The Marauders

This is the story of Harry's parents and how everything fell into place.


13. James' consequences

James's POV

The sound of Professor Mcgonagal's heeled shoes clicked on the empty marble floors as we headed towards Headmaster Dumbledore's office. A scowl rested on her face as she tried not to look at me.

"It was very idiotic of you to do that." She hissed.

"I know." I was ashamed of myself, so I let my head hang.

"And you're flying skills were looking shaky up there. Your hovering was par and the broom handling was below average for you, Mr. Potter." The scowl lightened.

"Well, it was all very rushed, professor."

"I know but, in a match you have to be agile. When she was yelling at you, you lost focus easily." She added.

"Also I was riding with a passenger, Professor."

"If you're going to make the Quittage team this year, you better sharpen up." She warned.

"I was planning on heading up to the pitch with Sirius and getting a hold on the ball. But I guess that all my afternoons are filled up with detention now." I frowned.

She was quiet.

"I'll see what I can do about that. Maybe get you in-school detentions, perhaps. We do need our seeker."

"That would be brilliant, professor!" I exclaimed.

"I'm not making any promises, Potter." She said sternly, but I could see her smile peeking out.

We approached the Gargoyle statutes that lead to Professor Dumbledore's office and she looked around for anyone snooping in to find the password.

"Licorice." She spoke crisply, fanning out her hands in the direction of the gargoyles.

They separated to form a spiral staircase that lead to headmaster Dumbledore's office. She stepped onto a step that lead her upward and I followed, watching the entrance seal shut after us. Once we reached his wooden door, she knocked three times before I could hear his voice yell come in.

The door flung open and she waltzed up to his desk and explained everything that happened to the headmaster. I couldn't tell if he was ashamed or amused, but either way I wanted to be out of this whole mess.

His desk was covered in peculiar silver objects like scales and bowls and something's I couldn't name. In the corner was a huge, glass case filled with crystal bottles and a pool of shallow water.

She left and gave me a pat on the shoulder as I stood in front of his desk. The door closed with a snap and he blinked a few times before waving his hand at a chair in the corner, making it slide to my exact location.

"Please, have a seat." He remarked calmly.

"Thank you, headmaster." I said sitting down.

He folded his hands on his desk and looked me in the eye, sighing.

"Mr. Potter," he began, "what were you thinking? I mean in all honesty, did you think that a bright and smart witch like Ms. Evans would really buy that gimmick?"

I paused.

"Sir?" I asked confused.

He sighed.

"Ms. Evans is very intelligent and not like many other girls. She understands danger and doesn't shy away from it, but doesn't invite either. She doesn't look for trouble, in other words. You scooping her up onto a broomstick and flying her sky high was indeed very idiotic, don't you agree?" He asked, smiling.

"Yes sir, I supposed."

"But, you still got a rejection I believe." He looked at me with questioning eyes and a small smile.

I blushed.

"Well you see sir, I really like Lily. Ever since 1st year in fact. But, she's always been smarter than me obviously," he chuckled at that, "and she's in professor Slughorn's special club and I'm not. And he's having a dinner party so I thought that I'd ask her to go with me, but Sam Higgens beat me to it and asked her since he's already in the Slug club-"

I stopped myself at what I had said. I called it the "Slug club" which is probably very rude to most people. Headmaster just laughed though.

"Slug club....that's amusing. Did you come up with that?" He laughed.

"Oh uh no sir. I believe some 7th years did one year." I smiled a little.

"Hhm...very funny. Anyways, continue." He smiled.

"So anyways, I was a bit distraught at the fact that she was already going with someone so I thought that if I asked her and gave her a better proposal, then maybe she's change her mind. So I flew in and made it rain flowers and origami birds and flew her out and asked her. But as you can see, I wasn't thinking and just made myself look like a complete ass." I explained.

He nodded slowly, still smiling.

"I see." He murmured.

I sighed a little.

Mr. Potter, I don't know if you are aware of this," he leaned over his desk to whisper something like people were listening in, "but I can tell when people have very strong emotions."

I bit my lower lip and thought about that.

"Um sir, I don't think I understand."

"Well," he pulled out a small ring from one of his desk drawers and spun it around his finger casually, "I believe you could say that I have award worthy intuition. And using it now, I can tell that you very much like Ms. Evans-"

"Yes, sir. Very much so." I interrupted.

"Then I see no reason for expulsion or suspension. Perhaps, one detention with Professor Binns would cover the pain of a suspension. I won't be writing to your family however," he looked me dead in the eyes, "if another problem does arise, I will be left with no choice but to give you the proper punishment for you actions."

"Yes sir. Thank you so much, professor. It means a great deal to me." I stood up and shook his hand before heading to the door.

"Oh and James," he had never called me James before, "please do feel free to indulge in some licorice snaps on your way out. I do warn you though, they are a wee bit sharp." He raised his eyebrows at me and lifted up the daily profit to hide his face from view.

I looked over at the bowl and saw the little black candies squirming around and decided to skip them. I waltzed out the door and headed back to class. Only one detention. That's gotta be some kind of record for me.

I walked back into transfiguration while everyone was doing a paper, so I headed to the front of the class to talk to Professor Mcgonagal. The whispers shot around like hexes behind me.

"Potter," she whispered, "what is your punishment?"

"Just one detention with Professor Binns tonight." I explained.

"Just the one?" She raised her eyebrow at me in disbelief.

"Yes professor, just the one."

She let out a small smile that only I could see. She grabbed a random piece of paper from the top of her desk and began to scrawl something out on it. She handed it back to me with a sour look.

"Potter, if you could please have a seat. There is only 5 minutes left of class so if you could ask a classmate what the assignment was, you may do it during your detention. That's your slip right there." She pointed to the paper in my hand that she had just written.

"Yes, professor."

I took a seat behind Sirius and next to Remus. I looked at the paper and realized that it was a scrap paper that read,

Professor Dumbledore is bluffing and Professor Binns is code for pick your own class. I would recommend my class tonight, since I'm going onto the pitch to practice and set up for tryouts. You're choice Potter.

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