Love Hurts

When a vampire meets his "soulmate", this person is the only thing that matters...
So what happens when Harry meets Hayley? And what does Hayley hide to Harry?
-A Harry Styles Fanfic-


4. Eating With Him -Chp.3-

A/N.: Hey.. Before starting I'd like to say thanks if you keep reading it. And I'm sorry if it sucks but it's my first real fanfic ever x Enjoy x Like, favourite and COMMENT PLEASE IT'D MEAN SO MUCH :) Thanks again x Bye -F x


*In the morning*

I woke up at 7AM , feeling awful. I did not sleep well at all and I problably was looking like a complete mess right now. But "Never let your ass on the groud when you have the choice to get up.", this was one of my favourite sentence. I decided to go to school even on a day like this. I went to the bathroom and had a bath. I was starting at nine and I had one hour and a half to spend. I was in the hot water, my skin trying to escape the boiling water but my body wouldn't move. It was really hot, but I needed this. I was thinking about everything and nothing. It was really hard to be honest, after seeing a dead body in front of your eyes. It's like it was so easy to die. This poor 18 girl might had many things to do, she had friends and a family. But it didn't matter anymore for her because she couldn't move or think anymore. She. Was. Dead. I washed my body and hair not without difficulty. I got out of the shower and dried myself. The towel seemed to weight more than a house. I wasn't in the mood to put on some make-up so I stayed natural and let my hair flying in the air. I got downstairs to watch TV when I saw a note that my mom left on the remute knowing that I was going to watch TV. It said:

"Hello honey, I know it's hard so if you don't have the courage to go to school by being afraid to be outside, you can stay home. I completely understand. There is money that you can use to eat. I love you and it's going to be alright do not worry about it. Take care. -Mom :)". Seriously I was lucky to have a mom like this. She was always here for me, even when it was also hard for her, it was just like she had all the courage of the world in herself. She was a loving, sweet and funny mom. I loved her. But I wanted to go to school even though. I went to the kitchen and took some money and left the house with my bag. I decided on walking because I needed some air. I was walking when it started to snow and rain. This is when someone just honked with his car. I just kept walking when the car honked again. So I turned my head and I saw that Harry was in his big black and beautiful Range Rover. He opened the window and said:

"Love, come inside. I mean look at you, you must be frozen outside, it's raining and snowing. And I think you don't want to be sick baby. Jump." He smiled and stopped the car. He went out and came to me, opening the door for me.

"Thanks but I can walk." I said, closing the door.

"No I insist love. I'll drive you to school and we both start with French on Friday. So come in love." he opened the door again. Well I guess I didn't have a choice and he was right on a point. I didn't want to be ill. He closed my door and his at his turn. He started driving and talking at the same time.

"Love I'm sorry about yesterday night. I feel you. I hope you'll be alright but you know it's safe here in London. There are just some street you shouldn't try to go but it's safe." He said looking at me and at the road at the same time.

"You say this because you are a tall and strong guy. Because you live here since long and you know the town and around. Thanks for driving me. It's nice from you." I said, only looking at the road.

"No problem love." And those were the last words of all the car drive. We arrived at school at 8:30AM though we were starting at nine, so it was empty. No one was here. We were the only class to start at nine on Friday.

"Babe I know they are warning you from me. Always saying that I'm a heartbreaker, only being a player and that I am dangerous. No good for you. Right?" He laughed, taking a cigarette out of his pocket.

"Well they just care about me I guess. They musn't like you that's all. But yeah you're right." I said looking away from him.

"What I told you. But love look at me." He made me look at him.

"Well I gotta go to the toilets. Then I'll go to my locker. Thanks again. Bye." I said, walking in the school.

"Love, don't forget that you're eating with me today." He winked and was smoking. As always. The other guys were smoking again, they arrived when I left. I went to the toilets and well you know what we do there. I peed. And washed my hand when my phone rang. It was mom. She just asked where I was and I said school. She told me to take care. It was now 9AM and I had to go to my locker fast. I got out the toilets when all eyes turned on me. I guess it was because of last night. I just ran to my locker, took my books and when to my class. There was only one seat left and of course it had to be the one next to Harry, between him and Zayn. Behind Liam and in front of Niall and Louis.

"Hey baby." Harry whispered in my ear. Oh, I had to hear him talking for one hour. The teacher started to speak in French.

"Bonjour. Aujourd'hui vous allez..." And blah blah blah, the teacher was boring. I just looked at the board, acting like if I was listening. The hour passed and I went to go to history for two dead boring hours. Harry was still next to me. It's like everything was planned as he wanted.

*Lunch with Harry*

It was now 12PM. The bell rang and I walked out of the class to go to my locker. I put my bag in it and went behind the school to eat. I saw Cameron and Rach' so I walked to them. I sat and started to talk with them.

"We're so sorry about yesterday,", Cameron spoke up " it must be really hard but remember that we're your friends and that we are here for you. If you ever need to talk, just ask." She smiled.

