were you cwying mommy?" 

"A little. But it's okay." 


"Because.. I missed you too much." 

"Mason want to go play cars?" Teagan's dad asked. Mason jumped out of her arms and ran to the cars. Teagan's mom came over and gave Hayley a hug. 

"Did you open the letter yet?" She asked her. 

"Not yet, I'm doing that when I get home along with going through their room. When we got up we went right to the cemetery." Teagan's mom just nodded. We talked a little longer and Mason came out. 

"Mommy can I come home?" He asked. 

"Not yet, later tonight you can grandma and grandpa are bringing you home later." He kissed her cheek and then said bye to all of us. We left and got to the house. 

"Well I'm going to the lounge!" Hayley said. 

"Hayley.." Niall said. 

"What? I'm reading the letters in the lounge!" Hayley said. We all nodded, we got to they lounge and Hayley typed in the code. We walked in and went to our beanbags. Hayley went behind mine and grabbed her letter. 

"The phone is still here." She said. 

"The phone?" Teagan asked. 

"From that day.. It's in the spot I dropped it." We all looked. Then she sat on her beanbag. She stared at the envelope. 

"Open it." Zayn said. She nodded. She opened the envelope and three letters came out. She looked at one. 

"I have all the codes too." Hayley said. Then she opened both of the others. 

"Ones from my mom and ones from my dad.." She said. 

"Do you want to read them out loud?" Harry asked. She shrugged. 

"Try it and if you don't want to when you start then you can read them to yourself." I said. She nodded. She took a deep breath. 

"Dear Pumpkin,

I want you to know how much I love you. You are growing up to be a beautiful, kind woman. I am so proud of you. You have accomplished so much in the last 13 years. I know by the time you read this you'll be probably around 18 or 19 and have accomplished much much more. I know that this is going to be hard for you, but you need to promise me that you won't put your life on hold because of me and your father. Live your life, because anything can happen. I know you might think that what happened is partly your fault, but it isn't. I know you loved this car, so you get the Range Rover. But you also get all the money we have. It's already transferred into your bank account and you get any of our things that you want to keep. I love you and will miss you so much. Just know I'm watching over you and everything will be okay. Love you pumpkin. Love mom." She finished her moms. She was crying and so wasn't Teagan, all of us guys were trying not to. She opened the other one. 

"Dear Princess, 

I love you so much. You will always be my little girl, I might not be there for you, but I will always be watching over you. I know how hard you will be taking this, but you have 6 amazing friends that will always be there for you. I don't want you to live like your whole life is ahead of you, but like it's your last as you can see you never know what will happen the next day. You, Teagan and the boys may feel like this is your fault, because we were getting you all dinner, but it isn't. Whoever hit us are to blame. I promise. You are the best daughter I could ever ask for, I wish my goodbye wasn't in this way, but it is. This goodbye isn't forever, one day in many many years your time will come and we will all be together again. Just remember all the good memories we have had, like when you would make an excuse to sleep in our bed when you were little or all the times I would tease you about Liam. I love you Princess, but this is my goodbye. Love you. Love daddy." When she finished she broke down crying. I let her cry in my chest. 

"So what did your dad tease you about with Liam?" Zayn asked. She was still in my chest. 

"That we would end up dating." 

"Well, was he wrong?" I asked her. All the guys and Teagan looked slightly confused but also smirking a little. 

"My daddy was never wrong." She said from my chest. 

"ITS FINALLY OFFICIAL!" Teagan screamed. The guys laughed. 

"It's time for the room.." Hayley said. She grabbed the letters and walked out of the room. We all followed. She got in her parents room. 

"I don't even know where to start." She said.

"We can do the bathroom, and then go from there." I said she nodded everyone brought their empty boxes into the room and we went into the bathroom with one. She opened the shower curtain. She took out all the shampoo and conditioner and body wash and all that stuff. Once she took that out she opened the cabinet. All their perfumes, colognes, toothpastes, and toothbrushes were there. She took out the perfumes and colognes and left them out and put everything else in the boxes. She grabbed the perfume and colognes and walked into the bedroom and put them on the bed. She finished the bathroom and taped the box. She took a marker and wrote bathroom on it. We got into the bedroom and decided to listen to Teagan's music. She put it on shuffle and 'Im Already There' by Lonestar came on. Hayley and her dad used to listen to this song all the time, she would sing it all the time, from when she was little until he died. Hayley's face dropped a little. 

"Hay, I'll change it-" Teagan started. 

"No, leave it on." Hayley said. I smiled a little. She looked through her dad's clothes. She kept most of his sweatshirts and sweatpants and a couple shirts.

"Can I take a break?" She asked all of us. We all nodded. Everyone went downstairs. We were sitting on the couch and Hayley was cuddled up to me. 

