Still The One

In 2010, when Niall, Liam, Harry, Louis and Zayn left for the X-Factor they also left behind their 2 best friends, Hayley and Teagan. 3 years later they meet again and everything has changed, well maybe not everything....


8. It's all your fault!

Teagan's POV

We are all at the hospital right now because Hayley got into a car accident. She has a concussion and broken rips and she's in a coma. We are all in Hayley's room and we  have been here since last night. I really just want to scream at Liam because this is his fault, if he didn't say the things he did she wouldn't have left. I also just want to cry my eyes out right now but I know I can't do either because I need to be strong for Mason. Mason is still asleep and I couldn't hold it in any more. I just stared to cry into Louis' chest. 

"Teagan it will be okay. You know Hayley will be fine. She won't leave us. She a fighter she won't let that happen." Louis said trying to calm me down. I just kept crying into his chest, I was so scared I couldn't lose her she's my best friend, she's basically my sister. Mason couldn't lose her, none of us could. Liam couldn't he would feel horrible if she died he loves her so much and knowing that he said the things he did would kill him. Thinking about all this made me cry even more. Louis just held me close and let me cry but tried to calm me down. I was crying for a while then I heard Mason start to wake up and I knew he saw me crying and I knew I had to be strong for him. I wiped away my tears and sat up. I could tell my eyes were all red and puffy from crying because they hurt. 

"Auntie Tea awe you okay? Youw eyes awe aww wed. Were you cwying?" Mason asked looked at me still in Liam's lap. 

"I'm okay buddy. Don't worry." I said as strong as I could. 

"Is mommy going to be okay?" He asked me looking at Hayley laying on the bed with all these wires and IVs attached to here. He has been asking this since last night. 
"Yea Mace mommy will be fine." I said looking at him. He has tears in his eyes. 
"Okay. This is aww my fauwt I nevew wanted mommy to go bye bye! I didn't mean it!" He said crying into Liam's chest again. This kid is smart he still remembers that he said that stuff. 
"No Mason it's not your fault at all." I said looking right at Liam. Liam just looked at the ground. I haven't said a word to him since we found out what he said to Hayley. This is his fault. I know he loves her and all but he never should have said the things he did and that's why she's here. The boys realized my comment to Liam and Louis grabbed my hand to try and keep me from saying anything else. 
"Hey Mason why don't we go get breakfast for everyone?" Zayn asked realizing I would probably say something to Liam any time now and Mason shouldn't be around for it. 
"But what if something happens to mommy?" He asked looking at Zayn. 
"It's okay daddy will call if something happens." Zayn said. 
"Okay. Can I go with Uncwe Zayn daddy?" He asked. Liam just nodded his head and Zayn walked over and picked Mason up. Once they left we all just sat there in silence for a few minutes before Liam said something. 
"Teagan I know what you are thinking so you don't need to freak out at me. I already feel bad enough." Liam said still looking at the ground. 
"Really Liam well I don't care. This is all your fault she's here! You never should have said all that to her, you know everything you said was fucking lies! She's never used her parents death as a sympathy card. And then saying she's just using Mason as an excuse and she's really mad at you well that bullshit too! You know that! Why the hell would she still be mad at you? She is fucking head over heals in love with you! She has been since before you left. Yes it hurt her that you never called or texted her but she was so happy for you! And to say she wasn't that's horrible you know she was and is! She was so happy when you guys finally started to date. Do you know how happy she was when you asked if Mason could call you dad?! She was worried you would hate her and Mason and want nothing to do with her! She's been the happiest I've seen her since you guys left since you've been back and now you say all of this shit to her and now look where she is Liam! In a hospital in a coma for god knows how long because you had to say shit that you know isn't true! And to make it worse it was about her parents which you know is the worst possible topic to talk about with her! I know you love her Liam and she loves you Liam but you really fucked up with the things you said. I know you feel bad but I guess we are lucky that this is all that happened! I'm just telling you now I swear that if you ever hurt her or Mason again I will probably kill you. I know it's not fully your fault that this happened but still." I said. I started to cry right after I said it. 
"Teagan you know I didn't mean it! I feel horrible I know this is my fault she's here because I said that stuff. You think I don't realize that. And you have to sit here and say all that to make me feel worse. Wow great friend you are!" He said back. 
"Great friend I am. Last I checked I didn't send someone I love to the hospital because of some bullshit lies I said to them! Don't try and make me feel bad for you. I mean I know you feel bad and I know I could never live with knowing I sent her here but don't go saying I'm a bad friend for just pointing out the facts to you!" I said. 
"I told you I already knew it and I didn't want to hear it from you but you still said it! A good friend would have kept their mouth shut!" Liam said. 
"A good friend wouldn't send someone to a hospital! A good friend would have let her leave! Oh and I'm glad your "son" feels like it's his fault!" I said. 
"Really? Why didn't you go after her when she left the house then Teagan? And I have told Mason it's not his fault at all so don't try blaming me for that too!" He said. 
"Because you did! And I thought you could handle it since you always knew how to calm her down and reason with her but I realize that was back then not now! And I'm not I'm just saying that he thinks that and maybe you should try talking to him more about it." I cried. 
"Whatever! I don't need you making me feel worse about this. I already feel bad enough. And I did talk to him he just doesn't believe it!" He said. I could tell he was getting really upset he looked like he was about to cry to. I went to say something else when we heard something. 
"Guys where am I?" Hayley asked. She woke up! 
"Hayley!" We all said. 
"Um your at the hospital you got into a pretty bad accident you have a broken rib and concussion." Harry said. 
"Oh I remember. And Liam Teagan can you please just realize it wasn't totally Liam's fault and that neither of you are bad friends?" She asked. 
"Umm you heard all that?" I asked. 
"Yes and Teagan really you know he felt bad." She said. 
"I know I was just upset and worried. I'm sorry Liam." I said looking at the ground. 
"It's fine we both kind of freaked out and I would do the same thing you did." He said. Hayley just smiled. 
"Where's Mason and Zayn?" Hayley asked. 
"They went to go get food I'll go call them." Niall said and left the room. 
"I'm so glad that you two aren't mad at each other. I would have gone crazy listening to you two fight." Louis said and Harry nodded in agreement. 
"Yea same. I wouldn't be able to fight with him for that long though because of Mason." I said. We all just sat and talked. Then Zayn, Niall, and Mason came in. 
"Mommy! You didn't go bye bye!" Mason said as he ran over to her to give her a hug. 
"Be careful bud mommy has a boo boo." Hayley said right before he jumped on her. He stopped and nodded them gave her a tiny hug. Mason kept saying sorry to Hayley and she kept saying it wasn't his fault. He finally listened and stopped saying sorry. You could tell how happy he was that she was okay we all were. The doctor came in a few times to check on her. He said that she was doing good but she had to stay here tonight just to make sure that she stays stable and okay. We decided that we were going to go home but Liam was going to stay with Hayley and we would take Mason with us. 
"Mason listen to Uncles and Auntie." Liam said.
"Yes daddy I pwomise I wiww." He said has he grabbed Harry's hand to walk out after he gave Liam and Hayley a hug. "Wove you mommy! Wove you daddy!" He said as he walked out. As we walked out I heard Liam talking to Hayley.
"He just said I love you daddy!" He said all excited. I just smiled to myself. I'm happy that everything's fine now. And I'm happy that Mason finally has someone to call dad and honestly I couldn't picture anyone else besides Liam to be with Hayley and to be Masons dad. Everything's finally how it's suppose to be again. 

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