Love Hurts

When a vampire meets his "soulmate", this person is the only thing that matters...
So what happens when Harry meets Hayley? And what does Hayley hide to Harry?
-A Harry Styles Fanfic-


3. A Mysterious Death In London -Chp. 2-

*At 9PM*

I arrived home at like 5PM and I was waiting for my mom to come back. I was done with homework and I just finished showering. I jumped in my bed and turned the TV on. I felt wind when I remember I opened the windows. I went to close them when I saw big grey clouds. Was going to snow and rain tonight. Then I went back to my bed when I heard I had a text.

"Hey there cupcake ;) I miss you :(" it was from my bestfriend, Ashley. I texted back.

"Hey :) Miss you too :( How you doing? <3"

"Well good good x How 'bout you up there in London? How is it to live there?"

"Fine, but it's kinda hard to understand the English accent yeah lol. I gotta go because my mom's just came back home. Bye, love ya <3" I left my phone on the bed and went downstairs.

"Hello Hayley, what do you want to eat tonight?" My mom asked me while sitting on the couch and turning TV on.

"Hmh I don't know, what's in the fridge?" I said going to the kitchen along with her.

"Nothing haha. Sorry I forgot there was nothing because I am dead tired, jet lag's the reason." She said, half-smiling.

"It's alright mom, I know, I'm tired too." I replied, taking a sip of my glass of water. We were sitting on the couch, my mom was paying attention to TV while I just was there thinking. Thinking about everything. I missed my friends from L.A.. I was also thinking about my new school. It was alright though Harry actually was in my mind all the time. Why did Rachel was that panicked? I mean there's a player everywhere but she was just like dead panicked. And then the blood on the snow was disturbing me. Though it was nothing I guess. My thoughts were interrupted by the ringing bell.

"Mom I'll have it." I said walking to the door.

"Hello, so there is your pizza and your bottle of Coke. Enjoy." The 30 years old guy said giving me the pizza.

"Thanks. Bye." I said giving him 20 box. I went to the living-room where my mom was sitting.

"Enjoy honey." She smiled.

"Thanks, you too mom. So how was your day?" I asked, starting to eat the delicious pizza.

"Tiring, really tiring. I have to say. I visited London and people were nice to be honest. Just I have a little problem with the accent here." She laughed.

"Yeah me too. Haha." I replied. My mom was an estate agent.

"How was yours hon'?" She wondered.

"Well tiring too. I made new friends. Cameron and Rachel, they're really nice you know and Michael, Rachel's boyfriend."

"Oh, good hon'." She smiled.

"Yeah talking 'bout that mom? Can I go to Rachel's on Saturday? Please? There'll be Cameron, Rachel and I. I don't know about her family but still please? It'd be a good way to know them better." I did puppy eyes because I knew she'd say yes.

"Fine. But take care. And you'll do all of your homework on Friday. This is the deal."

"Thanks mom. Well I'm going to sleep, goodnight mom." I said going upstairs.

"'Night honey. Love you." I heard her saying from downstairs.

"Love ya too mom." I yelled. I brushed my teeth and left my bathroom to go to my bed. I was about to fall asleep when I heard a loud noise, more like a scream. Then there was a big flash and storm. I just thought that this girl, because it looked like a girl's scream, was just afraid so I fell asleep.

*In the morning*

I woke up and I got out of bed to shower. I entered the bathroom and the bathtub and let the cool liquid go down my skin. I washed myself and took a towel to dry my skin. I put on some mascara and some lipstick. I went downstairs and drank my tea. Mom was already left. She let me some money to have lunch and the keys of my new car. I decided on driving today because it was so cold yesterday. London's weather on winter, should have expected it. I drove for 10 minutes when I arrived in front of school.

"Hey Hay', how're you today?" Cameron yelled running after me, I waited for her.

"Hey good thanks, you?" I said while we entered the school and went to our locker. We were next to eachother.

"Well good. Between Rach' told me. Stay away from him. He's no good believe me." She said. I put my books in my locker and took the ones I needed.

