Love Hurts

When a vampire meets his "soulmate", this person is the only thing that matters...
So what happens when Harry meets Hayley? And what does Hayley hide to Harry?
-A Harry Styles Fanfic-


7. Weekend With Rachel And Cameron -Chp.4- ~Part.3~

I woke up at 11AM by the sunshine, taking its place throuh all over Rachel's room. I had a good night. It was fun yesterday, kinda gross yeah, but fun still. I was the only one akwake. I went to the bathroom and took a quick shower. I let my hair natural and didn't put make up on, I wouldn't be surprised if they were, I don't know, fighting with food or something so putting make up on would be useless. I got dressed and got out of the bathroom when I found no one was here. I got down the stairs to be welcomed by two fighting girls. What was I saying hah. But they weren't fighting with food, they were fighting for food. They were having breakfast when I entenred the kitchen, hearing some noise from the living room, probably the dog.

"Give it to me!!!!" Rachel yelled.


"I said give it to me!!!!"

"No!!!!" Cameron was sure of herself. I was dead laughing. The two of them stopped fighting when they saw me.

"Did good dreams about Harry?" I heard from behind, it was Michael, Rachel's girlfriend. I felt awkward now, he was just teasing me but there were Rachel and Cameron.

"She wouldn't dream about this jerk." Rachel glared at Michael.

"Yeah. Plus it would be a nightmare." Cameron looked pissed. Just by saying 'Harry', those two girl were getting pissed in a second and not a bit I'd like to say.

"Woah." I muttered to myself, it was worse than I thought.

"Well I am going to shower." Cameron said when my phone buzzed. It was my mom.

"What do you wanna eat for tonight?" She texted, but there were also 6 unread messages, all from Harry. I replied to my mom first.

"I don't know, just a small salad and a small slice of cake will be great please. Chocolate cake of course." I was fond of chocolate.

"Alright, I'll have this. Take care, see you later." She replied, usually I had what I asked, my mom was really nice to me.

"Bye mom, thanks." I replied as fast as could wanting only one thing. Seeing Harry's text. This boy was in my mind all day, I couldn't lie. He texted me 6 times between 2:20AM and 8AM.

"You must have fallen asleep baby. I'll wait for you x Miss you tho xxx"

"Love I miss U :((( Xxx"

"I really hope you will come on Wednesday, we could then talk together for a while :( I miss ya baby :'("

":'( :'( :'( Miss you love :( :( :("

"Ugh! I am bored without you love :("

"Babe :( I guess we'll talk later :'( I hope :( Bye, take care and good night :) Don't dream too much of me :p ;)" This was the last text he sent me. He was so cute, and funny because of the last part. I decided to reply that.

"Hey :) I had a good night thanks, and don't worry. I didn't :p Didn't dream of you at all tbh :p ;) Haha Xxx"

"Morning love :) Oh :( That's so sad to hear :( Perhaps next night ;) What's up? X" I could tell he had a big smirk one his face writing this.

"No I don't think so. Nothing much, still at Rachel's, with Charly, he's so cute awww haha u? :)" I loved Charly, Rachel's dog.

"Who is that Charly -.-????!! Texting with you <3"

"Rachel's dog :p"


"Yeah :3 He's so cute" I love texting with Harry, it's interesting and funny.

"Can I come over tonight? Please :( Wanna see you babe Xx"

"Sure, at what time?"

"At 8PM, is that alright baby? :)"

"Hmh Idk, I'll probably be eating with my mom at this time."

"Then 9:30PM? ;)"

"Alright Harry :)"

"Good <3 How r u? Xx"

"Fine thanks, you?"

"Fine baby <3 Thanks :)"

"Good to hear. Xx"

"I am impatient to be 9:30PM tonight ;)" I was about to reply when Cameron came behind me and started whispering.

"Harry" I don't know why did she say this to be honest, she was pissed like an hour ago.

"What?" Seriously I was lost.

"You are texting with Harry, and you also were texting with him at the cinema and yesterday night." She smirked, probably because she was the only one to know, I'm sure Rachel has her own idea about it though but whatever, in the second I locked my black iPhone and answered to her comment, whispering because the kitchen wasn't that far, not far at all from the living room and I didn't want Rachel to hear.

"Yes I was," I started, saying the truth," but I don't know what's your problem. You were pissed an hour ago when you heard Michael asking me if I had good dreams about Harry and now you are so calm and smirking seeing me texting with him."

"I just care and am scared about you. But it's your life and you do what you want. Plus I can see that you kinda like him, I can't blame you, this guy is the hottest of the school." She laughed a bit.

"Oh... Yeah he's hot lol." I laughed too. "Where's Rachel? And Michael? I'm leaving now, it's 12:30PM now so."

"Oh they are in the living room." I said goodbye to everyone, even to the little cutie Charly, I opened my car door and jumped in the driver seat. I blucked my seatbelt and starting getting out of the driveway. I turned the radio on and let 'Drunk in Love' playing. I started thinking about the weekend, there were bad times yeah but overall it was good. I had fun. I drove for 10 minutes and I was already home, I parked and got out of the car, locking it I went in front of my house and used my key to open the door. I entered the hall and directly went upstairs. Putting my bag on the ground I went in the bathroom and took a quick shower. I put on some black jogging with a dark grey top. I put on my black vans and put my hair in a small high bun. I went downstairs and turned the TV on, my mom let me a small note, it was saying that she went to the supermarket, to buy some food and stuff. I stayed there for two hours, watching TV and reading the newspaper. I went to the kitchen when someone knocked at the door. I stood up and went in the hall to open it, I was wondering who could it be, I wasn't expecting anyone to come here. I opened the door and was really surprised. Harry was standing next to my mom, helping her carrying some bags.

