Amanda Stewart is a thief. She is a liar, a cheater, a murderer - you name it. Since her family were killed by robbers, she has ever since strived for revenge. As her 17th birthday draws close, her fellow robbers discover her past and decide they tell her their secret when her "big" day arrives. Will she avenge her parents' death or forget all they did for her?


1. Prolouge

Hi, I'm Amanda Stewart, aged 13. I started my life of crime at the age of 8. A robbery took place in my house the same night my mum would be coming back from the hospital after recovering from a heart attack.That night the burglars end up taking most of the valuable possessions in the house and the life of my mother and father.

And what was I doing, you might wander? I was a coward, hiding in my room till all the screams and shouts had died away.

I was going to be sent to an orphanage because all my relatives were reluctant to take me in. So I did the sensible thing; I ran away. Ever since then, I yearned for revenge.

For a while, I did go solo but eventually a clan of robbers took me in. The Cutthroats, they called themselves. To them, I was like family. To me, they were evil. They all remind me of the people - could I really call them that? - who murdered my parents. 

​They did teach me everything they knew about the subject and soon, I was better than them all. Most importantly, I was ready to take on anyone who stood in my way...

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