Family above all else

This is my entry for the Salvage competition. This is the meeting between Aidan and Cass from Aidans point of view.


3. Chapter 3

It took me half an hour to collect my strength and face the computer again. Slowly, my fingers skimmed the keyboard. Ten minutes later I looked back at what I had written 'Cass, I think I might be your brother.' Send. Okay. Now I just had to wait. Minutes passed to hours. I kept checking to see if she had seen the message. And then the little tick appeared. She had seen it. My palms were sticky with sweat as I shook with nerves. 

What was she thinking? Had she read it and then ignored me thinking I was mad? A crazy stalker trying to get close to her by claiming I was her brother? Oh God. The suspense was killing me. I didn't want to see that blank screen but i couldn't tear myself away from it either, in case she replied. 

'Cass is typing' oh God. What would she say? F off? Get lost you creep? My heart was in my mouth. Everything seemed to slow down. My ears were ringing. It felt like I was looking down on the scene, but I wasn't really in it, my mind wasn't there. And then she had stopped typing. The ringing had stopped. It was all very real now as my message box lit up with a '1'. I opened it.

'When can I meet you?'

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