Love Hurts

When a vampire meets his "soulmate", this person is the only thing that matters...
So what happens when Harry meets Hayley? And what does Hayley hide to Harry?
-A Harry Styles Fanfic-


8. Skipping School With Harry -Chp.5-

I opened my eyes to find myself being wrapped in Harry's arms. I saw he was still sleeping so I got out of the bed and did my best not to wake him up. I looked at my phone and it was 9:05AM! Oh my gosh I was late! I went in the bathroom and washed my body as fast as possible. I dried myself off and put on some skinny black jeans with a red Rolling Stones top and my red vans. I put my hair in a high bun and walked out of the bathroom to see a smirking Harry.

"Morning baby" He spoke with his British voice. "Can I use the bathroom please?" He asked, still smirking. "Too bad you already had your shower, you would have joined me." He winked, bitting his lip.

"Sure but be quick, we are late for school. I didn't hear the alarm clock." I said, putting my things in my bag.

"Okay.." He went in the bathroom and I heard that the water was on so I kept doing my bag. Ten minutes later, Harry was out, freshly dressed in his black jeans with a white T-Shirt. He was wearing a cap which was black of course. He was always wearing black.

"You're finally ready, we can leave. I'll drive." I was about to get out of my room when Harry grabbed me by the waist.

"Why do you want to go to school so badly? I'll take you somewhere." He smirked, grabbing me closer.

"I just have to go." I replied, going farther.

"Well you are not going today. We'll spend the day together. Let's go to the mall, I'll buy you clothes. I have to take something there anyways." He walked next to me going downstairs. I took my bag with him and followed him.

"How is your car here?" I wondered, he came walking yesterday so.

"I texted my friend Zayn and he brought it here. Let's go."

"Harry I'm not going anywhere with you. I'm gonna walk to school."

"You are coming with me to the mall." He said, opening the car door for me.

"No." I said, crossing my arms upon my chest. He just chuckled, his eyes becoming black because of anger.

"Get on the car." He growled. He looked damn angry.

"Okay." I entered the car and put my seatbelt on while Harry closed my door shut and went to the driver seat and put the key on. It was it. I was skipping school with Harry. It stressed me to be honest, it was the first time ever I was skipping school. I was scared my mom will find it out that I skipped school. I was just late at first but Harry made me go with him.

"Stop worrying babe. We'll have fun." He opened his car door and then mine when we entered this big building. There were so many shops in there. I followed Harry who was going only god knew the hell where. We arrived in front of a big black door. He knocked thrice when it burst opened.

"Stay here. I'll be right back." He dissapeared walking up the stairs to somewhere I didn't care about. He came back ten minutes after, not saying anything. He closed the door with his right hand and made me walk to a shop. I didn't look at the name, my mouth hung open seeing all these beautiful dresses. There were thousand of them. There were black sexy dresses and long white, orange, purple other dresses. I saw one who caught my eyes in the second. It was a beautiful mid-long red dress with a few curves. There were bright black and big heels next to it. It was a perfect sexy and glamorous outfit. I looked next to me to find I was alone. I didn't know where Harry was gone, I didn't see him anywhere. I went to this black door to find it locked.

"What do you want?" I heard a male voice behind me. I turned around to see a tall tough guy looking pissed. He was scary.

"I-I-I was... Lo-st... And... I..." I was cut off.

"Can't you speak properly baby?" He pushed me against the wall. He was hurting me. "Perhaps you just are scared." He whispered in my ear. "Scared of me." He laughed and grinned at me evily. "What is a sexy girl like you doing here alone? If you're looking for someone to have some fun with, I am here." He winked, pushing me once again and grabbing my body close to his, really close. He put his hand on my body and stopped his hand on my bum, he gave it a little squeeze. My mouth hung open. He was so scary and strong I couldn't do anything. He leant closer to kiss me when a British so known voice interrupted the big unknown guy.

"Jake, don't touch her. She is with me. She is mine." He said, glaring at the guy.

"Sorry. Excuse me Harry, I didn't know she was yours." The guy looked scared.

"It's okay. But don't touch her ever again. Leave now." The guy looked down at the ground and left listening to Harry.

"I'm sorry love, I shouldn't have left you alone." Harry said, looking really sorry. He knew I was scared. "He won't touch you, I won't let any other guy touch you ever again." He looked serious. He made me feel safe. I smiled at him. He smiled back and handed me a bag from some shop.

"Look. It's for you." He said waiting for me to look at what he got for me. I opened and my mouth hung open for what looked like the hundren time today and my eyes went wide. He bought me the glamorous outfit I was looking at earlier with some sexy underwear. I laughed.

"Oh my gosh! Thank you so much Harry! But I can't accept it. It must have cost you a lot and I just can't." I handed him back the bag, half-smiling.

"Heyyy! You're taking it. It's your outfit. I can't wear these." He laughed. "Just take it, please."

"Thank you." I leant and kissed him, on the cheek of course.

"I would have liked somewhere else." He joked.

"Don't wish! You'll be disapointed." I slapped him in the arm and he walked me to a small restaurant. He ordered us some pasta with bolognese.

"Happy of you bad girl?" He chuckled, drinking his coke.

"Why bad girl?" I replied, taking some pasta with my fork.

"You're skipping school at the moment. You're a bad girl." He winked.