"Yeah Cameron says right. And well if you don't feel to come over tomorrow it's fine." Rachel said, drinking her water.

"I'll come. I'm fine, scared but fine." I said, smiling shyly.

"Love don't be scared." Harry said, smirking. I felt like myself screaming, he just scared the shit out of me. He continued

"I told you you're eating with us today. Our table is over there." He pointed the table with his finger. I didn't stand up. I looked at Rachel and Cameron who looked scared but pissed.

"Don't. He'll leave soon." Rachel mouthed. Her back was turned to Harry so he couldn't see her.

"I won't leave until you come with me baby. I'm waiting." He said like he saw Rach' mouthing those words.

"I'll go." I whispered to them. They were just like so surprised and their mouths hung open.

"Good baby." Harry said, glaring and smirking, both at the same time. I walked to their table only to be welcomed by glares. I glared back, like I just do not want to be here with them. And by them, I meant Harry.

"What's up guys?" Harry said, looking at me a few times.

"Nothing new, we are fine. No troubles, nothing bad." Liam said. His glare turned to a smile, I smiled back, he looked kind.

"We're gonna smoke. Wanna join Harry.. And?" The mysterious one said making eye contact with me.

"Hayley. I'm Haley. And no, I don't smoke thanks." I answered, looking at Harry.

"No we're good here, you can go." Harry replied.

"Well eat now love, I think you're hungry." He said, smiling.

"I actually am. Don't you eat?" I ate in my mixed salad.

"Yeah, of course. I have a mixed salad with smoked salmon, just like you." He ate too. I looked at his salad and it happened that he was right. We talked a lot.

"So love, where are you from? I mean I know you're American but from which part of the US do you come from?"

"Well I'm from Los Angeles. My mom decided to live in London six months ago, she thinks it is better for us. So we're here since Wednesday Harry."

"Oh okay baby. But I'm wondering.. Why would it be better for you two? Why did she decide to move in in London?"

"She just did Harry. She just thinks this way."

"And how is it to live in London? And what about the school?"

"Well London is okay. It's like a normal city. I'm just scared but it's fine. And school, well good. I made new friends and they are really nice you know."

"Good to hear love. But remember, you'll be alright. Just some streets you should avoid. And well... what do you think about-" Harry started but he was cut off by Louis.

"Hey there Hayley and Harry!!! So how's your life going so far here in London Hayley?" Louis yelled while taking a seat.

"Hmh well it's going fine. Thanks." I replied, awkwardly.

"And we are all sorry Hayley about yesterday. We were all just as shocked as you." Niall added.

"Yeah thanks. I saw you before blacking out. Well I gotta go to toilets." I got up from my seat but Harry stopped me.

"I'll come with you." He said. He looked pissed.

"Don't do anything without protecting yourself." Louis laughed. We walked to the toilets, it was dead silent.

"Harry are you okay? You look pissed? I don't know.." I asked, it was awkward.

"I'm fine love. Don't worry." He replied, forcing a smile.

"I don't." I replied.

"Go do your business baby. The bell's going to ring in a minute." Oh my god, the hour passed so fast. I went out of the toilets and Harry was nowhere to be found. The bell rang so I just went to my English class. I had two hours of gym after.

*At 6PM*

I got out of the school when I saw my mom's car just where I told her to be. Great. I texted her, I am scared to go back home. I got in the car, put my seatbelt on and looked at the road.

"Hey honey, how you feeling?" She asked, caring.

"Well alright. I'm scared yeah but I'm alright. It's hard, really hard to be honest but I'll be fine I guess." I replied, being honest. Harry was right I think, London couldn't be that horrible, maybe a few streets but it was like in all the cities of this world. It was dangerous.

"Good honey. I'm here for you. You know this. Between, what about your weekend at your friend's?" She said, closing her door, going out of the car, just as I did.

"Well I'm going. I really want to know them. So I'll go but I have to do my homework for next week tonight. It was the deal and I'll respect it." I said, while we entered our new house.

"Right. I'll cook pasta with meat." She said, going to sit in the sitting-room.

"Well 'kay good. I'm going upstairs. Love you, thanks mom." I was now in my room. My phone buzzed and buzzed many times. I knew it was Rachel and Cameron, they were telling me about Harry again, they wanted to know why I actually did leave and eat with him. I did because I knew he wouldn't leave and annoy them so I just left. I'll reply tomorrow morning. I started with French. Then I did Maths, English, History and to finish, Sciences. It was done. I took a shower. I went downstairs, ate with my mom and brushed my teeth. It was a long tiring day. I went to bed at midnight. I was thinking, as I did last night. My thoughts and minds were full of Harry. He actually was kind, but Cameron and Rachel were just so serious talking about him; to them, he was dangerous. I didn't know what to think. He seemed to be nice with me. Of course, getting pissed fast but nice though. Well I was lost, I had to know why Cameron and Rachel hated him that much. What was the matter?

Well tonight, I fell asleep with the only thought of Harry.

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