Amanda Stewart is a thief. She is a liar, a cheater, a murderer - you name it. Since her family were killed by robbers, she has ever since strived for revenge. As her 17th birthday draws close, her fellow robbers discover her past and decide they tell her their secret when her "big" day arrives. Will she avenge her parents' death or forget all they did for her?


2. Chapter 1

February 3rd 2014

Lily was quietly peering over my shoulder. I was reading 'New Moon' from the Twilight Saga - which was stolen from our last, or second-last victims - and it was pretty hard to concentrate with someone breathing down my neck. 

I turned to tell her to go away but she wasn't there anymore. Where had she gone and why didn't I hear her? Then again, she was the one who taught me to move around without making any noise. Stealth was one of her strongest - and most probably only - points.

Very funny, I thought, determined not to stew in bitterness. Nothing could shake my good mood today, it was my birthday after all. Exactly the same time I stood up from the extra-comfy black couch we stole last week, a crowd of people stormed in and Lily, I noted, was holding a little wrapped present. Jim was holding a cake (probably stolen) and on it were 14 lit striped candles (also stolen).

"Surprise," they all cheered.

I wished, prayed even, that we would stay a family forever and continue to love each other. Maybe one day, we would't have to steal again for the rest of our lives. Ah, yes, that would be heaven! Sadly, it was a dream to be crushed and buried in my sub-conscious just like all dreams I had. Without another thought, I blew out the flames and put on a fake smile while everyone sang 'Happy Birthday' for me.

"Here," Lily handed me the present. Gratefully, I peeled off the wrapping paper and found 'Eclipse', the next book from 'New Moon' in the Twilight Saga! I looked up, suddenly losing the fake smile and revealing my sorrow. No one saw it, luckily, apart from Lily.

I took the book and put it in my little rucksack to accompany all of the other valuables I had. Everyone left the room except for Lily, who understood something was wrong and would do anything and everything to get to the root of the problem.

"Okay," she sighed. "What's up?"

I shook my head. "I'm still not any closer than I was 6 years ago at finding out who killed my parents. Sometimes I wonder if I ever will."

"Come on, let's eat that cake and get ready, we have to pay the local mall a visit today."

I smiled.

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