"Teagan, remember our cubbies?" She asked Teagan. All of a sudden the both get up and run upstairs. After a couple of minutes they came down with boxes. Hayley sat next to me. She opened the box and there was pictures and yearbooks. We went through the pictures. It was some of all of us, some of her and Teagan, just her, and some of her and her parents. Teagan went through hers. Once we finished there was something in it still. 

"What's that paper?" Harry asked. Hayley started laughing. That's the first time today she laughed. 

"I don't even remember." Teagan says. 

"I do!" Hayley said. 

"What was it?" Niall asked. 

"A note from Louis to Teagan in 2nd grade. He asked if they were best friends with 2 boxes and Teagan made her own saying Probably not but maybe and she checked it herself. That's the day Louis didn't go to recess because he was so upset." Everyone laughed. 

"That really hurt." Louis said. 

"But look where we are now!" Teagan said. 

"GAG!" Niall said. Louis leaned over and kissed Teagan. Hayley covered her eyes. 

"My virgin eyes!" She said. 

"You can't even say that. You lost yours." Zayn said. 

"To be honest I got it taken from me.. I didn't lose it like someone here. Cough cough Teagan." Hayley said. 

"Hey!" Teagan yelled. She grabbed the remote and threw it at Hayley. It hit her in the chest. 
"OWW! MY BOOB YOU BITCH!" Hayley screamed. 

"Come on it can't hurt that bad!" Teagan said. Hayley stood up. 

"Want to try? But without the remote?" Hayley asked. Teagan looked at her confused. Hayley walked to her and punched her right in the chest. 

"DAMN IT! THAT SHIT HURTS!" Teagan yelled. She walked back over to me. 

"Umm.. I'm going to go finish the room... I can't put it off any longer.." Hayley said. We all nodded. We walked back upstairs. She started going through her moms clothes keeping the clothes she thought were 'cute', we were going through her moms jewelry when Teagan's music started playing 'Hips Don't Lie' by Shakira. Hayley and Teagan were obsessed with this song. They started just singing it. Us guys just laughed. Then 'It's Gonna Be Me' by N'Sync came on. We all used to love this song. Hayley was still looking through the jewelry but still laughing sometimes. Then 'A New Day Has Come' by Celine Dion came on. This song is the one Hayley's mom would play to help Hayley sleep sometimes. I remember because we all got sick of it. Her mom would sing it to her and everything. Hayley just looks at the ground and continues looking through jewelry. 

"Do you want me to change-" Teagan started. 

"No. Keep it on." Hayley said. She finished the room. She moved her stuff into the room. Once we finished it everyone went downstairs except for me and Hayley. She sat on the bed. I sat next to her. 

"I'm really proud of you today." I said.

"It's all my fault Liam. I realized this when my dad put it in his letter." 

"No it isn't." 

"Yes it is. They asked me if I wanted Nandos or my mom to make something. I said Nandos. If I told my mom to make something they wouldn't have died." She started crying. 

"We all decided on Nandos and we all had them leave. You can't blame this on yourself." I hugged her and soon she fell asleep in my arms. I guess I fell asleep too because I woke up to Niall saying dinner was ready. Hayley and I walked downstairs. We were all eating in silence. Once we finished eating the door opened. It was 8. Teagan's parents walked in with a sleeping Mason. They put Mason on the couch. Hayley thanked them and walked over to Mason. She was about to pick him up. 

"Mommy?" Mason asked.  She sat next to him 


"Why am I here? I tought we were going home."

"This is our home now Mace. Want me to bring you to my room?" 

"No, Uncwle Wiam." I looked at Hayley and she nodded. I picked him up. 

"I wuv you all. Goodnight." Mason said. Hayley followed me to my room. We got in there and I laid Mason down. 

"Are you sure it's okay? I can take him." Hayley said. 

"It's perfectly fine Hayley. I promise." She nodded. 

"That reminds me I have to talk to you about something." She looked confused. I stood up and grabbed her arm and then pulled her into the hallway. 

"Okay, so I was thinking when Mason gets to know and trust me better... I could possibly be his.. Father figure. I think he needs someone to call his father. Everyone needs it." 

"Liam, you don't need to. I hope you don't feel like you are being forced into that." 

"No no no. Of course not. And I know I don't need to but I want to." She smiled a little. 

"It's up to you. I'll be fine with it either way." She said. 

"Well I guess Mason will end up having a dad sooner or later." She gave me a hug. Then I gave her a kiss. Just like old times, but now I can officially call her my girlfriend. She said goodnight and went over to her room. I walked into my room and Mason cuddled up to me. I hope Mason trusts me soon. 


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