"Hey hunny, glad to see you are back. I met Harry and we talked about you and the school. As there is a meeting with your teachers soon, he explained me everything I have to know. He's really nice. Well I'm going to the bathroom, to put the make up and shower gel I bought. Hayley, show Harry the kitchen, we've been walking for like fourty minutes."

"Sure." My mom left and I went to the kitchen and helped Harry.

"Hello love." He smirked, happy to be here.

"Hi Harry, what are you doing here?"

"Well I helped your mom. And she asked me if I wanted to have some tea here with you so I said yes."

"Oh alright. I am going to ask her for Wednesday then." I smiled, going out of the kitchen but Harry grabbed my arm.

"I already asked her, she said yes. But if you wanna check, you'll check later." He pulled me closer to him, like really close to him. Only a few centimetres were separating each other. He was smirking, pulling me even closer. But he let me go just a minute after, hearing my mom's big heels touching the ground everytime she was going down a stair. We went to the living room and sat on the coutch. She went to the kitchen, and prepared the tea. She came back with it and cupcakes, that she probably made earlier with the chocolate cake my eyes caught in the fridge.

"Here are your tea." She said, handing to both of us our cups.

"So mom is that true I am allowed to go to Harry's on Wednesday?"

"Sure thing hunny." She smiled at me, while I was taking a sip of the delicious tea she made.

"Your tea is delicious Ms. Miller." Harry spoke my thoughts.

"Yeah that's true mom. I always loved your tea." I smiled. She laughed, thanking us.

"You can call me Courtney, when my daughter's friends call me like this, I find myself feeling much older than I already am."

"Sorry Courtney." Harry replied. I know my mom liked Harry and that if Harry was my boyfriend, she would be happy.

"Well I gotta go, gonna buy some other things. I wanna shop." My mom smiled, I knew what she was exactly doing. She wanted to leave Harry and I alone. "Harry you can stay here and you could have dinner with us? What do you think?"

"If I don't bother you, I would love to." Harry replied, grinning at me. My mom slammed the door and I was left alone in the living room with him.

"Happy you're coming over babe?" He winked, still smirking.

"Yes I am. So what do we do?"

"Well I would have ideas but you'll say no so let's watch a movie then." He chuckled at his own comment and winked.

"Harry I swear you are so perverted! But right, I'll say no. What do you wanna watch?" I asked, slapping him in the arm slightly.

"Well I don't know. You choose." He said, making himself being comfortable in the coutch.

"Twilight!!" I yelled, it was my favourite movie, I could watch it all over again. He sighed but agreed. I went upstairs and took the DVD when my phone buzzed.

"Protect you! ;)" My mom texted me, ohhhh.

"We are just watching a movie." I replied, laughing a bit at her little cheeky comment. I went down the stairs and saw Harry, a bowl of popcorn in his hand, freshly made, waiting for me.

"I'm back." I put the movie and it started. Harry sighed and sighed many times, kinda pissed at himself for agreeing with me earlier to watch this movie. I sat next to him and started eating popcorn. We spent the rest of the afternoon watching Twilight. We watched the first two when my mom came back. Harry sighed again and I smirked at his way of acting, he was funny. My mom cooked the salad and we all ate. I had fun today, a lot. I went to my room followed by Harry. All the lights of the house were off, my mom went to sleep, it was now 11PM. Only the light of my room was on. I went in the bathroom and locked the door behind me. Harry told me he was going to watch TV.

"Babe you're sure you don't want me to join??" He yelled as I could hear him, I laughed and replied.

"No way, I'm soon done you don't have to wait a lot."

"Too bad, I would have loved to." He chuckled, smirking for sure. I knew he was, it was Harry. He was always smirking. I put on some black pajamas. I brushed my hair and teeth. I got out of the bathroom and went next to Harry who was lying down on my bed watching TV.

"I should have joined you." He grinned at me. I slapped him right in the arm.

"Stop it." I said.

"Don't slap me!" He pouted.

"Or else what?" I chuckled, too sure of myself. I shouldn't have been too fast. He started tickling me and I was dead laughing. We laughed for like 1 hour, I couldn't breath anymore when we heard a loud piercing scream. Then another one and another one. I was scared. There was a long piercing scream for like 5 minutes then it stopped.

"Love don't be frigthened. It's fine." Harry said, standing up and closing the window. He was still up and that scared me.

"I said to don't be scared, it'll be alright." He smiled.

"I'm sca-a-ared yes but if you leave I'm going to d-d-die, st-stay a bit more p-p-please." I stuttered. He joined me in the bed and smiled, the TV was on and it was some series playing. I was shaking, it wasn't because it was cold, it wasn't cold. I was shaking because of the loud scream I heard when I first went to sleep in this room, because of the blood I saw when I first walked to school, because of the dead lying body I discovered, because of the loud screams we just heard. Harry came really close to me, feeling that I was terrified and frightened. He opened his arms and tightened them around my small body. I smiled at him and stayed close to him. He was about to open his arms when I stopped him.

"No let them. I feel safe when you are with me." I smiled again. He wrapped his arms again and smiled, he was seriously perfect, his brown dark curls were falling perfectly and they were so soft, his green eyes were so deep and beautiful. His smile was the most beautiful smile I have ever seen. I smiled once again and my eyes shut closed. I fell asleep in Harry's arms.


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