*SQUEAL TO 'THE UNSPOKEN WORDS'* Niall is now 15 in the 8th grade. Louis is now in 11th grade at age 17. Harry is in college at age 21. As Niall gets older through the years, he is still having trouble with his past. Niall gets anxitey attacks usually when someone is shouting at him, he can stand when people are shouting near him, sometimes wakes up to with them from nightmares, which started when he was 11. Louis was usually called from his classes to go 'control', as the teachers say, Niall. Over the years, Louis and Harry has treated Niall just as if he was their little brother, and they will do ANYTHING to keep him safe.


6. Sorry

Sorry I haven't update in months! I just forgot all about Movellas, I moved to Wattpad and I have to say I like writing on there better than Movellas c: So so so sorry but I may not be continuing Left Unspoken :c Sorry again, but Byee c: 

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