"Yeah. Thanks for caring. Well I gotta go. Talk to you later." I said leaving. Why the two of them were just like so scared of him? They were like twins when it comes to him. For them, Harry was just dangerous and mean I guess, perhaps something happened already. I was walking to the sciences class when I hurt into someone.

"You could watch your feet love." He said, helping me standing up.

"Sorry. And thanks for helping me up." I said awkwardly, he was like so tall and I was scared.

"Don't be scared. I won't hurt you love. I'll walk with you to the class baby." How dared he. He still calls me names. It was pissing me off, but they were 5 guys, all tall and strong, scaring me to death.

"Don't have to, you know." I said, starting walking faster. I was about to enter the class when I felt his finger on my chin.

"Look at me, love. I won't eat you. But you'll eat with me tomorrow okay." He said and winked. As always, and with that he left. I sat, and paid attention to the teacher. Though I wasn't listening. Who the hell does he think he is? I won't eat with him or have anything to do with him. The hours passed and it was lunch now.

"Hey everyone!" I said sitting with Rach' and the others.

"Hey there Hay', so what about Saturday night?" Rachel asked.

"Well everything's good I can come. So it's amazing." I smiled.

"Yeah. Amazing. Well how are you all?" She said, eating. We talked a lot while eating. Michael was now left. An hour passed and only 30 minutes were left before going again in class. Harry and his gang were getting closer and closer. They walked next to us, Harry winked, they were all smoking.

"Hayley do you remember what I told you? He is only troubles." Rachel whispered yelled.

"I do. I don't do anything, he is the one coming. But I'll take care I promise." I said just when the bell rang. So I just went to my history class.

*At 6PM*

I was in the car, going back home. It was dark, really dark. Was listening to the radio, 'Boulevard Of Broken Dreams' by Green Day was on. I was getting lost. This is when there was something on the side of the street. It looked like night already but I could see like a body! OH MY GOSH!! I went out of the car, praying for my life when I saw I was right. A dead body was lying on the floor. I took my phone out and called the cops. I was so afraid. TV journalists were here, flashs being on my eyes. The chief inspector writing his report. I saw people from school. There was even Liam, Zayn, Louis, Niall and of course, as they are always together, Harry was there. Harry looked at me, and he was the last person I saw because this is when I blacked out.

I woke up at the hospital, my mom was next to me, holding my head, probably really scared.

"Mom, when are we leaving?" I asked opening my eyes.

"Soon, everything's alright Mrs. Miller." The doctor said to my mom. "But the inspector would like to talk to you Hayley. You'll leave after that I guess."

"So Hayley, can you tell me what happened please?" the guy asked.

"Of course. I was in my car, driving back home. And it was really really dark. I entered this small but long street when I saw something lying on the ground, on my right. I got out of the car, holding my phone in my hand scared when I saw it was a lying dead body. This is when I called you. That's all." I said, chills running down my spine.

"Thanks Hayley, I'll hope you will be alright and I may call you. This is how it happens when you're a cop. Well goodnight." He left and I got out of my bed.

"Mom I really am tired, can we go back home? If you didn't go to the market again there is no problem, I am not hungry at all anyways."

"Sure honey." She took my keys and drived. We arrived home at 11PM.

"Goodnight mom." I said walking up the stairs.

"Goodnight Hayley, we'll talk tomorrow if you want to."

"Perhaps. Thanks.", I closed the door and the windows along with the curtain. I tried to fall asleep. But I was scared, scared of any small noise. The image of the dead lying body was clear and in my head. It was so weird and scary, this body was so pale. I think this poor girl was killed. I was dead tired but my eyes didn't want to close. I stayed awake for long and long.

Harry, his eyes were inexpressive. No emotions showing. Well, maybe he was as shocked as me. I don't know. Well, this thought was the last I had before falling asleep. My body couldn't take anything more.


A./N.: Hello there :) I hope you liked it. I wanted to say thanks and also wanted you to know that it's going to be Hayley's P.O.V. for quite a while :) Like, Favourite, Comment please!! :) x Sorry for any mistakes between x Bye -F

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