"You made me." I glared at him.

"Don't glare at me, you love me." He laughed, eating his pasta as a child would do.

"I truly don't nope." I replied, chuckling. I ended up winning this fight and I was proud of myself. I followed him out of the mall and went in the car. He started driving somewhere and we were getting far away from the center town. We arrived in front of a place full of rides.

"Let's have some fun." Harry smirked. We went everywhere and ate lots of candies. It was just amazing. It was 4PM when I checked my phone to find 10 missed calls and 17 texts. Oh my god. I had 7 missed calls from my mom. I was going to get in a lot of trouble. She let me some texts. 10 to be exact. I just called her back.

"Hey mom." I started to talk, my voice was a bit shaking.

"Hello. I just called to tell you I won't be here tonight and for a few days. I was called in America for some things you know, nothing important. I'll be back here in a week. I'm going to the airport right now." I sighed in relief, she didn't know I was skipping school at the moment. I was panicked in the second I was going to be alone again in my life. Once it happened, I didn't like that at all. Something which changed my life happened, it was the most horrible thing which could happen.

"It's alright mom. I just got back from school so I couldn't reply before. Sorry."

"It's alright hunny. Well my plane is in 10 minutes. I have to go. I let you money. Take care of you, I love you. Bye honey."

"Thanks. Okay. I will, take care you too. I love you mom, goodbye." And with that she hung up. I was panicked. I had some other texts from Rachel, Cameron and Michael who were worried and wanted to know where was I. I just locked my phone and ignored them.

"What's wrong baby?" Harry came from behind me.

"Nothing. Everything is fine." I lied to him.

"Stop lying, it's not good. Let's go back home. I'll drive you back there. It was an amazing day." He smiled.

"It was awesome yeah. Thank you." I said, turning the radio of Harry's car on.

"I love this song." I said, starting to sing. 'It Girl' by Jason Derulo was on. He drove for like 1:30 hour and we arrived at my home. I was kinda cold since it was snowing. The small white flakes of snow were falling onto the ground, soon covering it all and let it be white. I entered my house and went in my mom's bedroom. I took a huge black blanket and sat in the living room, putting it all over my body, it was so cold.

"Here you are babe, see you later." He winked and was about to leave when I stopped him:

"Don't leave please. My mom won't be here tonight and I don't want to be alone. Can you stay please? For dinner please?"

"Sure thing baby. We didn't finish Twilight anyways." He joked, closing and locking the front door and taking a seat next to me.

"Let's watch the third chapter of the saga." I said, making myself comfortable in his arms.

"I was joking baby." He laughed.

"Well I wasn't. Shut up now, it's starting." I chuckled, seeing his little cute face.

"Okay baby, calm down." He wrapped his arms around me. He knew I was really scared and he made me feel safe. The movie was over and of course Bella chose Edward, she wasn't turned yet. Harry fell asleep and I went upstairs. I showered for 30 minutes and put on some dark grey jogging and top, it was a small outfit I bought a few months ago. My hair was in a high bun and I did the homework Cameron texted me. I replied to them all, saying that I had a huge headache and that I couldn't come. I texted my bestfriend.

"Ash' I miss ya :(( x"

"Hey there cupcake! :D What's up <3?"

"Well I discovered a dead lying body, and I just skipped school with a guy... You lol?"

"Omg that's news! Well I am taken now, I'm dating Jason and it's amazing to be with him! Who's that guy btw?" She wondered.

"Omg! Congratulations! I knew ya'll ask ;p Well... This guy is Harry, he's British ofc. He is also really damn hot but there's a little thing about him I can't figure out huh.. <3" I texted her back.

"So you think I'm really damn hot?" Harry asked, quoting me to tease me. I felt my cheeks turning a bright red.

"Haha baby you're embarassed because of me.. How cute aww" He winked at me, pulling me closer to him. "What d'ya want to eat?" He asked, still having me close.

"Hahahahahaha as if you could cook Harry!!! Hahahaha." I laughed, really loud.

"But I can." He said, letting me go away from him. "So what do you want to have for dinner?" He asked, waiting for me. I laughed for 5 minutes and finally replied, smirking.

"Surprise me." I winked, I walked past him and downstairs, going in the kitchen. I heard he was following me, laughing a bit, I was laughing too.

"I can do that too. But your laugh is cheeky babe." He added, entering the kitchen along with me. He cooked for one hour while I was texting Ash'.

"It's done baby. Enjoy." He grinned, happy of his work.

"I hope I won't die. Thank you, enjoy it too." I laughed. We ate for two hours and laughed a lot. I went usptairs and brushed my teeth and hair. I could feel Harry's eyes on me, they were stuck on my body, looking up and down on me.

"Stop starring please Harry." I said, going out of the bathroom.

"But my eyes don't want to move." He pouted and joked like a child.

"Goodnight Harry, thank you so much, it was an awesome day, I had much fun. Thank you for staying here. It means a lot."

"No problems love. Glad you had fun. Don't worry, I'll stay here to protect you, goodnight, sleep tight love." He said, turning the TV and lights off.

'She is mine' those words were pounding in my head. Harry was looking serious, and this guy just listened to him and leave, he was like scared. Whatever, I had an amazing day, and thinking about it, skipping school with Harry was a great idea after all. He was really nice, well, this is what I thought...


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