What is 'never'? A word used in the child's fairytale 'Peter Pan' for the boy who never grew up's beloved, adventurous home, 'Neverland' to describe its possible impossibilities. Or perhaps a word used to describe the term that time is never ending, it only repeats itself, however we always somehow need more of it. 'Never' didn't play a role within Robyn's life. Read more to discover Robyn as her true form and why is she is forever alone...


2. My beginning caused death

Robyn's POV:

As I returned home the forest was still coated in its familiar white powder. I had spoken with the wind only two days before and he warned me a blizzard was going to be upon me in four days. That's why I had to see my father last night. I noticed that he had brought his acquaintances along with him as they contrasted with his fiery orange light with colours of blues and greens in the sky. He only appears every so often in the north as what the humans name 'the Northern Lights' and that is only to talk to his only living child of earth and light, myself. You see my father is an elemental and one time visited the earth to learn how the humans destroy and disease it. However in discovering Mans wrongdoings throughout his journey he met a beautiful young lady named Clarissa Isabella Poalini, an Italian Girl. My father fell in love with her at first sight when he saw her one day selling her families wine on a market stall in Venice. He allowed her to steal his heart and he forgot all about his duties in the sky. They were inseparable, their love was so strong and powerful, that soon enough I came along. However my birth was to much for my mother couldn't handle as I had inherited my fathers powers. You see my father never told my mother of his true form, he just locked his secret away.

When my mother was giving birth to me she couldn't handle my inherited powers and so she died in child labour, holding me in her arms. My father took my mothers death as his own fault as he had never told her about his gifts and out of devastation he returned to the sky as earth reminded him of his deceased wife. However my father couldn't bring himself to take me with him to the sky as part of him believed that It was my fault that my mother died. So he left me on earth, banishing me from the sky. He left me at the hostel in Venice by just walking away. The nurses tried everything in trying to find his where about's but my father had already fled to the sky. As a baby I was adopted by an elderly couple when they found me at the hospital and discovered what had happened. They took care of me and treated me as their own child. However as I grew and grew, my powers also grew stronger and stronger. I did not know how to control them and I would cause accidents unintentionally.

It came the day of my 14 birthday and my parents where now both in their eighties. Their own blood male child and wife who were now adults with kids had come along to celebrate my birthday. Their child, who was technically my cousin, was the same age as me. Caitlyn was my only friend. She was always their to defend me at school and to comfort me in life's down moments. She however did not know about my powers. That night of my birthday she told me that she had started dating my crush and it had been going on for 2 months. Now being 14, a teenage girl would be jealous and I was. When the time came for me to blow out my candles on my birthday cake all I could think about was Caitlyn's betrayal. My powers are always stronger when I'm emotional and being an elemental I controlled the element of fire.

Suddenly the candles on top of my cake exploded in to greater flames that licked the ceiling. Everything around us starting to catch fire and burn creating a deadly smoke. Being an elemental this did not effect me however my family were choking and spluttering. I was screaming to them I was sorry but they couldn't hear me over the roars of the flames. It was then I ran out of the burning house and only looked back over my shoulder to see my 'mothers' face out of the front window, staring at me me with wide eyes,bleached red from the smoke. I turned. I ran. I decided upon that day that my powers a were a burden not a gift. I decided that everyone who comes near me are in danger of me killing them so I wouldn't let anyone near me again. So I was alone forever.

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