Niall is now 15 in the 8th grade. Louis is now in 11th grade at age 17. Harry is in college at age 21. As Niall gets older through the years, he is still having trouble with his past. Niall gets anxitey attacks usually when someone is shouting at him, he can stand when people are shouting near him, sometimes wakes up to with them from nightmares, which started when he was 11. Louis was usually called from his classes to go 'control', as the teachers say, Niall. Over the years, Louis and Harry has treated Niall just as if he was their little brother, and they will do ANYTHING to keep him safe.


2. Chapter One

"Niall.. Niall wake up." Niall woke up to Zayn, or should he say his dad, waking him up. Niall looked up at Zayn before letting his head hit the pillow. He really didn't want to go to school. "C'mon bud." Zayn set Niall up on the bed. "Do I have to go to school?" He asked tiredly, resting his head on Zayn's shoulder. Zayn just laughed "Yes, yes you do." Niall groaned before standing up to get ready. Zayn told Louis to get up next. Louis did what he usually did, groaned a bit, be woken up again by the threat of Papa having to go up to his room. Harry wasn't living with them anymore, sadly. Harry found his own apartment not to far away from home or his college. Niall tiredly went the down the stairs dragging his book bag with him. "Pick up the pace, love" He heard his Papa say behind him. Niall went slower instead and laughed when Liam picked him up and carried him down the stairs. Niall was always light, no matter how much he ate. Which over the years they kept him was a lot! Niall jumped onto the counter, been doing that since four years ago. "What do you want for breakfast?" Liam asked. "I dunno pop tarts, things to make me sick so that I can leave school early, pancakes," Niall went on. Liam furrowed his eyebrows "Niall, is something happening at school?" Niall shook his head "It's just sooooo boring!" Niall covered up. Liam just laughed and got pop tarts for Niall. Soon they had to leave with Zayn and hugged their Papa bye. Zayn dropped Louis off first then Niall. Niall gave Zayn a kiss on the cheek before getting out of the car. Niall walked towards his locker, placing his binders out then putting his book bag in his locker. As he was about to close the locker someone slammed it close. He gasped jumping back a bit. "Move faggot." The guy who slammed the locker pushed Niall into the lockers out of his way. Niall tried to stay calm but out of nowhere his mind went back when he was six. Ryder threw Niall up against the wall hard, hurting his back and punched him in the face. Niall started to gasp for air, feeling his heart speed going up, he couldn't talk. His teacher, Mrs. Weaver was walking by. "Niall, Niall just breath." This wasn't the first time this happen with them two. Mrs. Weaver took Niall into the classroom and called the high school. A few minutes later, Louis walked in where Niall was sobbing into Mrs. Weaver's shoulder. All the other students were staring, none of them use to way Niall would get panic attacks. Louis took Niall into the hallway until he calmed down which was about twenty minutes. They hugged, said they loved each others, then said good bye as Louis had to get back to his class. One thing on Louis mind was why is he getting more panic attacks? ~*~ Zayn pulled up to Niall's school. Niall was shaking a bit as he got in the front seat from being cold. "Hey daddy." Niall smiled. Zayn smiled back "So I got another phone call. What happen?" "Uhm, I was trying to get to class but tripped over my shoe laces and ran into the locker." He lied. "Oh.. Well I have a question, what do you think about therapist?" Zayn asked getting close to Louis' school. Niall was quiet for a few minutes. "I-I don't know.." Niall whispered. He didn't want to force flash backs of his 'dad'. Zayn just nodded and waited for Louis to get in. They drove home and Niall went to his room, saying he was tired. What he actually did was cry silently into his pillow, thinking about his real dad. The last thing he remembers about his dad was him saying he loved him then shooting himself, his body falling right next to Niall's. ~*~ The next morning, Niall wakes up by himself from the nightmare. Maybe I should see therapist? Niall asked himself. He looked at the time on his phone, 4:39. Well he wasn't going back to sleep after that nightmare. What scared him more was that it really did happen when he was younger. He walked down to the kitchen for a snack, food always seemed to calm him down. He grabbed a pack of chicken flavored Ramon noodles. While it was in the microwave he started to fix himself something to drink. When the microwave started to beep he hurried to stop it, not wanting to wake anyone. But it did, Louis came down the stairs in just his plaid pj's. "Hey Nialler, whatcha doing up this early?" He asked rubbing his eyes. "B-Bad dream." Niall said quietly. Louis sighed and rested his elbow on the counter where Niall was mixing the flavor in with the noodles. "Niall, I really think you should go to a therapist. I love you and want to make sure you're alright and safe. What was this dream about?" Niall took in a shaky breath. "I was four? I think and.. my dad was hitting me and I-I ran under the bed and just before I made it under it all the way... He grabbed my ankle and threw me against the floor. I woke up as soon as I hit the floor." Niall felt Louis whip a tear away from his cheek. "I want to see the therapist.." Niall hugged Louis tightly. "Do you want to sleep with me tonight?" Niall nodded into his shoulder. Niall grabbed his bowl and cup and they walked up the stairs to Louis' room and watched a little TV while Niall ate before snuggling into each other and falling asleep. 


(A/N): HAY GUIES. First chapter, what do you think? Can't edit it right now as I'm getting rushed off the laptop!! I'll try to come back maybe next weekend and update, I'm super excited to write this sequel :D Check out my other fan fic I'm starting; Why Can't We Be Friends? It's Larry Stylinson, with Niam and Zerrie. Even if you don't like Zerrie, please read it. PLEASE COMMENT!! Love ya :* 

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