You changed my life. (One Direction Fanfic, English version)

I'll tell you a story, a story so beautiful, that you cry, this story about a young 15 year old girl without a father, without friends, a mother who drinks, a girl alone with this horror called " life ". This girl had a bad destiny, but someone went into his life, a wonderful person, who literally changed his destiny, and that literally changed his life, his story is not all beautiful, or all pink , as others, no, this one is sad, and full of surprises,when they met , they did not know that their lives would change, yet that is what happened and this history is the story of Laure Amy Jenkins.

Note of the author : This is an English version of my fiction "You changed my life", sorry if there are mistakes, I'm French.
Lauryne xx


1. Life is a game, which we often burns.

The bell rang , I was putting my things and went out of the algebra room .

Mr.chould :  Laure Jenkins please come here!

I entered the hall for the second time today, and headed to the office of my teacher.

Me: Yes ? What happens there?  ?
Mr. chould : You're not concentrate in my class in the moment, you can talk to me, if you want, Laure ...
Me: I just dreamed a little bit, but do not worry, I'm fine 

Liar ! Cried my conscience , That I wasn't listening.


I enter in the room and i sit at the bottom of the class as usual. After twenty minutes of class I received a paper on my desk , I didn't have time to read that Mrs. Fitz yelled

Mrs. Fitz : The Both talkative ! In the principal's office !
Me : But ...
Mrs. Fitz : Immediately !

I blew a good shot, and I headed towards the exit.

... : Sorry, I should have been more discreet.
Me: You shouldn't have sent
... : ...
Me: And who are you ? You wanted me what?
... Liam , Liam Payne , and I wanted to talk to you ... he said , lowering his head.

Why wanted he talk to me?

You only have to ask him ! Quipped my conscience .

We arrived at the office of the Principal , I toquai and walked into the office, followed by Liam .

Headmaster : So like that, you send little notes in class?
Me: Yes, but ...
Liam : Sir this is not his fault but mine , I sent him the paper and not the reverse , if you punish someone it's me not She ! He interrupts me .
Mr. Principal : Two hours deductions each. Get out.

Liam and I go out of his office.
Me: Thank you ! But why did you do it ?
Liam : I felt guilty , so it was the least of it.
Me: At the same time , you were guilty so ...

We walked in silence to our classroom.


I came into the room of constantly, and was setting me at a table.


 ~ Liam Stand point ~

Me: I 'm still sorry for any hour.
Laure : I understood ...
Me: I just want to be friends with you .
Laura : And if you let me ? Simply .

~ Laure  Stand point ~

After have answered , he turned head down.
Two hours deductions , passed relatively quickly , and then I left this cursed high school, I boarded my bus , I sat at the bottom and put my headphones in my ears and put my head on the cold glass , I am let rock myself by the beautiful melody from my Ipod, when I felt a presence by my side , I turned quickly and saw Liam let display a beaming smile .

Me: What do you want?
Liam : I do not lâcherais you so easily. Said he smiling.
Me: I 'm not a person frequentable.
Liam : Ahaha , I don't care what people can say on you, i want to know you. Said he seriously
Me: And you do not ask you if I feel like it ? No, because until now I did not really have the desire . I said in answer to my own question.
Liam : You do not really have a choice. Said He on leaving the bus



I was turning the key in the lock, and entered in the house, I took off my shoes with agility and ôtais my coat , that i put on the coat rack , and climbed the stairs, i penetrated into my room , my bag over my back, I placed it at the foot of my bed and threw me on this one.

I felt tingling invade me right thigh , I plunged my hands into my pocket to get out  my cell phone

Liam :
Its going ?
Liam xx


A: Liam
How did you get my number?
Laure xx

From: Liam
I have contacts
Liam xx

A: Liam
Removes it , goodbye .
Laure xx


I closed my cell phone and put him in my pocket.
I finished the evening alone , waiting for my mother again , but she did not come.


I emerged slowly from my sleep , and decided to finally get up, I got ready and hurried me out of my home to prevent another crisis from my mother.

I walked, I finally arrived at their destination, seeing Liam talk with the boys on the football team  , " a new persecutor in their band " I thought.
 I hurried to them avoid , I was cut from my race when I heard a " Hey! Jenkins ! " . My heart was beating increasingly swiftly , i ignored this call , and continued on my way, but I was propelled to the ground , fear , fear overwhelmed me once again, that feeling of being alone face the fear , the feeling of being alone in a dark room , the feeling of being alone late night of full moon , only no one to reassure me , I lost all my means, I curls me up on myself and I try to prove to the world that I haven't fear , I am alone face at all these things around us, nobody can't know as i'm fear , I try not to show , but God knows as the fear dwells in me, like blood flowing in my veins, like the air I breathe . I am one of those people who tries nothing  to let it show  , trying to appear strong not to show that I'm actually vulnerable as a simple granddaughter Five years . 


Note of the author : Chapter two at 5 likes, Sorry if my translation is bad, but i'm french.


Lauryne xx



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