Niall is now 15 in the 8th grade. Louis is now in 11th grade at age 17. Harry is in college at age 21. As Niall gets older through the years, he is still having trouble with his past. Niall gets anxitey attacks usually when someone is shouting at him, he can stand when people are shouting near him, sometimes wakes up to with them from nightmares, which started when he was 11. Louis was usually called from his classes to go 'control', as the teachers say, Niall. Over the years, Louis and Harry has treated Niall just as if he was their little brother, and they will do ANYTHING to keep him safe.


4. Chapter Three

.:Chapter Three:.

I was in my room listening to music. I was also playing a game on my phone, bored. Suddenly I heard a knock.

"Come in!" The door opened and it was harry.

"Hazza!" I jumped up off my bed and hugged him.

Harry hadn't been able to come around because if exams and stuff and I've been missing him so much! "Hey little nialler." He chuckled wrapping his arms around me.

"I'm not little...you're just a giraffe human."

I heard his deep laugh "What the hell is a giraffe human?"

"A human who has giraffe legs and is tall?" I asked.

He shook his head before sitting on my bed. "Whatcha been up to?" He asked grabbing my phone.

"I started therapy, it's group therapy though." I laid beside him.

"Oh.. How is it?"

"Great, actually. I meant this Ike girl and she knew Boo already."

"I will seriously tape your mouth shut." Louis came into my room laying on the other side of harry.

Harry and I laughed repeating BooBear. "You guys are stupid." Louis laughed "Now what was this about a girl knowing me?"

"Her name was Alex, she said you guys had the same classes or something."

Louis had his thinking face on, trying to figure her out I guess. "Oh! I know her! Wait, she's in therapy?"

"Yeah, her ex use to abuse her but I don't see how someone could abuse her Shes so sweet." I shrugged.

"Like you." Harry poked my nose.

I laughed and we talked for hours about random stuff until harry had to leave. I didn't want him to leave, I even stole his car keys and he chased me around. But he caught me and hugged me tightly before leaving with a loud Love you! Now it was 10 and I'm very tired. I said good night to daddy, papa, and Louis. I walked into my room and started to pull out things from my jean pockets. Gum wrapper, twix wrapper, a penny, then I grab something that I forgot I had; the blade. I can't believe Vick gave me this! It didn't have any blood stains or anything on it but it was creepy. Do I look like a person who would cut? I threw the wrappers away and changed into my boxers, sorta warm tonight. I didn't know where to put the blade, I will have to give it back to Vick next time. I looked around my room and put it in my nightstand. I got into my bed and turned of my lamp. I fell asleep soon after.

 I was in a bathroom. I was sitting, leaning against the wallMy vision was blurry. I saw a mirror and I was wearing a black jacket, black jeans, and I had black hair. Since when did I have black hair? "NIall! NIall, please don't do this!"  Huh, was that Louis? What was he talking about? I looked down and my arm was gushing out blood. I gasped, what is going on?! In my other hand there was a blade, the blade Vick gave me. I threw it across the room and started to cry. I'm so confused! I tried standing, but I fell back down. I was to weak. Am I going to die? I don't want to die! I looked in the mirror again. This can't be real! That's when I realized this was a dream

I opened my eyes. What was that about? Usually it's a dream about my dad. I sat up and opened the drawer of my nightstand. I grabbed the blade and stood up. I walked over to my window and moved my curtains out of the way. I opened the window and threw the blade out, it landing into the bush. I walked back to his bed and layed down.


"Hello everyone. How was your week?" Dr. Kris asked, smiling.

This time I was sat in the first seat,  Vick beside me, Alex beside him, and Anna beside her. Anna mumbled something, I said okay, Vick didn't speak, and Alex grinned while saying great.

"Good, good. Vicktor, what about you?"

"It's Vick." he spat.

Well then. Dr. Kris just gave him a look "Okay everyone, we're going to be doing something new. You will need a partner."

"I call Niall!" Alex smiled standing up.

Vick just scofted and switched seats with her.

"Okay, look at your partners in the eyes." This is weird.. "I want you to pretend that they are the person who abused you."

Alex frowned and so did I. I didn't want to do this.

"Excuse me but this is retarded." Vick said.

"Please don't say that. Just talk to them as if they were your parents or ex." Dr. Kris smiled.

Vick and Anna started to talk so I looked at Alex.

"Do you want to go first?" I asked.

"Sure" she smiled crossing her legs. She let out a shaky breath before opening her eyes looking at me. "Parker.. I- uhm..what am I suppose to say?" she laughed a little.

I smiled and shrugged, seeing Dr. Kris was annoying Vick. "Lets just pretend we're talking about. So, are you and Louis friends?" I asked

"Well I'm not really sure." She shrugged.

"Do other people make fun of Lou because he has to come to my school every time I have a panic attack?" I looked down while talking.

"This one jerk did, but the first time was the last. He said something mean about you and your family and he went straight up to him and punched him! It was so funny!" She smiled. I smiled with her, I didn't Louis did that for me.


I was in school, last period, when my math teacher Mr. Caussy said I had a phone call.


"He hon, you and Louis need to ride the bus today, okay? The car isn't working and papa is working. Harry is still studying so he can't."

"Oh...Okay, love you."

"Love you too." I hung up the phone.

Later I was told I needed to get on bus 78. The bell rang and I got my stuff out of my locker and headed towards the buses. There, I saw Louis standing there by a bus and I smiled waving at him. He saw my wave and waved back, picking his bookbag off the ground. We got onto the bus and I already saw some familiar faces. The front was pretty much full so we were near the back of the bus. I saw Bobby, another snobby rich kid who gets whatever he wants. He whispered something to the person next to him, making him turn his head and smirk. Oh great. Louis sat on the inside and I sat beside him. He put his earphones in and looked out the window watching the school vanish. I put my bookbag on my lap.

"Hey Niall," I heard my name, moving my head to see Bobby sitting on the seat across of me. "Why ya on the bus?" I didn't answer and just looked away. I felt Bobby tap my shoulder repeatly.

"Can you stop?" I said with a bit of angry.

"Make me." Bobby kept pushing me.

I tried not to push up against Louis, but that obviously didn't work. Louis whipped his head and stared at Bobby. He yanked his earphones out

"The fuck do you think you're doing?"

"Pickin' on the whip," Bobby laughed "He's such a scardy cat, and a little bit-"

Out of no where, Louis was climbing over me and fisting Bobby's shirt, then with his other hand punching him. Louis was beating him hard, punching him all over the face, people were screaming and others laughing. "Louis!" I yelled. Louis kept punching Bobby until the bus driver made Louis go to the front and leaving a bruised up Bobby in the aisle. I can't believe that just happen.


[A/N]: So it's been another 100 years, what you guys been up to? Sorry this chapter is sHiT. Dunno when I'll have time to update again D: Byyyyeeee my bitches ;*



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