My Personal School Observations

My Personal School Observations, private And I Want To Keep It That Way........


2. Wow..... My School Mates Are Annoying

Wow How Much Can My Whole Class Say I'm Weird When There Freaking Annoying I Don't Think I'll Survive Without Hearing Them Say I'm Weird For The Last Time. Yet They Don't Know Me At All! there Jumping To Cunclusions, Yet They Don't Know Me For My Personality And My Good Actions. for The Last Time do I Have To Yell To The Worjd That Im NOT Weird. they Deffinatly Don't Know Me If They Think I'm A Bad Person Or Something I've Done In The Past Just Went Against Me. And I Don't Care Anymore ,They Can Do What They Want But, They Better Not Except Me To Be Nice To Them Because When They Call Me Weird, Bye Bye Mrs. Nice To Them And Say Hello To Mrs. Mean. Regards, Maya C.S
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