Niall is now 15 in the 8th grade. Louis is now in 11th grade at age 17. Harry is in college at age 21. As Niall gets older through the years, he is still having trouble with his past. Niall gets anxitey attacks usually when someone is shouting at him, he can stand when people are shouting near him, sometimes wakes up to with them from nightmares, which started when he was 11. Louis was usually called from his classes to go 'control', as the teachers say, Niall. Over the years, Louis and Harry has treated Niall just as if he was their little brother, and they will do ANYTHING to keep him safe.


3. Chapter Two

.:Chapter Two:.

-Niall's P.O.V-

I woke up to daddy calling mine and Louis' name for us to wake up. I opened my eyes to see Louis getting up. I also climbed out of his bed to go to change in my room. I stretch when I get to my room.

"Hey Ni," I heard Papa's voice as he comes into my room, sitting on my bed.

I smile sleepily at him as I got a pair of sweat pants and a new clean shirt. "What were you doing in Boo's room last night?"

"Stop calling me that!" Louis said as he pasted my room. We still call him that, since even when I was around.

"Just had a bad dream." I sighed and started to change my shirts.

I wasn't scared to change in front of any of my brothers or dad's. I remember when I use to hide my body when Harry started to work out and I was really embarrassed because I was still very skinny and bony. They could tell when I wouldn't go swimming or go to the beach with them as it was in the summer. Daddy found out first, talking to me then harry and Harry convinced me to be alright with what I have and he was really encouraging. So now I can go shirtless in front of them, but only them. Papa smiled and nodded as he kissed my cheek and walked back out of the room. Soon we are breakfast, daddy drove me to school, and I was sitting in homeroom. I didn't really have friends but one friend I did have was Demi. We met last year, she stood up for me when I was being made fun of for shaking all the time. Which I don't. She was bullied for standing up for me, people calling her fat and her style was wrong. But she chose to stay to be my friend even though I told her she doesn't have to. She's came over a few times and daddy and papa seem to love it when she's there. I waved as Ms. Weaver walked in and she smiled.

I heard someone fake cough and say "Teacher's pet." I shrugged, I pretty much was.

Ms. Weaver looked around on her desk before saying "I will be right back, forgot to print something."

I played with the sleeve of my long sleeve shirt. I guess Demi isn't going to be here. I doodled a little on spare paper I have before I felt someone beside me. I looked up to see Jed. Jed was one of the people who picked on me.

"Why do you always spam out when someone hits you?"

I made a face "Who doesn't get mad when someone hits them?" I replied quietly.

"No you like freak the fuck out." He laughed.

I just decided to ignore him until ms. Weaver came back. I felt him push my shoulder. "Look at me." I didn't and he did it again but yelled it. I froze. Please no, please no-

"Niall! Fucking look at me before I hit you again!" Dad yelled at me.

I turned my face, hugging my knees. He grabbed my throat. I gasped, trying to get air into my lungs. 

"D-Daddy." I breathed out.

He stopped his movements before hitting my head on the wall hard. "Don't call me that." He punched my stomach.

I gasped again before realizing I was in Louis' arms. I looked up and squeezed him tighter around the waist.

"I-I wanna go h-home." I sobbed.

Louis rubbed my back. "Was it that bad?"

If I say I want to go home, that means it was really bad.

"I will have to text Dad." He whispers taking his phone out.

I stared at the screen as he typed. Times like this I think they second guess if they should have kept me or not.

I'll be there in a bit love you two his screen said.

"I have to get my stuff from my school." He whispered and stood up.

I nodded watched as he walked down the hall. I opened my locker and got my bookbag out. I walked into the class room and silently got my binders. Everyone was working on some passage. I walked over to Ms. Weaver's desk.

"I'm leaving, do you have any work for me?" I asked.

She looked up at me and smiled while giving me a packet. It was the passage and some questions. She explained it to me then I went around my classrooms asking for work. I walked back to my locker waiting for Louis. He came in just a few seconds and we walked in the office waiting for daddy. He did come in a few minutes and he signed me out. I guess Louis explained to his teachers he would be leaving. We walked to the car and I sat in the backseat. As soon as I buckled my seatbelt we started to move.

"So nialler I know you probably won't want to hear this but I sorta made you a appointment with a therapist." Daddy said nervously.

"No, that's fine. Last night I decided it would be better for me to go."

