Brooke Hyland, Day to Day Change

Brooke Hyland is almost 16. She still dances with Abby Lee Miller at the ALDC. One day, she gets a Job Offer that will change her life forever - but is her dream job worth risking her family,friends, and fame? Find out in this original Brooke Hyland/Dance Moms fanfic!


2. The Offer

"Right everyone, grande pley in second, stretch it out as much as possible. 5 minute quick stretch, then off to work on the group!"said Miss Abby, walking out of the studio. Strange, she never does that. "Oh, Brooke, come with me please!", she said, quickly turning round. I followed her into the studio B, not understanding what was going on with this.

Abby turned the lights on in B, and she walked to the center of the room. I followed. "Brooke Marie Hyland....I have known you know for 14 years. You are almost 16 years of age. You are one of the best dancers my studio has ever produced. If I let you leave here when you are 21 with no dance carrer, then I am letting an amazing talent go to waste. This is my now, telling you, I didn't give you that coreography Role for nothing. If when you are ready to graduate this studio, and if I think this dance is good enough this week, you can be a coreographer for my dance company Brooke. I also gave Maddie this part because I want the same from her, but in 9 years. Brooke you have 5 years to show me how much you want this Dance job. Gianna can't dance forever, I believe you can."

I was in complete shock. Me? An ALDC choreographer? I wasn't as good as Gia, no way, not ever!! But Miss A believed in me, and that was all I needed. 

"Okay. You're on, if I nail this weekend, particullarly the duo, I choreograph for the ALDC?"I said, just making sure I'd got it right. 

"Couldn't have said it better myself, now come on let's learn the group!"

We both left smilling, rare for me and Abby.

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