11 years is a long time. Especially when that was the last time you saw your twin sister. Change happens between the ages of four and fifteen. Avery knows she has changed in nearly every aspect possible. She can see as soon as her sister, Meghan, walks through her foster parents door that she wasn't the only one. Can the bond of four year olds last when faced with the biggest changes


1. Meghan

I stared at the picture on the computer screen.  Instantly I had recognised the girl.  Out of the corner of my eye I could see the boy beside me smiling.

"Jack... you found her."  I turned to him, stunned.  Quickly I jumped off the sofa.  I began picking up my clothes from where they were strewn across the floor. 

"Wait.  Seriously M?  You're just going to leave." I looked up at him quickly, seeing the confusion on is face I stopped packing for a moment.

"Well, Jack, she's my si-" He cut me off mid sentence, grabbing my arm. 

"What the Hell Meghan! You haven't seen this girl in years!"  Jack raised his voice, his grip tightening on my arm. "Years, M.  Now you're just going to burst in on her.  Especi-"

"Shut up,Jack! Just shut it!" I yanked my arm way from his.  Regret engulfed his face. 

"Meghan, I'm sorry." I was at the door by then.  His gaze was following me, I could feel it. 

"Thanks for finding her." Quickly I turned back round to wave a quickly good bye.

The corridor outside Jack's flat was empty.  Looked up and down it just in case.  I walked towards the stairs, hitching my bag higher onto my shoulder. I raced down them, two steps at a time.  When I did reach the bottom a bus was already at the bus stop outside.  I tried to reach it in time.  But no.  The bus driver seemed to think it was fine to race of with out me. 

It was ages until the next bus.  I had read the schedule multiple times. The bus driver was a jerk.  Now I had to find another bus. Or walk.  Dejectedly I began walking, The center of town wasn't that far away.  Outside it was colder than I had anticipated.  I had to stop and rake around in my bag for my jumper.  All I could find in the way of warmth was a holey cardigan.

"Well, crap." I muttered to myself as I pulled it round my shoulders. Just my luck.  In my rush to leave the flat I left my only jumper there.  No warmth and no way to get to the train station.  I didn't even know if I had enough money for the train fare.

The long, cold, walk to the train station lasted what felt like hours.  I was nearly empty when I reached it.  The lady at the ticket both wrinkled her nose as I walked towards her.

"When's the net train to Paddington?" I asked.

"Five... minutes.." Her speech was intermittent with long drawling pauses.  This, I noticed, was because she was chewing her gum loudly and pointedly.

"Can I have a ticket?" I said, putting a fiver on the surface between us. 

"Change." She drawled, placing a ticket and a small pile of coins in front of me.  I nodded at her.  Then I picked up the ticket.  I placed my money into my pocket.  Quickly I walked to the platform.

I never liked trains.  They are stuffy and for some reason have one of two smells.  Week old piss or hospital clean.  Then there's the fact you don't know who has sat on your seat before you.  It could have been a perfectly innocent business woman.  But again it could have the man that cause the piss smell.  I hate them all.  Yet in the moment the train lurched into action I was too relieved to hate anything.

Finally, I was getting away from that god-awful city.  Away from everything and everyone I had left there.  I was going to see my sister again.  Everything was going to be fine.

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