"Oh, well, that's great! I think the first appointment is a group therapy."

I furrowed my eyebrows "I have to say my problems to people who already have their own problems?"

Louis turns around. "It's suppose to be like helpful. They tell you they have similar problems and you guys find a way to help with it?" Louis sounds unsure himself.

"When is it?"

"Tomorrow at five." I nod and stare off out the window thinking about how this is going to work.


"Hello everyone I am Doctor Kris. Please all of you introduce yourselves?" A man with a turtle neck on said.

"I'm Anna.. I was abused by my foster parents.." Anna had hair that went to her shoulders which was brown and curly, she seemed to be around my age like everyone else in here, she dresses like a normal young teen.

"My name is Vick. I was abused by my step dad for awhile before he convinced my mom to kick me out." Vick had shaved red hair, but had a black Mohawk which was very spiky, he wore dark clothing.

"I'm Niall and I was abused by my dad when I was younger." I whispered.

"I'm Alex. I was abused by my ex boyfriend." A very pretty girl said, she had bright blonde hair, a dress on actually but it was red and black and not very long.

"Okay, now I want everyone to say when their abuse started." Dr. Kris started to write in his notepad.

Anna went first "Last year."

"Three years ago."

My turn. I had to think. When was I actually abused? I would have to say when I was two I guess. "When I was two years old." I whispered.

Everything went quiet. I felt everyone staring at me. "It's your turn." I say to Alex.

She coughs awkwardly "When I went out with a few friends one night about a year ago."

I wonder how old she really is. She looks around 16 maybe 17, like Louis. Dr. Kris finished writing a note before looking up.

"How does being use to being abused affected you?"

"What kind of dumb ass question is that?" Vick laughs. I hid my smile from them, that was pretty true. Dr. Kris just simply wrote a note down before looking up waiting for our answers.

Vick went first this time "How the hell do you think it affected me? I was kicked out of my house and was living on the streets for a few months until social services found me."

"My friends started to notice bruises and stuff on me."

"I didn't talk to anyone and stayed in my room afraid to leave and get hurt or called names."

My turn again. "Um I have flashbacks? I guess.."

Dr. Kris continued to write and write before looking up. "Okay. So I'm going to try something with you four. I want you guys to talk without me in the room."

They all agreed but me. Is he stupid how is this suppose to work? He smiles and walks out of the room.

"Niall do you have a older brother?" Alex asked.

"Uh yeah, Louis, why?"

"Oh, he's in some of my classes." She smiles.

Alex seems so sweet how could someone be mean to her.

"He's very protective over you, y'know? I think it's cute." She giggles. I smile. Louis and Harry always been overprotective. "But now I know why." She sighs.

My smile fades and I look at the ground playing with my strings on my jacket.

"You said you have flashbacks?" Vick asks.

"Yeah they're pretty detailed. I have panic attacks when it happens." I whisper.

"I know a way to fix that," Vick says and my head shoots right up to look at him. That would be great to fix out where I won't have flashbacks anymore.

"How?" Before he could answer, Dr. Kris comes back in.

"Tell ya later." He whispers.


After the appointment is over, Vick comes over to me. "Do you still want to know a way out of those flashbacks?" He asks.

I smile "Of course!"

He digs in his coat pocket before pulling something out. "Just use this when you think you're about to have a flashback." He whispers, handing something in my hand.

He walks outside and I see a razor in my hand. I gasp a little. Of course he thinks this is a way. I walk outside to return it to him but he's gone. I huff before seeing daddy's car coming. I quickly get in and buckle my seatbelt.

"So how was it?" Daddy asked cautiously.

"It's was great, actually. I met Anna, Vick, and Alex. Alex knows Louis."

"Oh does he now?"

"She daddy." I laughed.

"We should get food." I pout.

"You should tell me how you can be so skinny but eat like a pig." Daddy jokes and pulls into one of the fast good places. I grin and tell him what I want.


(A/N): Hai guies sorreh took 100 years for me to update <.< I hope you like this chapter ! If you don't theN GUESS THE FUCK WHAT i don't like you. But to my fine bitches who do like it; I love you ;D I'm already working on the next chapter D: I think this is my favorite story to write(: Baiii guuuies Also the ".:Chapter Two:." thing is a thing I'm trying out because this one author did it and I thought it looked cool :DD Also going to start putting it in the middle because I think it looks cool haha oKAY BAI :D

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