Amanda Stewart is a thief. She is a liar, a cheater, a murderer - you name it. Since her family were killed by robbers, she has ever since strived for revenge. As her 17th birthday draws close, her fellow robbers discover her past and decide they tell her their secret when her "big" day arrives. Will she avenge her parents' death or forget all they did for her?


3. Chapter 2

It was a cold night; I pulled out a black anorak from my rucksack. It was the only thing I owned that wasn't stolen. My identity was no longer mine. Nothing was mine anymore. Stella gave me the signal. I hesitated for a moment, then remind myself this was what I had been doing for all I could remember after my parents died. Tingling with excitement, I nodded.

We grabbed on to the rope and slid down. As we reached the window, I pulled out her master key - the one that could unlock every single door in the area. I fit the key in the hole, turned it and pulled it open. Smirking, we climbed in. We passed the ropes back when we got to the bottom.

Stella sidestepped along the walls and I followed. Twice, I had been caught by the security cameras because of my lack of caution. I always forgot they were there, as if I enjoyed being normal - like an person who walked down the street. Of course, then these guys found me and suddenly I was part of their family. Thievery was part of my life.

We carefully worked our way round the room till we found it. Keep your eyes on the prize, a voice inside my head whispered. And I would till my last breath.

I didn't know why we were stealing it but all I knew was that Stella had made a deal with someone and they were going to reward us. Big time.

So… I just went along with it just like every other deal. Except for the fact that I was always there with them to seal the deal.

I guess before I looked like fresh meat to them but now I was just… no longer interesting to check out. They had asked what they needed to and taken what they wanted to. I was just another one of them.

In five minutes flat, we had the stolen valuable (although it didn't look it), weren't caught in any cameras and would be giving the old dealer a visit to take our prize and then we would be home.

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