What is 'never'? A word used in the child's fairytale 'Peter Pan' for the boy who never grew up's beloved, adventurous home, 'Neverland' to describe its possible impossibilities. Or perhaps a word used to describe the term that time is never ending, it only repeats itself, however we always somehow need more of it. 'Never' didn't play a role within Robyn's life. Read more to discover Robyn as her true form and why is she is forever alone...


3. Missing what I haven't got...

I ended up In Alaska at the age of 16 in search of my father. Im 18 now. On my journey I was able to master some of my gifts/powers and I felt hope fill inside of me as I thought about being reunited with my father. On night I discovered my relationship with the wind, when I was robbing a boulangerie in the heart of Paris. I heard a voice whispering in my ear, telling me to just ask. I dint know what to ask but I could feel a word on the tip of my tongue. Fly. I then asked the wind to take me there when I heard about the stories of the city of love from the humans that I walked amongst. You see I never knew what it was like to be loved. My father never loved me. He abandoned me with some humans that only cared for my as they felt sorry for me. I don't want people to sympathise for me, I have the best life ever! I could control wind and fly, and I can breathe underwater because I can control water. My life is amazing, it's just I get kinda lonely living it on my own. With the bread I stole I asked the wind to carry me to the top of the Eiffel Tower to witness Paris's beauty. Sitting there on the railing I watched the world fly by me. Couples walking In the park kissing, their hands linked together and kids laughing, playing tag with each other. My icy eyes stared and my heart ached to have someone I could have a good time with, share my memories and not keep secrets from. However I knew that that was impossible. Those who I loved would end up like my 'family'. I turned away because my heart ached. My eyes shimmered with fresh tears that fell only half way down my cheek as they had frozen onto my skin. I was crying streams of shimmering ice. I let the wind take my hand as it already knew where I wanted to go. It could read my mind. I glided over rooftops and parks seeing the human world below me. It was at times like this then that I wished I was normal, just so I could love someone and let them love me.

That is never going to happen.


Sorry this chapter is a small one, I've been a bit busy at the moment but I will keep updating often. Hope you like the story so far and please tell me if you guys want anything to happen. Thank you :)


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