Brooke Hyland, Day to Day Change

Brooke Hyland is almost 16. She still dances with Abby Lee Miller at the ALDC. One day, she gets a Job Offer that will change her life forever - but is her dream job worth risking her family,friends, and fame? Find out in this original Brooke Hyland/Dance Moms fanfic!


3. The Group Dance

"Girls! I have already said that this group dance is going to be a challenge for you all because of it's theme. Child abuse is a very severe issue in our world and you need to portray that to the best of your ability. There are 3 feautured parts. They are going to Chloe, Brooke and Mackenzie!", said Miss Abby as we walked back into the studio.

I couldn't believe I had a feautred part as well as a solo and a duo!

"Brooke, yours will be the hardest part to portray. You are going to be Mackenzies mom, who abuses her very much and treats her bad. This means Kenzie will be the main part which is the girl being abused. Kenzie, I know this shall be difficult because you are only 9 years old and have never been treated badly, but I am trusting you will be able to do it. Now Chlow. You are going to be the angel at the end. You are going to have a full 15 seconds towards the end with just you and Kenz. But this does mean your not onstage for the majority of the dance. Sorry, but you just suit the angel part the best. Now lets start in the corner. Lay on the floor Kenzi, with the others all around you."

As we learnt the group, I was begining to realise exactly how tough my week was going to be. The group dance with the featured part was hard enough so I need I had to give this dance my all! I had a really difficult lift section with Kenzie and I had to throw her over the stage to be caught by Kendall and Mad, I really hoped I didn't drop her on the stage! She trusted me, so I had to give it my best.

"Absolitley Fantastic Ladies! This is sure to win the first!"


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