Deprived (Broken Crystals Rewrite)

verb (used with object), de·prived, de·priv·ing.
to remove or withhold something from the enjoyment or possession of (a person or persons):
to deprive a girl of life;


6. Chapter 6

Crystal's POV


Perrie sets a cup of tea down infront of me and I smile a little in thanks.

"So," Perrie starts, taking a seat on the kitchen counter opposite from me. I look up at her as she hums over something.

"Do you fancy a bit of shopping? I have some money saved up and I really need some new stuff." She suggests with a broad smile.

"I... I don't have any money." I say quietly and Perrie frowns, eyes deep in thought.

"How about... we ditch the shopping idea until... say, next tuesday or something." She smiles and I nod, taking a small sip of tea. 

"So, how about instead we... go for a walk?" Perrie adds and I ponder for a moment before nodding.

"I think we both need the fresh air." She suggests before calling out for Niall. He comes strolling into the ktichen a few minutes later with his hair ruffled up and a screwed up t-shirt on.

"Niall I..." She shoots me a look whilst biting back a laugh.

"I think you need to iron that." She laughs and I find myself smiling at him too. He just shrugs in response, light eyes twinkling.

"I'm a boy," He shrugs with a burst of laughter, comletely unfazed by Perrie's suggestion. I watch as he walks to the fridge and pulls out a cartoon of orange juice before pouring it into a glass. 

"Well, me and Crystal are going for a walk." Perrie declares and claps her hands together, smiling broadly at me. I gently smile back and place my mug onto the counter. Niall raises his eyebrows at me in question before setting the now empty glass down beside mine. 

"I'll just go grab my coat." Perrie says and I nod, watching as she leaves. Niall takes his glass and walks over to the sink, grabbing a cloth and rinsing it out. I watch him, perplexed, as he remains silent.

"Niall!" Someone calls and a moment later Harry steps into the kitchen, his brown hair falling it ruffled curls.

"Come on, we'll be late." He says and Niall shakes his head. Harry groans before shouting Zayn's name up the stairs.

"Where are you going?" I manage to say, my voice slow and hesitant. I look up at Niall as he smiles, drying the glass with a towel.

"We have a..." He ponders for a moment.

"It's like an interview thing for some video or something." He seems flustered by my question but I don't press. Niall places the glass back in the cupboard before standing upright again and stretching out his back.

"Well, you can't... your shirt is so crumpled you can't wear that." I nod at his shirt shyly and he shrugs again.

"There's going to be cameras there by the sounds of it." I add and he rolls his eyes.

"You sound like my mum," He groans and I find myself smiling.

"Give it here," I walk over to the other end of the room and switch on the iron. Perrie had been ironing some clothes last night whilst we'd been watching a TV-programme so it was still set up. I extend my hand out as he takes off his white shirt, smooth skin now exposed. I force myself to look down, feeling the heat rise to my cheeks. I'd never seen anyone with their top off before... Apart from my father but I was young at the time. I lay the shirt down neatly on the ironing board and check that the iron is hot enough. Then I pick it up and gently beginning smoothing over the creases, watching them dissapear.

"So how are you feeling, Crystal?" Niall asks and I look up momentarily, only to look back down again in an embarrased fluster. He takes a seat on the kitchen table and swings his legs back and forth. I concentrate on smoothing out the sleeves as I answer him.

"Better... I suppose." I say slowly and out of the corner of my vision I see him nod and smile. I turn the shirt over and begin pressing the other side. Eventually, I switch off the iron and lift the t-shirt, shaking it out. 

"Much better." I smile and Niall gently takes the shirt from me. I busy myself in taking a sip of tea whilst he puts his shirt back on.

"Thanks, Crystal." He says, looking at me with his blue eyes.

"Just don't think it's a regular thing." I reply and he chuckles softly.

"Niall, come on!" Harry says, louder this time as he re-enters the kitchen.

"We have like... twenty minutes until we have to be there and it takes at least that to drive over there!" He complains and Niall smiles apologetically at me as Harry grabs hold of him by the collar and drags him from the kitchen.

"Have fun, don't go to far." Niall waves as he dissapears from sight and I hear the front door open and close.

"Okay, ready?" Perrie re-appears in the kitchen wearing a comfortable looking pink coat. I nod and she smiles, taking her keys before leading me out of the front door.


We reach the entrance to a woods and Perrie leads me through, telling me how Zayn took her here when she first moved down here a few months ago. We walk in silence for a while, the sounds of the wildlife filling the silence.

"So, Crystal," Perrie starts and I swallow.

"I get the obvious idea that you don't like to talk about yourself but we'll start slowly." She smiles sympathetically and I  nod slowly.

"Hmmm... so, where are you from?" She asks.

"I was born in South London... that's where most of my family are but I moved away from London when I was ten." I recount and Perrie nods.

"Do you live near the hospital, then?" She asks and I nod, the image of my father coming to mind.

"Are you still in school?" 

"No, it finished last week." I say, thinking of that horrid place and all of those faces that I, thankfully, would never have to see again.

"So how old are you? 18?" Perrie says, eyebrows drawn and I nod.

"I'm 20, the baby of the group." She laughs and I smile, confused as to what group she's referring to.

"Group?" I question and she lets her smile fall, looking torn for a moment.

"I've been told not to tell you this but..." She winks and holds a finger up to her lips.

"We're... I'm in a band." She says proudly and I smile.

"Do you play an instrument?" I question and she shakes her head.

"No, we're a girl group. Four singers." She tells me and I smile wider, in awe.

"We were put together on a talent show and now we've just finished recording our first album." She beams as we reach a tree that's fallen over. We both climb over it and continue walking. We carry on walking for another hour whilst Perrie tells me all about her band mates and how much fun she's having at the moment. According to her they were due to go on tour in 2 months time. I try not to think about what I'm going to do when that happens.


"Well, anyway, that's when he started talking to me and this one time-" Perrie's voice is cut off as she pushes open the front door to her house. Immediately, loud music fills our ears and Perrie exchanges a look with me. We wipe our shoes and I take mine off whilst Perrie heads into the living room. The music is turned off and a chorus of 'Whats' can be heard from somewhere in the house.

"Zayn!" Perrie shouts at the top of her voice and he appears in the doorway to the kitchen. He catches my eye and gives me a worried glance, causing me to laugh.

"I have nieghbours, in case you haven't notcied!" Perrie shouts even louder and comes into the hallway, glaring at Zayn.

"It was Niall, don't blame me." He shrugs and cheekily grins at her, stepping forward to embrace her. But she turns away and pushes past him into the kitchen.

"Better go and warn him before she rips his head off," Zayn murmurs to me and I laugh, watching as she dissapears from view.


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