What is 'never'? A word used in the child's fairytale 'Peter Pan' for the boy who never grew up's beloved, adventurous home, 'Neverland' to describe its possible impossibilities. Or perhaps a word used to describe the term that time is never ending, it only repeats itself, however we always somehow need more of it. 'Never' didn't play a role within Robyn's life. Read more to discover Robyn as her true form and why is she is forever alone...


6. A new voice

For the forest I was in I didn't care for its beauty right now as I all I could think of when gliding through the trees was what had hurt my friend. Anger boiled inside of me at the thought of what had done it and I could almost feel the pleasure of killing it before it decides to wreck anything else. My feet skimmed across branches and at times left the floor as I allowed the wind to hover me over the ground at a faster pace. With senses heightened I could hear the sounds of having steps ahead in a clearing beyond a proud redwood.

"Stop dear wind we must be silent for it will hear us otherwise..."

I gently was lowered to the frosted ground and then dashed behind this redwood of enormous height. Skin now brown camouflaging in with the trunk of great width, I turned slow, slow and steady to peer around the trunk to see into the clearing. As my icy eyes wondered the open area, they fell upon the wooden body of 'Earth'. A tear shed from the eyes and froze half way down my cheek. What monster would destroy such a beautiful creature that meant no harm to anything.

The body lay still, now lifeless as 'Earth' had returned home and it's fingertips, as well as hair, now have grown down into the ground like the roots of a tree. They twist down, further trying to give back the life. Overwhelmed with emotions of sadness and anger my head was not on straight and I found myself walking towards the centre of the clearing, towards my dear friend. How is it fair? I was only trying to have a little fun, play a game; yet it needed up going wrong just like everything else I do. My knees found the snow, making a crumpling noise as they hit the fresh powder of the night befores storm. My nimble, pixie like hands caressed the body's wooden carvings, tracing over the area of which should of been the place of where a heart lives. In the midst of my childish grieving I heard the familiar sounds of rustling leaves and twigs. A sharp turn was acted on my behalf but looking around nothing was to be out of place, only the snow which reflected abnormally bright against the suns rays. Facing the body once more i knew that I was not safe here and that probably whatever had hurt my friend was still around, maybe even watching me. Before I turned to move away, I saw the wooden scratch craved roughly out of the side of the wooden carcass. Only claws of great size could of done such a mark. My head was dizzy of all the possibilities of such a creature but then it dawned upon me that no normal creature could of done this. This is the work of a beast. A light bulb moment occurred, the moment of realisation happened as I knew what had done this. It must have been it, it couldn't have been anything else! The creature with the majestic emerald eyes.

"The creature with the majestic emerald eyes, it has to be..."

"Well I wouldn't say majestic, beautiful maybe, even stunning but majestic is fine I guess."

The words made me jump from beside the figure and as I rose I turned to face the speaker ready to fight them. My hair ignited with wild flames and my eyes turned an icy, pure blue. I was not letting them go so easily, they could have caused 'Earths' death, well return. Facing the speaker I noticed that it was a boy, well Infact a young man to be exact. He looked as if he was in his late teens.

However considering his age I forgotten that I was emotional with anger and I was running towards him eyes piercing, hair ablaze. He looked stunned, shocked and........not scared? Why? It's not everyday you see a young woman with fiery hair and shimmering eyes, is it? I stopped abruptly only 3 metres in front of him. He looked mesmerised, surprised by what was before him. Confused i took a step back and whilst doing so tripped over the hand of the wooden figure. Landing backwards on my backside I sat awkwardly trying to not looked embarrassed. I jumped and crouched on both feet and looked up, staring at the boy, wondering why hadn't he run or even be the tiniest bit scared. I gritted my teeth at him and hissed trying to warn him off. He stepped a foot forward and I shuffled back letting my flaming hair cover parts of my face.

"Now how am I supposed to help you up if you keep backing away?"

"HELP? HELP? Who says I need your help your obnoxious, vain idiot!"

I spoke to the wind in such a rush that it almost missed what I was saying. It lifted me up in such a hurry that i was surprised but didn't show it and it placed me behind him. However he was still infront of me, how? I still gritted my teeth at him to look strong and capable of creating damage.

"Hah! She speaks with a voice of an angel. Well excuse me I was only trying to be nice but i see that after you flew off that my offer offended you and I do apologise."

The words seemed to flow silkly off his tongue that they almost beckoned me towards him.No.No.No. And was he trying to win me over with his charm? Such a fool is he thinking I am so easily charmed.

"Well an angel is not what I am and yes I was so offended I think it's time for you to learn your lesson boy,"

"Issac, Issac is my name."


I ran towards him and before we collided I heard him chuckle,

"You might not want to do that..."

A smirk played cheekily on his perfect lips...

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